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Changeling 2019 - Aug

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    Since Changeling has had it's ups and downs over the last few years I'll be consolidating all the Rules and helpful points in this post.


    As said in Changeling 2017

    Changeling has historically had a pretty lax take on Pledges. For the most part they've been used as a goodie grab-bag and rarely (if ever) have Sanctions been enforced. That's going to change, and Pledges will revert to RAW with a few tweaks. While this may seem a bit harsh, the truth is that soured bargains are just as much a part of fae tradition as anything else. Ignoring such is a disservice to the setting. Some might point out that Pledges are the main reasons for Motleys, but sharing Hollows confer a ton of benefits as found in all venues. So let's run through the changes.

    Freehold Oath
    (If voted to be done away with)
    Will be going away entirely. For years it's been mechanically un-sound and unwieldy in-character. All current Freehold Oaths are dissolved and no new ones are required.

    Until a character has been in play a year, only Lesser and Medial Durations are available. These range from a single day to a season and offer plenty of flexibility. Once a character is proven to reasonably be expected to fulfill a Greater Duration by being in play for a year, they can then use Greater Durations in their Pledges.

    Once a Pledge is made, it is either fulfilled or broken. This is per RAW. Their is no 'mutual dissolution' or 'hand-waving' if a character leaves the game. If a character leaves, the Pledge is broken. Period. Be careful with your Pledges. There are no more 'freebies' or ignoring Sanctions.

    Pledges have been one of the traditional time sinks of Changeling Storytellers, and mostly because players aren't doing their due diligence with the rules. If you don't understand the mechanics of Pledges, you have no business making them.

    We have a pretty amazing table/walk-through on Pledges.

    When a Pledge is made, the wording and mechanics should be recorded in the appropriate thread. It is up to all parties to vet both (feel free to discuss OOCly). If the mechanics are sound, an ST will note the Pledge has taken hold. If the mechanics are not sound, the Pledge will simply not take hold and be wasted breath. The Wyrd is not a teacher or babysitter.

    You will have two attempts to make a sound Pledge before it is nixed entirely. This will keep the back-and-forth with Storytellers to a minimum and put the burden on the player(s) to do due diligence with the rules. A nixed Pledge cannot be re-attempted for two months. However, each dot of Pledgesmith will give a character an additional attempt. So if a character has Pledgesmith (●●), they may take four attempts.

    Successful Pledges should be recorded in the Signature or Minisheet of a Changeling including a link to the post with the details.

    Questions about this, or Pledges in general, should go in the OOC Discussion thread.

    XP Spend Requests

    This has been a rule for a long while, but it might need to be restated for all our wonderful new people!

    When you're making your XP Spend Requestions, please limit them to ONE request per month. So, for instance, instead of asking to buy:

    #Attribute: Stamina 3 = -15 on the 7th, and #Merit: Fast Reflexes 1 = -2 on the 11th, please instead group them all into ONE spend request for that month. For example:

    #Attribute: Stamina 3 = -15
    #Merit: Fast Reflexes 1 = -2
    #Skill: Computers 1 = -3

    In other words, yes, you can buy multiple things in the same spend request.

    If there's 10 players in a venue, that's 10 requests a month already. Splitting up your requests across the month multiplies that and increases ST overhead. Furthermore, if you want help tracking all of your spend requests, we have a helpful notepad which can be found beneath your account name in the control bar (between Account and Notifications).

    Note: Remember, you can only increase merits, skills, contracts, etc by ONE DOT per month. So you can't buy Allies 5 in one month. It would take 5 months.

    Also! Purchasing Equipment As determined by the Rules. You can only make ONE Resources purchase post per-month, like the XP Requests.

    So, if you have Resources 3, you can only buy one cost 3 item that month. OR! You could buy three cost 1 items, or one cost 2 item and one cost 1 item.


    You couldn't buy a cost 1 item, and then days later, buy another cost 1 item.

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    Freehold Membership

    As said in the Freehold Membership thread the person responsible for your character Acknowledgement is a member of the Hierarchy.

    Current Hierarchy members are:

    Director Head Fae In Charge. Leader of the Freehold.


    Notary Recorder of Pledges


    Groundskeeper Head of Security,


    This method of Acknowledgement is to promote fun RP, and to hopefully avoid confusion on how Changeling can gain Status 1.

    The only exception to having a Hierarchy Member Acknowledging your character is when the Solstices, or Equinoxes occur.

    If your character attends the Solstice/Equinox and are unacknowledged, then by attending you will be Formally Acknowledged

    For the Director, Notary, and Groundskeeper, they gain an extra scene slot for when they need to preform their duties.

    eg. Overseeing the Freehold, Seeing to Pledges, Seeing to security concerns, or Acknowledging new arrivals.

    This has been included on the Freehold wiki page since the change over, but I thought I should include it here, to make sure everyone's seen it.


    To provide structure and to reassure the Lost who remain, and to the Lost who come to Sacramento it was decided that something needed to change. Three new roles were created, The Leader, the Oath Keeper and the Sheriff. The Oath Keeper records and observes all the Pledges made within the Freehold, and the Sheriff patrols the Borders, protecting the Freehold, and enforces the Laws.

    • Activities Director - Overall leadership of the Freehold and final adjudicator.
    • Notary - Observes and records formal Pledges, and go-to for gossip and news.
    • Groundskeeper - Security, law enforcement, Hedge patrols, etc.

    To Receive Status 1 within the Freehold, new arrivals must speak with a member of the Hierarchy, or wait until the next Solstice or Equinox to be formally welcomed into the Freehold.

    Seasonal Courts

    The Seasonal Monarchs form an advisory council to assist the Director, but they may or may not be heeded. While the Freehold leadership does not answer to the Monarchs, neither are they wholly inviolate from them.

    • Should a leadership role be vacated, the current Season's Sovereign may assume the role or appoint someone to fill it at their sole discretion.
    • At any time (but only once per Season), a Monarch may summon a 'monsoon' - a seasonal wind of change, representing a new poll/pulse-taking for one or all of the positions.

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