It had taken some weeks of study and experimentation to figure out these hedge plants. Their names, properties, dangers. The hidden copse among the thorns held a bounty of common goblin fruits. Sonnie now knew what she could safely use and for what purposes.

The Ertwen plant was just coming into season. The peapods were filled with mealy seeds that, when eaten, would heal injuries. The plant fruited during the winter months, and the Beast plucked one of the first pods that had appeared. Tearing it open, she found two plump seeds inside. Nodding in approval, she dropped them into a ziploc baggie, sealed it, and stored it safely away in her messenger bag. Those seeds would make a great emergency 'medkit' if she, or someone she cared about, were serious injured.

Then there was the Coupnettles. The leaves of this fragile plant would, if brewed into a tea and drank, refresh and refocus the mind. The Steepscrambler had planned to carry the tea in a thermos. A few of the leaves were likewise stored in her bag for later brewing.

Fruits and veggies in the real world would spoil in a matter of days. Thankfully, goblin fruits lasted longer, once picked. Sonnie figured it had something to do with how time works strangely in the Hedge. In any case, it was an advantage. These fruits would last for weeks, even months, before she'd have to pick more.

Sonnie looked about the alien garden. She could only take so much from here. Judging from the various tracks, she knew she wasn't the only fae creature to plunder these fruits. While she had always been careful to only come here when it was vacant, the result was that pickings were slim.

If she wanted more out of these plants, she'd have to secure them. Move them to a new location only she could access.

That would mean a Hollow. While the Tavern was not far away, sharing the goblin fruits with her Court would keep supplies too low. No, she'd need her own private den to hide these organic treasures.

The monkey girl had been putting it off, but it was probably time. She'd have to start scouting out a home in the Hedge.