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Sticky Threads Ultimate Guide

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    There's been some heartache and confusion over the past several months about Sticky threads, so this is an attempt at a be-all, end-all, answer all topic on them.

    What Is A Sticky?

    A sticky is a special type of thread baked into the forum software that pins a thread to the top of the forum list above all of the other threads. It's labeled as such ( STICKY ) and it's the type of thread that is used for events where the timeline is fixed at that moment rather than being fluid.

    How does Sticky 'time' work?

    Normal threads 'happen' i.e. enter continuity on the day they finish and close. Up until that point the scene is 'in progress' and hasn't happened. Sticky threads, on the other hand, are considered to have 'happened' on the day they opened. This allows the scheduling of events, plot points, etc. without worrying about the event being a moving target.

    Does that mean that something that happens in a Sticky that is still open can be talked about in other Scenes?

    Yes. If you are in Sticky S and normal scene N, and Joe is killed in S, you can turn around and talk about it in N immediately. S does not have to close. This is only for Sticky threads. Normal, non-Sticky threads must close to transfer information out of.

    What if Jack met Jill in a regular thread (N), a Sticky opened (S), and they run into each other there? Does that mean they haven't met in S even though they've been talking for two weeks in N? What about what's already been posted in N saying they'd never seen each other before?

    Short answer? It's a juggling act. The best policy is to just avoid each other in the Sticky. That way contradictory information isn't created. If it's unavoidable, say as little as possible and break away as soon as it is possible. If you decide to chit-chat and cause continuity snarls, that's on you.

    So what kind of threads are Sticky threads EXACTLY?

    1. Venue meetings: Court, Freehold, Consilium, etc.
    2. Family meetings: Clan, Seeming, Path, etc.
    3. Organization meetings: Covenant, Court, Order, etc.

    The above should always be considered Sticky, even if the tag ( STICKY ) has yet to be applied. Sometimes STs forget. Feel free to remind them.

    4. Other threads

    Sometimes an ST will Sticky a plot thread. Sometimes continuity will present problems and they'll stick a regular thread that could unsnarl it. To wit: anything the ST might need to -- but only the ST. You can't ask an ST to Sticky a thread to ambush someone else or create an advantage. They are for venue necessities.

    I've been to five Clan meetings and never once seen one marked Sticky?

    Sometimes the ST misses them. Sometimes everyone assumes everyone else knows already. Please, feel free to ask if a thread is a Sticky (if it seems like it should be) and/or remind an ST that it needs to be made a Sticky. Unfortunately, the way the core forum software works, only STs can promote a thread to Sticky. If a player opens a meeting type thread, they'll need to ask an ST to Sticky it.

    So there's no way to know if a thread is a Sticky if the ST never puts the flag on it?

    Refer to what kinds of threads are Sticky. Official meetings are always Sticky. However, there are generally other indications:

    Consider this the official standardization of Sticky threads.
    - The YYMM reference should come first, in parenthesis
    - Family and Organization meetings should have the name in the title i.e. be clearly labeled as such. Please do not put "Pretty People In Da House" and expect people to know it's an official Daeva Clan meeting.
    - add the Family or Organization as both prefix if possible, and Category (always possible) <--- new standardization policy
    - add the Category 'sticky' to the categories <--- new standardization policy

    This means that any given Sticky should have at least four indications/checks on it, and be readily identifiable as such once it closes and the actual ( STICKY ) prefix is removed.

    So what happens when Court, Clan, and Covenant Stickys all happen at the same time? How do they fit into the timeline?

    This is like avoiding one another when in two types of threads. The best policy is just don't do this. If you want to have a Clan meeting, see if there's any Organization meeting happening and wait a day or for it to close. Then avoid one another.
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    Please note that Social Groups do not have thread prefixes. This is a forum limitation. Family/Org meetings done in Social Groups for privacy should still be considered Sticky.
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    The Zeroth Law & the Burden of InteractionThe Devil is in the DotsGreat ExpectationsPlaying MagePlayer Run Plots
    If you have a question about your character, please post it on your character sheet

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