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Yeah, No.

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    "Yeah, I'm not giving you any of that."

    The guy lost Pixel at full name because really, wasn't not giving this type of information Awakening 101?

    "Pixel, not old, the past, nothing, and stuff stuff stuff." He shrugged leaving the plate untouched for the first time this evening. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a stranger and I'm not looking for a shrink. I'm not voting for you as Councilor, I just don't want it enough to challenge you. That's something that can change, and something you need to remember about our relationship."

    This right here is a lesson. That carefree awkward Pixel from Concilium? That's who Pixel wanted to be. But every Warlock had another side. A side that saw the darkness of the world and rose above it, standing triumphant over their past. It's what gave them their strong wills, at least in Pixel's case. What that really meant for him is that there would always be someone seeking to apply leverage here or pressure there, and as of January first there would always be someone to Scourge those opportunists. Heirarchy fosters the Lie, and the few given authority are there on the sufferance of those who allow them to be.
    Great post all around, Xander , from dealing with the unusual request to finding the opportunity to give insight on both the Path and character. Really great RP and writing.
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    Yeah, I liked that post. Very good.

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    His eyes melt into orange molten orbs as the air around him begins to flicker like the horizon of the desert.
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    Thanks! I'm glad you guys are enjoying Pixel as much as I am.

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