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    had to evacuate my home due to wild fires, please excuse my poor formatting

    Chris notices the sickly elms, the green fungi’s spirit pulling away from the skeleton of dead elms they puppet, as they strain to pull the halted line onward.

    < Your proposal is accepted. We will hold our line here, until we most spread our leaves and branches once more. We demand what is ours remain ours. The machines must not feed from our fonts, or shelter under our branches. Renewal of Nature must accept this and not seek retribution against the elm. We have survived much, we will survive more. If a machine must enter our domains it must pay chimmage to the wisest among us.> The elm pauses, contemplating Tiny’s last question before responding with a near whispering rustle, <something we still struggle to survive>

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    Chris Laurent

    Irakka Blood Talon


    The Talon holds up a hand in placation To Emily. "Uh not, ..that wasn't at you sorry. Just.. the situation." Then falls silent as Tiny and the spirit speak terms and conditions. Those make more sense.

    "I think that's a fungus spirit over by the fallen elm." Chris says softly with a nod towards the dead elm skeletons. "What's it doing?"
    Irraka Blood Talon:

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    Striking Looks

    Emily has several tattooes:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers on her right upper arm and shoulder
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moof on her left shoulderblade

    (Read Spirit)Status 1 Spent

    She glances to Tiny, and smiles. "Nice."

    She looks up at the trees. <<Agreed. We will return before this moon phase returns. Thank you.>>

    Read Spirit

    Emily huffs. "Sorry, man. It's not you. This just sucks. I'm meant to pre-empt these kind of things. Something felt off about the whole thing, but I let it happen." She glances at the spirit Chris motions towards. "Dutch elm disease. It wiped out a fuckload of elms worldwide back in the 80s." She shrugs. "Makes sense it did things tot he spirits too."

    Emily just wants to know the name of the elm spirit they're speaking to.
    Ithaeur Iron Master, Primal Urge 1

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    <<Then you have earned your advocate. I will offer your most reasonable of words and requests, and demand they be recognized from the other parties.>>

    "Everyone wants a friend. Sometimes you just have to ask."
    Because being an elodoth was 50/50 making friends and punishing enemies of friends. "It's impressive that they are still going 40 years later. Shall we see the last trees?"
    Elodoth | Storm Lord | Primal Urge 1

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    Emily hears a high, lilting song in her ear <Jaggling Memory of Main cannot consume pollution flavored essence>

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    Chris Laurent

    Irakka Blood Talon


    "Something learned then at least right? Better than not knowing why this is happening." Chris replies quietly to Emily with a small shake of his head. "Always better to know." Followed by a tap on his Wisdom brand. Not that that knowledge had helped back home but small steps.

    Chris nods to Tiny. "If you're both comfortable with where things I'm following you."
    Irraka Blood Talon:

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