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Consilium: (2006) Formal June
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(2006) Formal June

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    Yumyumcrow's Avatar

    Yumyumcrow Scenes


    The Circle of Creation is the gathering hub for all Pentacle mages in the Sacramento Consilium, with chapter houses for all five Orders inside.

    Located east of Sacramento and far outside the prying eyes of the inner city, the Circle of Creation awaits the mages of Sacramento. Despite being a replica of the Westminster Abbey, the sleepers who come by never seem to notice it. The wards built into the structure have made sure of this. To all but the Pentacle the Circle is essentially invisible, ensuring the safety of those who enter and engage with one another. Whether it had always been here for the Awakened was hard to say now, but it was the site that the Awakened gather to mingle and discuss official matters.

    Today is for official business. The Awakened gather to announce, discuss, and deliberate on the most pressing issues facing the concilium. In this light the Circle is almost imposing, as it's enormity and importance seem to accentuate the gravity of the issues the Awakened face. Today maybe a day for heated debate and final judgment. For proclamations and newfound awareness. Ultimately though, today is what the Awakened choose to make of it.

    Please read this for information on Consilium, Sanctuary, and the differences. Come here to be Recognized!

    As a reminder, Consilium is the official meeting but business should not be handled until after the first seven days. This is to give everyone a chance to enter the thread without missing anything. After seven days the thread is closed to new arrivals and the official business may commence.

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    Status (Neurosurgeon)
    Status (Free Council)
    Anima Scenes


    Anima is surprised to find himself the first to arrive.

    Still carrying his briefcase but dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and sport coat; he's much less formal than his previous attendance attire. Likely, a result of the lack of responsibility. The spirit doctor finds himself a seat and waits.

    Bad House:|

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    Aurora's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    Madison Cross
    (Sleeper ID)

    Dedicated Magical Tool

    Multicolored copper bracelet with intricate loops winding around her right wrist.

    The sweet, fragrant smells of roses mixed with lilacs emanate from her as she casts magic. The scent intensifies, bordering on intoxicating, when Life magic is cast. When Aurora casts Vulgar magic, the scent takes a nasty turn, to the putrid, nauseating odor of a rotting corpse. The stronger the magic, the more those around want to retch at the smell.
    Monthly Spells

    Monthly spells done on character sheet.

    Pulse of the Living World[POT 6]
    Organic Resilience[POT 6]
    (Sanctum Strike)

    Active Spells: 4/6
    Personal Spells: 2/3

    [5]Pulse of the Living World(Sight)(Rit)
    [5]Organic Resilience(Shield)(Rit)
    [5]Organic Shield(5pot)Animia, Kaze
    [2]Gossamer Touch


    With the weather warming up, she didn’t feel like wearing dress pants. So we dug out her favorite pair of leather shorts and paired them with a white shirt. Comfort all the way, plus, they made her legs look good.

    Walking in, not from the Arrow section this time, she see’s Anima, and raises a hand. Though she was surprised at how, casual? He was dressed. She wouldn’t have thought he owned jeans.

    “Hi Anima.”
    She greeted, “Feel a bit over dressed now.” Jokes the Shaman with a smirk as she took a seat. While she had a water in her hand, "True to my word, I have something harder to drink in my bag if things get all out of hand again." a wink.

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    Guru's Avatar
    Striking Looks

    Appears like there's a filter that blurs his image, the background suddenly more lush and vibrant than it once was. Tendrils of vines slowly edging their way to the borders of that veil.

    Monthly Spells:
    Pulse of the Living World: Pot-3
    Organic Resilience Pot -3


    Ok what did Campy say, uh, last month was like a meet and greet and this month was more formal yea? But I’d busted out my good duds for the last meeting. Can’t do that again, do you need to? Had that been everyone? Eh, Fuck it.

    Guru had shown up wearing a pair of jeans, red converse, and white button up that hugged his frame. He waved to Aurora and Anima as he’d walked in and took the same seat he had last time, right in the back his messenger bag sat on the table and he unzipped it.

    “Hey, good seeing you guys again. Don’t think I forgot about you Anima, remembered the shit for Skye this go around too. I still got that giant ass thing of trail mix if you need any; no apples today, got grapes instead though.”

    He reached into his bag and leaned back as he popped a few grapes into his mouth and chewed, unzipping a couple of the side pockets so he’d have easy access to them to deliver Anima and Skye their gifts.

    Active Spells: Organic Resilience Pot: 3, Pulse of the Living world Pot: 3

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    Naga's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    (Academic (Law Degree))
    (Judicial (Law License))

    Cracks in space form around her body like an aura, through which demonic, snake-like eyes peer menacingly. A chorus of distant hissing can be heard.

