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(2007) July Informal - Page 4
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(2007) July Informal

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    Striking looks
    (Flawless movement)

    A flowering of wildflowers accompanied by their scent and the sounds of a calm wind dancing over the sea. The more vulgar the spells, the meaner the magic the stronger the winds, the flowers blooming only to quickly decay and spread the scent of death with them.

    Standing 152.4cm tall, her hair color changing on a regular basis, usually braided but not always.

    Her body seemingly quite petite and small but upon closer inspection so is it unexpectedly sturdy, her left arm well trained with more defining muscles than her right arm.

    Rarely seen without an armguard and archer glove on her left hand.

    Each and every movement always precise, rarely if ever wasting any more effort than needed to achieve her desired result.

    Zippo lighter
    Arm guard and archer glove.
    Waterskin 1L
    Wooden coin worn around her neck, magical tool.


    Defense: 10
    Armor: 2 (organic resilience)
    Speed: 14
    Initiative: 11

    Spells active: 3 of 5
    Spell tolerance 3 of 3

    [2]Organic Resilience(Shield 2E pot 3, rit)
    Body Mastery +2 (pot 3, rit)
    Honing the form dex +4 (pot 4, rit)
    Skye Scenes
     Spell exp, used around hallow, 


    Her eyes looking to Phoenyx.
    "The talk of the fate arcanum, my former mentor that took me under his wing were deeply into it and often spoke of it, interconnections the stars and so on at great lengths and deeply philosophically and seemed to follow signs that most could not see. If you remember the story of how to know where he wanted me to even be here, he was a great man in many a ways that is true but he could give me a headache with all his talks." Shaking her head a bit "If you wanna learn of it though so am I at least an initiate of it, I got that much pounded into me at least." She had kept that silent until now but no longer saw any harm in sharing it. "And yes it would be nice to get to know one another better, the better we know one another the better we can work together and get in sync for when it is needed." Smiling a warm kind smile as she spoke the words.

    A kind smile given to Kaze as she nods at him, lightly waving as he leaves trying to not go to deep into things or make it seem weird or hard for anyone.

    Listening to the words exchanged between Anima and Aurora, they were important things to but to mind at least as she viewed it. Sadly she shared her internal views with Aurora a bit to much and had not focused much on that side of her gifts it had just never come naturally to her nor felt to interesting and she had never really been around anyone that had opened her eyes to try and change her opinion of it.

    Taking in the talk of the cabal still that was just a good thing to know but it did not interest her more than to just know of it.

    Turning her eyes towards Tyche and walking up to her.
    "Hi, I do not believe we have had a proper chance to say hello to one another before I hope all is well here with you?" Giving her a friendly smile.
    Monthly rituals: Life spells - see mini sheet

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    Striking Looks
    (Academic (Law Degree))
    (Judicial (Law License))

    Cracks in space form around her body like an aura, through which demonic, snake-like eyes peer menacingly. A chorus of distant hissing can be heard.

    Smartphone, iron coin (magical tool), .38 revolver, mid-sized car

    WP (half pool):
    Armor: 0/0
    Defense: 2 (5 w/ Mind Armor 2E)

    Active Spells: 2/5 | Spell Tolerance: 2

    Personal Spells: Monthly Rits: MindSight Pot 4; 2E MindArmor Pot 4


    As she waited for Avis to respond, Naga quietly watched the others interact. The Warlock simply smiled to herself as she listened.

    Cayce's still super busy, I guess. Just going to wait patiently.

    Monthly Rituals (Average): Third Eye (Mind Sight) Pot 2; Misperception (Mind Armor 2E) Pot 1

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    Status (Neurosurgeon)
    Status (Free Council)


    The bald one hmmm and nods at Aurora's response. "Excellent, I'll set it up..." He pauses at her final remark and furrows his brow. "A curse or a responsibility then Master?" Curiosity always chases the knowledge of something the new and wonderful to behold. But it also kills cats. "Knowledge often cuts both ways I suppose."

    The talk of cabals near Anima pains him, but he does his best not to show it. Many might call the garb of a shaman when preparing to work in the Wild, as dressing in motley. Certainly his actions have often led others to think him a fool. All the spider hosts he could bind to his will in Sacramento would likely not change that view of him for sometime.

    Bad House:|

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    A few conversations stutter and start. With not much else to do, the gathering disperses.

    About a week with no posts. Also, we've hit the month mark. I'll open a new thread this week end.

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