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View Poll Results: Should we bring back the Freehold Oath

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  • Yes

    4 36.36%
  • No

    7 63.64%

Freehold Oath - 2019

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    Okay folks I want to talk about the Freehold Oath, now I'm still trying to catch up on everything I've missed while away, but I hear that people have been Swearing it/wanting to Swear it.

    Now, I want to ask if you want the Oath or if you want to forgo the Oath.

    On one hand the Oath is a nice RP thing that, as fluff thing is cool. Adds some solidarity to the venue and you know you can trust those that Swear the Oath, as well as a nice bonus to Clarity checks.

    One the other hand, the reality of that Oath is something that is a little harder to approach. The mechanics do not hold up to proper scrutiny, even if the Pledge crafting in on point.

    If the Player leaves, the Character leaves, and the counts as Breaking the Oath. Once broken, the Sanction is triggered and everyone bound by the Oath is effected. Which is a PITA, it could be interesting if it's RP'd, but when I was active as a Player and we had the Oath, no one RP'd the consequences because people were coming and going all the time.

    If we do move forward with the Oath, then the consequences will be RP'd. If we do move forward with the Oath then the longest anyone can Swear is 1 Season, (89 days).

    If someone intentionally breaks the Oath, if a character leaves/is dropped/retired before the Duration of the Oath is completed, then the whole of the Freehold will know, and will be dinged, suffering the Sanction for the remainder of the Duration.

    So, I'm asking, do you as the Changeling Player want the Freehold Oath?

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    Abyssalstar's Avatar

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    I said this in discord, but I'll repeat it here for those that don't use it.

    I agree that pledges are an important part of the changeling game, and the consequences for pledges being broken should be enforced. Changelings should be careful about swearing into them, especially strong, long-lasting ones.

    So, if the freehold pledge can punish everyone because one player flakes out on us, I'd rather not have it. Unless the freehold pledge itself was the sole exception to this rule.

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    Vincent's Avatar

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    I'm ok either way, but given the average player turnover, it's likely wiser to restrict the Oath just to those toons that have been in play for at least a season.

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    Its the fact that we would all be poisoned the moment one person leaves OC.

    That.... is too much of a backlash in an environment where that kind of turnover in a game is common.
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    Woland's Avatar

    I think we're one vote short, but the outcome seems clear? However, we'd still need to figure out a way how to 'backtrack' from the Oath spoken on Summer Solstice? Do we say that it didn't take hold after all? I know 'mutual dissolution' is not a thing, so... ideas?

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    ICly, we can say that the Wyrd capricious as it is, did not bind the Pledge as it ought.

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    11 votes cast, 7 to 4. We will not be bringing the Freehold Oath back.

    If, in the future any of my Changeling folks would like to revisit the possibility of the Freehold Oath, we can talk and take another vote.

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