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Noisy Bells

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon


    To those who have met Necessary Guile before the totem announces itself with the sound of a gentle bell twinkling. At first the sound is omnipresent and gradually begins to move away. Away from downtown, away from the heart of the pack's territory. East along the American River until it was just far enough outside of the pack's territory that Brigit can attend.... There, then, the twinkling fades to the quiet of the river at night and the trees around you. A nice quiet expanse along the American River free of humans and safe for a pack of half-human half-spirit beings.

    To those who haven't met Necessary Guile yet. Well the spirit makes it presence known abruptly. A turn of the head or even a long blink and then there's' a dark black cat is staring at you.

    Intently, with eyes like dark stone.

    <<Come along little Bell. With your shine and noise.>> The spirit cat purrs with condescension and pride. Followed by a quick lick of a paw which then swats at something near the spirit's neck that gives off a faint twinkling sound. A silent jump later and the cat spirit is intently walking east. Every now and then checking to make sure that their Bell is following. Eventually the spirit leads you to a quiet place along the American River with plenty of grass and trees.

    Feel free to narrate where and when Necessary Guile summons your character and ensure that your character arrives at the meeting site in their first post.

    This is all in the Material, the Moon is Waning Gibbous

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    The Rahu had just caught a nice little rainbow trout and dropped it banks of the river. He'd turned over his shoulder to let the coyotes, that had taken to following him each night now, know that he knew they knew he'd made a catch and he knew they were there. Turning back to his evening meal he was greeted by the spirit.

    <<...okay....>> As the spirit set off the Ralunim was not one to waste a good meal. He ripped the head off and left it for the scavengers, then picked up the rest of the small fish and trotted off after the cat. He felt at home following the winding of the river, crossing the bridge near the fork, and walking on. He didn't question the spirit, he'd seen stranger, and he'd felt the gentle connection to the totem since being accepted into the pack. This all seemed... familiar.

    He arrives to the quiet little landscape, discovering he's the first of the pack to arrive. Bleeds Well charges in...

    He looks expectantly at the totem, tilting his head. He rips off a piece of the fish and tosses it towards the cat. Seemed like the thing to do. And then laid down and began to devour his dinner while he waited.
    Dogs of War

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    Matt Joule

    Matt is very tall,at seven feet,he draws stares and attention whether he is doing anything that warrants it or not. He's in his late teens or early twenties. His voices is deep. He moves well for such a big man, with some athletic training in evidence. His expression is generally always angry to some degree whether he is actively glaring or just generally scowling, lost in thought.


    Matt was shadowing Bridgit, well actually staking out her home as she left it. He was watching over it and the man in it, as he had promised her. Then the Cat showed up. He repressed his snarl of irritation, forcing himself to show adequate respect, and followed, knowing it is service to the Pack, not the Cat, not really.

    His long strides have no trouble keeping up. It is not long at all before he arrives.

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    Allen Brackett

    Behemoth, is that you?

    He follows wordlessly, surprised that the spirit would show itself so. But perhaps it was necessary? Even though there was a sense of connection between the pack member and that pack's totem, Necessary Guile couldn't be certain of what Allen will do, unless he acted directly. The cat-spirit seems to leave nothing to chance.

    The Storm Lord likes him already.

    It takes a moment before he travels all the way from the cafe he was people-watching in to the patch of green along the river, but Allen eventually gets there, seeing two of his packmates already present. He gives them a welcoming nod and a smile.


    He's eager to learn what service does the cat require, though.

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    Hector is Cahalith.

    When he hears the call of his totem, he answers.

    Hector runs.

    He runs through the city streets, heedless of the herd. He has a thin coat flapping behind him, snapping like a banner in the wind.

    Wild eyed, awful teeth, rank stench. Who would stop him as he dashed to river?

    No one.

    Hector explodes into the area, disrupting the quiet. When he sees the pack and spies Necessary Guile he simply starts laughing...

    ...And drops to his knees.
    Iron Master <<Farsil Luhal>> Cahalith

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    Emily Makerith

    Emily has several tattooes:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers on her right upper arm and shoulder
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moof on her left shoulderblade


    The silvery form of Emily's Urhan shape dashed throught the night, light bells ringing in her ears. She stops, head flicking this way and that, before following the sound up to the river.