    Smartphone, iron coin (magical tool), .38 revolver, mid-sized car

    WP (half pool):
    Armor: 0/0
    Defense: 2 (5 w/ Mind Armor 2E)

    Active Spells: 2/5 | Spell Tolerance: 2

    Personal Spells: Monthly Rits: MindSight Pot 4; 2E MindArmor Pot 4


    Naga quietly made her entrance from the Silver Ladder chambers, but it was not easy to ignore her in the eye-catching outfit she had on. Smiling, she moved to take a seat in the Mastigos section and set her bag down.

    "Good day, everyone. Master Aurora, Magus Anima, Magus Guru. I see the Shamans have gathered quickly." Clasping her hands in her lap, the Warlock waited to see who would arrive next.

    Monthly Rituals (Average): Third Eye (Mind Sight) Pot 2; Misperception (Mind Armor 2E) Pot 1

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    Skye's Avatar
    Striking looks
    (Flawless movement)

    A flowering of wildflowers accompanied by their scent and the sounds of a calm wind dancing over the sea. The more vulgar the spells, the meaner the magic the stronger the winds, the flowers blooming only to quickly decay and spread the scent of death with them.

    Standing 152.4cm tall, her hair color changing on a regular basis, usually braided but not always.

    Her body seemingly quite petite and small but upon closer inspection so is it unexpectedly sturdy, her left arm well trained with more defining muscles than her right arm.

    Rarely seen without an armguard and archer glove on her left hand.

    Each and every movement always precise, rarely if ever wasting any more effort than needed to achieve her desired result.

    Zippo lighter
    Arm guard and archer glove.
    Waterskin 1L
    Wooden coin worn around her neck, magical tool.


    Defense: 10
    Armor: 2 (organic resilience)
    Speed: 14
    Initiative: 11

    Spells active: 3 of 5
    Spell tolerance 3 of 3

    [2]Organic Resilience(Shield 2E pot 3, rit)
    Body Mastery +2 (pot 3, rit)
    Honing the form dex +4 (pot 4, rit)

    (Expanding body mastery to last one day.)Mana 1 Spent

    Body Mastery
    life sight
    Organic Resilience 2E monthly pot2

    Walking in from the arrow quarters, dressed in her usual garb for going outside at least she hadn't worn the clothes she usually wore around here but those were mainly meant for her to constantly be able to train and now she was meeting with people.
    Slightly drawing her fingers over her eyes as she walks in to activate her mage sight, it was not a power she liked to use all that much but for things like this she could not deny that it had it's advantages.

    She didn't much take note of the others clothing styles though, clothes were not something that mattered much to her to begin with so unless they stuck out in some way so did she just not care much about it.

    Silently nodding to all those whom were here before finding a place to sit down close to the other shamans but still leaving some room between them not being sure if they were meant to sit by order, by tower or rank she found it best to be safe, choosing her seat so that she could see all those around her well and follow the events rather than anything else.

    A water skin hanging from her belt, filled with water that was all that she had brought with her that could be consumed not understanding why everyone here always seemed so hungry.
    Monthly rituals: Life spells - see mini sheet

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    Phoenyx's Avatar
    Presence (Focused)
    Trained Observer
    Dexterity (Lithe)
    Spells and Gear

    Monthly rits (cloaked):
    Supernal Vision (Pot 6)
    2E Life Shield (Pot 4)

    Gear: Smartphone, Pistol (Beretta M92, +2 lethal), pair of daggers, tonfa, Reinforced Leather trenchcoat (1/0), motorcycle (street bike)

    Nimbus: a pair of fiery scarlet wings unfurl her with an eagle's screech.


    Skye is followed form the Arrow quarter by Phoenyx, carrying a water bottle and looking like she's come straight from the gym.

    The First Talon looks tired. Working the night shift of observing Kaze had been tiring, and she was still getting used to adjusting her sleeping. Still, she was here in her usual red top and loose fighting pants, though the California heat had meant she had disposed with her leather overcoat. Her knives were sheathed at her belt, and her hair is tired back severly.

    Looking around, she offers small smiles to Aurora and Naga. "Hey," she greets everyone else simply, before going and leaning against a wall, sipping from her water bottle.

    It's not the same place as last time, but lets her oversee the room and the door.
    Obrimos Adamantine Arrow, Cloaked Monthly Rits (in minisheet)

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    Star's Avatar
    (News Media)
    New Identity
    (Jack Hoyle)

    The Mirage: Star appears translucent with overlapping and slightly offset images of himself in different identities/disguises.


