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What is a Tur?

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    I feel like there is some misunderstanding with what a Tur is. Perhaps it is house ruled differently here, but a Tur is NOT any one pack's territory. A Tur is a sacred place, fighting should be avoided in the Tur. It's supposed to be a meeting ground, a sacred neutral zone for packs together and messengers from other places to arrive to delivery information. That's why it's like the place for new arrivals to pop in, much like Elysium for Vampire or the Circle for Mages.

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    All true. The error was on my end.

    However, Brigit's behavior would not likely change regardless. She is distrustful of outsiders and not a typical Urdaga, given her time among the Pure. It's not that she doesn't care about Bleeds Well's brands, as evidenced by the fact she has not questioned them, she just doesn't know his character, felt he was coming off is preachy, and seemed lacking in empathy regarding the pack's struggles.

    Either way, I look forward to RPing through this character conflict!



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    Not a problem Stray , it's going be fun!

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