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Welcome to Funderland 2020

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    Rhodes's Avatar
    Rigid Mask
    Mantle - Chilling breeze, summoning tiny leaves

    Mein: Rhodes has pale whitish skin, elfin ears and deep emerald eyes. Thin black veins broach the surface of his skin like the roots of a tree emerging from the ground. Dark, broad leaves sprout from his wrists, ankles and temples, spreading around the back of his head. Deep red flowers bloom at the temples and wrists.

    Hedgespun coat of darkest thunderclouds, broiling and writhing, occasionally flashing as if lighting was happening on the other side.

    Mantle: A breath of icy wind, the kind that penetrates and sends a chill down the spine. Ash leaves in red, yellow and gold spin into existance around him, caught on the breeze. As the wind blows, unnerving whispers can be heard, always coming from a direction just out of one's field of vision.


    Rhodes gives the new face a smile. "Oh, I know that feeling well," he says, his own chilling, blustery mantle sending a twirl of leaves into the air around the Autumn King, and eerie whispers wailing on the air.

    The Flowering inclines his head towards the hungry Beast. "Thank you for that charming introduction, Sonnie. Yes, John," he adds, looking back to the Darkling, "I have the honor of holding the position of Dread Lord of Sacramento. I take it you were talking about me?" He asks Sonnie, looking back at her again.

    An eyebrow is arches as the Summer Blueberry seems to be even more set on playing on words than ever. "You seem very keen to twist words this evening, Circe. To what to we owe, or perhaps this deserve, this greeting of wordplay?" He asks with hint of a smile.

    "Oh? Just in time for what, Lady Sera?" Rhodes ask, emerald eyes turning on the Nyx, and being unable to suppress a smile.
    Flowering Fairest, Rigid Mask Mantle: A breath of icy wind, the kind that penetrates and sends a chill down the spine.

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    James Turner's Avatar
    John Campbell
    New Identity
    (John Campbell)
    Rigid Mask
    Trained Observer
    Perfect Stillness
    James Turner

    Skin pulled back tight against his frame and a ghostly white, eyes and mouth sucking and empty pits that appear to be without end. His shadow a deep black that seems to be driving the body instead of the other way around.
    James Turner Scenes


    “Sounds like we have ourselves a bit of an exploratory expedition. I can be of assistance in navigating the ever-twisting roots of the hedge, it’s on my list of things to do. Begin mapping out trods and the more unexplored areas if you are all interested. “

    After that he took the brief lull to finish off his burger and go behind the counter and start building a second.

    “Anyone want one?”

    He asked everyone but he was looking right at the newly arrived Ashen King. He nodded at Bugul’s words.

    “It’s something that can wait, whenever is convenient for you, it’s an open offer.”

    He shrugged as he finished his burger assembly and took a bite though the Gentry were brought up and his mask remained firm, his expression cold and filled with apathy. It was hard for him to not read their reactions to this, to not empathize with their own pain. He could feel it like barbs under his skin, scars they all shared and didn’t have much of a choice but to bear them openly.

    Though then the pun train started and he couldn’t help but blink slowly twice before his fingers moved up to rub his forehead in a very slow and deliberate face palm. He kept eating just nodding along to the Spring Monarch’s words, swallowing harshly as he needed to remember to get a drink before answering her.

    “It’s really not a problem, I’m very used to it.”

    He left it at that, he was Winter after all. He turned to the Dread Lord his mask on as tight as the others, his head tilted a bit as he observed the man as he spoke. He didn’t have a need to read in too deeply at the moment so he just watched his mannerisms, listening to his inflections and seeing how others reacted to the Dread Lord’s presence.

    “A pleasure your grace, we’d been talking about you as the de facto ruling body at current and the need for an oath. I’d be fine handling that now or before we leave if you’d like. Trying not to discuss too much business while we’re all enjoying ourselves is all.”
    Wyrd: 1 | Mantle: A chill breeze and forgotten memories

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