Alright my Changeling lovelies, this is a post obviously regarding Activity.

If you have not posted in 1 month or longer without a Posting Interruption Notice, then your character will be moved to Inactive. If you come back to find your character off the Active Roster, you can always message me and we can talk about it.

This is to show everyone who's around instead of wondering if that person is on a break, at scene cap, or ignoring you.

As for Movement in Scenes.

If a Scene hasn't been posted in in over 1 month, I will also be closing the scene, mostly just to neaten things up and to clear up the auto-generated scene list on your Account.

Moving forward.

When things do get going again, I would love to see at least 10-15 posts per month, per character. An active, lively community coming together to tell awesome stories.