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Savage Business

Liar Liar
Apr 20, 2020 - May 14, 2020
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    Adolph Edel

    He nods, "Thanks Chief... for talking with me first, alot of guys I've known would have ambushed me on the way to buy a beer or something you know? You're a good guy...lets...get this over with then."

    Adolph unbuttons his heavy leather jacket, the shoulders studded with spikes in the old biker fashion. It falls to the ground with a thud exposing Adolph's tattooed chest. He puts his hands behind his back and closes his eyes exhaling a whispered prayer "Dark Father, watch over me. Help me to continue doing your holy work."

    And he relaxes, no longer resisting.

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    Konstantin Malevich's Avatar

    Konstantin Malevich


    Konstantin opens his jacket and takes a thick stake from the inside pocket. The point has been whittled to make a solid but effective point. He approaches Adolf and puts one hand on his shoulder while taking aim with the other, then strikes, driving the stake deep.

    Gently settling Adolf on the ground, Konstantin studies the torpid clanmate for a time before going about the business of getting him to the Prince.

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