    The first thing a crew needs is a headquarters. The second? Wheels. Which is totally actually the definition of crew. Same ride. Like a sweet, sweet industrial plain white high-topped van. Nothing says 'taking care of business' like a van with steel wheels. Okay. Except maybe one of those matte grey SHIELD Lexus'. But they didn't have a high top standing room roof, did they? It also gave plenty of time for an angel to discreetly tell a gravedigger ( Campanella ) to keep things on the low-low and not bring up anything... unusual... until they'd had time to talk.

    Cabal-mobile 2.0 rolls up to the Circle and spills out it's crew: Veiled Threats 3.0. Avis . Briar Rose . Campanella. Tyche . Star.

    Cue the slow motion side by side team walk. Imagine the background explosions and John Williams score.
    Nimbus in MiniSheet 2. Cloaked spells, no overt magical res. Scrut for deets.
    '...Watch With Glittering Eyes...'
    - Roald Dahl

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    Kaze's Avatar
    Striking Looks
    Danger Sense
    (+2 Detect Ambush)
    Zanshin (Iaido)
    (+2 Detect Ambush)

    Nimbus. The sound of rushing wind and flashes of lightning surround Kaze, and his clothes and hair move as if he is in a windstorm.
    Monthly Rits

    Monthly Rits Spell Cloaks Spells do not show unless scrutinized
    Transform Aura pot 1 (Aura is as a Sleeper)
    Organic Resilience (Life Mage Armor 2e) pot 3 ( Armor 2; Defense 2 + Higher of Dex or Wits)
    Body Mastery pot 1 (x2 rate healing Bash, Letha, Agravated; +1 success on all extended and instant rolls to resist diseases, poisons or drugs; +100 years lifespan)

    Scene specific spells: in mini-sheet 4
    Scene Specific

    (Portrait) Portrait of an Angel
    Armor 3 ( +1 vs Bashing: Kung Fu 1)
    Defense 5
    Vulgar -1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 3
    Spell Tolerance: 3/3 Spell Rolls
    [1]Transform Aura[M]
    [2] Supernal Vision[D]
    [2] Organic Resilience[M]
    Key: Potency | Effect declaration if needed | Turns remaining ("M" = Monthly Ritual)

    (Bad House) The Return
    Armor 3 ( +1 vs Bashing: Kung Fu 1)
    Defense 9 (Dex 6 from Honing the Form)
    Vulgar -1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 3
    Spell Tolerance: 3/3 Spell Rolls
    [4] Honing the Form
    [3] Organic Resilience Aurora's Life 5
    [2] Body Control [M]
    Key: Potency | Effect declaration if needed | Turns remaining ("M" = Monthly Ritual)


    Kaze enters from the outside, looking remarkably fresh if serious. He didn't have to stay alert to guard anyone for the last month; he could sleep whenever he wanted.

    He also looks like a sleeper, his aura and lack of any apparent spells giving the appearance. He's wearing a solid black shirt and black trousers and athletic shoes. He smiles and nods towards Aurora and takes a seat near the back, nearer the exit, but not with his back to it.

    He has the air of a student prepared for a long lecture class, determined to pay attention, because anything might be on the test.
    Spells: Monthly Rits Transform Aura (aura appears to be a sleeper) Spell Cloaks (See mini-sheet)

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    Avis's Avatar

    Vulgar: Color drains from the immediate area and depth perception becomes temporarily skewed, everything seeming to draw in uncomfortably close, making rooms smaller and all but distant objects seem in reach.
    Vice: Color drains from Avis and her facial features seem indistinct and grainy, as though her identity is growing less defined.
    Virtue: Colors appear more vibrant and everything seems to become grander in scale.


    Fuckin' great.

    Another one of these.

    Remember that time when she'd thrown a pizza party for a pseudo-assembly instead of attending one of these? Well, Star and Aurora might. Maybe Campanella.

    Honestly, Avis couldn't remember precisely when that had happened. A lot had happened since then, though...her opinion still hadn't changed much.

    Oh well. She was there. In a boring grey sweatsuit (sorry Cut). That would have to be enough. And, at least that gave her the opportunity to get to know the other faces in the Consilium. They were technically allies, after all.

    "Where's the Warlocks at?" she called out, raising her voice so everyone could hear her. "Where's the Talons?"
    "Aw-Vee". Pres 2 (Moody). Mastigos, Adamantine Arrow. Trace of a Cajun accent.
    Defense: 8. 3 cloaked spells. Phone (pot 6), Belt (pot 5), Self (pot 2 +3) Spell tolerance: 1/3, Accumulation: 3/7

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