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Social Groups - Merits and Threads

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    Social groups will auto-calculate the shared haven/sanctum/hollow Merits of all characters in that Social Group. Aside from family (seeming/clan/path/auspice) and organization (court/covenant/order/tribe) social groups, this will work for any new/private group as long as all members character sheets use the correct notation.

    TL;DR: The Merit detail must match the Social Group name.

    For those wondering about some of the Merits that require more detail, that can be put in the Notes area of the character sheet.

    For example, a Library would be recorded in two places:

    Library (yourcrewname) = 2 <---- sanctuary Merit section

    Library (Hedge Fruit, Oneiromancy) <---- Notes section

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    Social Groups now also display a listing of forum threads. This listing is based on thread categories and thread prefixes. Click the number/label in the top right menu to select between them.

    If either one is an exact match for the social group name, then it will be included. The exceptions are the main venue groups which will show their respective venue location and gathering threads (if appropriately labeled).

    TL;DR -- the threads for your clan/cabal/site show up if they have a prefix or category that matches.

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