    Slipping through the brush and around the trees, she sees the assembled - and, with a pang of pain she remembers, overly masculine - pack of werewolves. Padding into the clearing she flicks her tail and approaches the totem, bowing respectfully before backing away and doing a complete circle bfore setting on the dirt and looking up a tthe other wolves.

    <<Hello boys>> The yip sounds tired.

    An ear flicks idly.
    Ithaeur Iron Master, Primal Urge 1

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    Chris Laurent

    Irakka Blood Talon


    Athletic pants, a t-shirt, and running shoes are how Chris greets the night as he follows the fading sound of Guile's call. Better than the moping at home. Better than...well a lot of bad habits. Following the call each step helps Chris feel better, each step away from downtown is relief. To many things going on at once. Not enough time to really live.

    So he does and runs into the clearing in Dalu, feet rapidly slowing down as the sound of Hector's laughing and the new face. The Talon bows to the pack's totem and then to Hector. Then waits.
    Irraka Blood Talon:

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon


    The first Necessary Guile had taken the offered piece of fish and scrambled up a tree to very neatly and cleanly devour it. Moments taken to lick a paw clean before using that claw to extract more meat. Dark eyes move from the wild one to the large one as Matt enters Guile's temporary domain. Then Guile returns to its meal.

    As a second Necessary Guile leads Allen into the clearing it takes a moment to look around before climbing up the same tree as the first. It sniffs at the piece of fish before stepping into the first Necessary Guile. And then there was one, finishing off the piece of fish.

    Hector's laughing is used as a distraction to carefully push the fish detritus off of the tree branch. Two more arrive before Necessary Guile pushes itself up to sit importantly on its branch.

    <<Shiny Bells how loud you all of been. And how annoying the interlopers who walk our land. The faces may change but there is still a need for me.>> Necessary Guile stretches on the branch and walks down it away from the tree's trunk. <<An old old one has regrown along another river and expands its domain. The children of the dead king and queen run rampant. So many problems and so loud. How is this side? I do not venture often you know.>>

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    Hector bowed low, still on his knees.

    "On this side we have been tested but remain... strong." The Alpha started confidently, but ended choosing his words with care.

    Tested was one way to put it.

    "We have driven off another spirit of murder pain and preserved the Oath."

    Emotion leaked from a still raw wound on that one.

    "We have driven off gnawing rat hosts that foul the land."

    He looked up.

    "The Anshega have come. We have given them pause and wait for their next move."

    He really wanted to quiz the spirit on just who the Old One was - and he shivered, hands digging into the good earth as his thoughts ran to one jarring suspicion: the legendary Idigam. Surely not - Firebringer and more laid it low in story and howl. Hector had helped write those tales!
    Iron Master <<Farsil Luhal>> Cahalith

    Primal Urge: ●●●

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    Nikolai Wojcik
    Nikolai Wojcik Scenes


    He hadn't slept and burnt coffee still lingered on his tongue. And...

    There was a cat on his window sill?

    Nikolai put out his cigarette as he watched it intently. It spoke. His eyes narrowed in scrutiny. He had been in Sacramento for only a few months with nothing out of the ordinary showing itself to him. He had grown accustomed to sniffing it out, chasing it down, trapping it in a corner. Now it made its presence a clear and ever present sign of itself.

    Where did It want him to go?

    A bell chimed and the wind fell in step with the Spirit and the Uratha that followed it east to the river.

    Nikolai entered this space in the Hishu complete with a dark coat and disheveled hair only to find that strangers surround him. He should have waited. He should have kept his distance. Who were these people? Pure?

    Is this a trap?

    He was tempted to draw his weapon. To feel its cold weight in his hands was to feel the coming of war. Like thunder rolling across the clouds. To feel its cold weight was to know peace in a time of strife. One could not see its end until the ground was fed in blood and no longer gave life to those that would see you dead.

    Would war find him here?

    He has every reason to demand answers from this spirit. His throat begs to roar. But he knows better. The Storm Lord bows before standing, against his better judgement; his instincts. Close enough to speak, but far enough to act.

    "I have been called upon. For what purpose and for whom?"


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