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Plot Check

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    Whilst I know Circe isn't going to go on patrol, she did offer her aid to another Summer. So I was curious, are the moderators familiar with the pre-dungeon vendors seen in most RPGs?

    I was hoping that maybe Circe could do a sticky thread with Gerrit, Cassandra, Anatole, & Ram. With Circe offering access to the various things she's collected for violence to those venturing forth. And a mini-backpack for each of them. Not for their stuff but so they can carry back any hide, bones, tongues, or whatever other monster bits they collect. I believe in MMORPGs this kind of item is called vendor trash.

    Just for flavor and fun. Might even have Circe wear a straw hat and striped vest, vendor attire. Moderators, please let me know what you think and if it is possible.

    As a explanation for WHAT Circe would have on offer, here is the list I have for now: 4 small (Size 2/S) backpacks, 8 glow sticks, 1 hatchet, 2 baseball bats, 1 sledgehammer, 1 length of chain, 1 break action shotgun with 10 shells, 1 Makarov pistol with a pair of 10 rounds clips, 2 leather jackets, 1 football chest pads, 1 football helmet, 1 football chest pads with extensions (covers stomach and upper legs).

    Thank you for your time and have a wondrous weekend.

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    While that sounds interesting and every bit of assitance helps, I wonder if that'd circumvent the costs associated with equipment in general.

    Would we have to "spend" our ressources to Circe? What if a character can't afford the weaponry - is a pledge crafted for that? Do we keep the equipment? Even if we gave it back: can't we just lend out an armory every time we need one?
    (Ignoring the fact Gerrit wouldn't buy weapons anyway)

    I don't want to be a killjoy but I wonder if that makes personal resources and expenditures... redundant? Maybe I'm overthinking this..

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    0 Scenes

    First, you'd need a Scene where Circe would give you the items, but Circe would need to have already bought what she'd want to give you. It would not cost the Patrollers anything but what they'd want to spend/promise.

    Unless Circe is clear that whatever she gives you is a gift, then you will give it back. If it is not, then it will count for your Resources spends, like normal for Equipment, you'd just be paying Circe instead of a nebulous NPC. If that something is a Supernatural something (Hedgespoun, Tokens,) then you would need to also spend XP to keep it.

    Since the Plot Call went out 3 weeks ago, and everyone's had the time for blue booking and other Plot Prep. Including XP spends, and Equipment buys, with or without Circe's help, there will not be a Sticky Scene for Circe the Vender.

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    Understood mio capitano. Circe would have been doing loans of equipment, not gifts or sales. Circe doesn't have a large enough armory to just hand gifts out to non-Summers. And that is perfectly fair, I dropped the ball weeks ago.

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