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    Chris Laurent

    Irakka Blood Talon
    Chris Laurent Scenes
      WP to Climb


    Chris shakes his head as a text message appears out of the cocoon and falls to the ground. Then turns to look at the approaching horrors. A grimace turns into a bared teeth as the spiders propose a trade. Thankfully Emily interjects before Chris tells the spiders were exactly that trade can go.

    <<As my sister said.>> The Talon replies to the swarm of legs and eyes. Then with an eye on the spiders, Chris takes a look down the pole. This might be a hell of a jump.
    Irraka Blood Talon:

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    <<Fair trade trade is not what you offer. You bargain with stolen/unearned goods.>> Tiny growls and begins pacing around to the side to flank them. <<Take your web and take your legs, or we will keep and rip-tear-shred both. Last warning.>>
    Elodoth | Storm Lord | Primal Urge 1

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    The mass of agitated spiders swell and thin, swell and thin. After several moments of contemplation the mass of spiders thin. The buzzing reply<Very Well. little wolves>

    Spiders scatter in all directions! Hundreds of webs make like repel lines as some descend straight down from the “power lines”. Other scatter back from whence they came, still more seem to head straight toward Chris!

    perception -3 please

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    (Clubs, Street)
    Striking Looks

    Emily has several tattooes:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers on her right upper arm and shoulder
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moof on her left shoulderblade


    Emily's eyes dart back and forth, trying to keep on top of the scruuring Azlu.


    Apologies for the hold up. Trying to get back on an even keel
    Ithaeur Iron Master, Primal Urge 1

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    2 successes
    Tiny focuses less on the chaos, targeting where are the ones coming for them, and which ones have the biggest lines with the biggest biters.
    Elodoth | Storm Lord | Primal Urge 1

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