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Monkey Business

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    Everyone in Changeling knows that Sonnie Wu speaks in a Yellow, while her more Primal, Bestial Self thinks in a Pink. With my Broken Cycles plot I've noticed a wonderful, magical touch Abyssalstar has made with Sonnie's more recent posts.

    "Uh huh," she mumbled distractedly in response to the Bright One, not really interested in giving her the attention she was so obviously seeking. No, the Beast's focus was on those shadowy figures.

    She didn't like this one bit. If they were intentionally watching this alley, then... Her hands tightened their grip on her quarterstaff.

    Not taking her eyes off of the hidden watchers, she spoke to the Fairest in a voice that held a steadily increasing growl, "They're not local lookie-loos. I think they're stationed as sentinels. Four of them. If they're His followers... We should leave. Now."
    Escape options.

    Two open paths, ground level.

    Left is quickest. Right is unknown territory.

    Go straight up the walls.

    Others can't climb. Can't Won't abandon them.

    Sonnie ignored Titania's nonsense and waited for the Queen to make a decision. Usually she enjoyed the nonsense, but this was no time for it. Never do her eyes leave the watching shadows. Keep all four in sight. Did they just do something?
    It shows how incredibly fearful the Steepscrambler is when faced with both a Keeper, and a Hunter besides. It wasn't what I intended when I was thinking Plotty Sloth Thought TM, but I am incredibly glad to be a part this is interesting dynamic between Sonnie's Logic and Instinct.

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    It is a major shame that Morgan isn't still around. Because that second part? If she'd been there the primal voice could have said, Trash Panda can follow.

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