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Talented Observers

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    Major shout out to Shane for his awesome powers of observation! He was the first character in the scene to pick up the sneaky little clues I was putting down, check it out here: http://nwod.org/forum/showthread.php...0#post14453270

    It's so awesome when people are reading your posts and reacting to them in depth, and I hope it was fun to figure out this little puzzle, too, because this has made me so happy!

    So thank you, Shane! James Turner definitely proved he's a trained observer, after all!

    Also, smol shout out to Origins who I think also picked up on it, since her "I Hate Junkies" glimpse appeared only a day or so ago, and we'd PMed a little about Coco, so props for picking up on something you're not even in the scene for!

    Y'all are awesome

    Not that anyone who didn't pick up on it is less awesome, of course! I just wanted to thank these two, in particular!

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    Unintended bump, was supposed to hit like, and did. Thank you for the mention!

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