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Ladies Night

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    Emily has several tattooes:
    - a sleeve of vines and flowers on her right upper arm and shoulder
    - a collection of stars on her left wrist, tapering up her arm
    - flowers on her right foot around her ankle
    - A crescent moof on her left shoulderblade


    Emily smirks at Mable. "Sonnie tries to go hard but she's obvs a lightweight. Rare I find a girl who can keep up with me, but you seem to be doing pretty well." The hand on her ass starts playing with tassles on the shiny green dress. "What? You mean this?" She adds flirtatiously, emitting another low, strangely feral growl next to Mabel's ear that sounded very predatory.

    The Ithaeur leans back. "Oh, of course.... where are my manners?" before pressing her face against Mable's chest and licking up to her neck. The werewolf finishes her turn of the show by nibbling gently on the vampire's neck. Seeing Sonnie well on her way to being utterly plastered, Emily turns her face up to look into Mabel's dark eyes. "Looks like those two are getting Sonnie home... wanna get out of here? May place isn't too far..." she purrs.

    Emily shakes her head. "Nope. Totally cheating. It's very disappointing to find a girl faking. I'd rather seem small elegant boobs that chicken-based lies." She grins. "Sera I'll do you a deal. Could you please take care of Sonnie? Cute as a button but I don; want anyone taking advantage. And it return I'll take care of Mable! Very good care, I promise. Sound fair? And I'll look after lightweight over there when we go to the beach?"

    Sure, I think we're about at the end if people wanna do one last reply?

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    An alluring young beauty, Sonnie Wu is 5'2" and lean-bodied, with a light, nimble step and eyes that seem to say "Hey, you know what would be fun?" Her reddish-brown hair often seems slightly unkempt, and an amused smile regularly plays on her lips. Sonnie is usually dressed casually or for outdoor activity. She almost always wears a pair of red leather tabi boots.

    To the eyes of Fae, Sonnie's feet are like those of a monkey: Toes as long as fingers, with one on each foot being opposable like a thumb. A long monkey tail protrudes from the base of Sonnie's spine, covered in hair the same shade as her head. It appears to be prehensile, and often moves to react to her mood and dances about when she speaks, like people who "talk with their hands." Finally, her brown eyes turn golden.
    Mundane Equipment:

    Smart phone, messenger bag, quarterstaff, 2 throwing knifes (concealed), mountain bike.

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    Coin of the Lucky Monkey
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    "Hey!" she shouted indignantly, probably louder than necessary, even in a dance club, "Who you callin' a lightweight, Emgelica? I'm still on muh feet, ain't I?" She nodded assuredly, "I can keep goin' all night!" Who was 'Emgelica?'

    Sonnie paused a beat and looked around, "Well, then we need ta go ta where the fried chikun ish!" She looked to Seraphina and nodded, "Yesh, I would find a shtay at yer home ta be loverly, but we gotta get the chikun firsht!"

    The drunken Beast pointed in a random direction, frowned in confusion, and then slowly corrected her aim until her finger was centered on the exit. "To the Colonolonal's... the Kermal's... the collonernal's... TO KFC!"

    She had surprisingly good balance for being drunk, swaying only slightly as she started marching towards the door. "Frickin' shtupid club! No chikun and can't even get kicked out! This place shtinksh!"

    "You and Mabby have fun lickin' each other, Em!" she waved happily at the other pair of women as she meandered towards the door, apparently forgetting to wait for Sera.

    Last reply from me! lol
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    Mable Wood


    Mable had her own low growl when Emily licked the alcohol off of her. "Glad it's close by..."She said with a husky voice.

    Is a louder cheery voice she said to the others, "Girls night was actually quite fun. I would love to have another."

    She looked at Emily, "I need to run to the ladies room really quick first."

    Mable laughed at Sera's dessert pairing for her. "Tart then sweet? Is that how you see me?" She laughs. "Lemon is good. I have never tried lemon meringue pie. However, I love cinnamon and cookies, like I have always loved snicker-doodles. So maybe a lemon cookie to start with?"

    "I think Sonnie needs fried chicken in the worst way. I'll be right back then we can leave."

    Mable ran to the bathroom to dispose of all the alcohol she had drunk that night. Luckily she didn't need to make heaving sounds to get rid of it. She then checked herself in the mirror and check how hungry she felt. Deciding that Emily was safe from her and she didn't want to risk actually getting drunk, she didn't feed of the drunk girl splashing water in her face.

    Good to end. Fun scene.

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    Softly shimmering gold flakes catch the light whenever she moves, delicate gilded and diamond scales extenuate the luminescent sapphires that are her eyes. The ocean lives in Sera's eyes, perfectly cut sapphires, gleam in the light. Deeper shades always shifting like the tide. The scales trail up to her temples and forehead. Her hair reaches down her back, brushing the back of her knees, spun silver and gold. Very fine diamond dust falls loose from her hair when she moves, reflecting rainbows from the light. The scales on her hands are dulled by the simple fact that her hands are translucent.



    Cherry blossoms gilded in gold bloom from her hair, tumbling down as a warm rejuvenating spring breeze gently kisses the air with the scent of wildflowers and honey. The sound of birds singing can be heard as the wildflowers grow and bloom in vibrant colors where she walks, swaying and lively in the breeze.

    A fairly tall woman, roughly 5'10 with long, wavy dark brown hair. Her eyes are an intense, deep bright blue, reminding one of sapphires. Her lips are full, her body perfect.

    Hedgespun Items

    Tear dropped shaped pendant, form fitted waterfall jacket


    -1 to any rolls involving Presence


    What Emily says made her realize they had drank a lot. And some seemed to be handling it better than others. Poor Sonnie, she was going to feel it in the morning.

    Laughing, “Totally not. And it’s not faking, it’s enhancing what’s already there. But, to each her own.” She adds with a wink. It hadn’t been something she’d done in a while, but it was a still a useful tool to have. “Of course!” sliding an arm around Sonnie’s shoulders. “Well, so long as it’s very good care, this sound like a like good idea. And I don’t mind looking after anyone, it’s kind of what I do.” And she was quite content with it.

    Giggling, “It’s all good Sonnie, she’s just teasing. No one is calling you a lightweight.” And who was Emgelica? “And If you want to keep going when we get back to my house, you’re more then welcome to.” She had a fully stocked wet bar after all. Two actually.

    Urgh, translating drunk was always a joy. “Sure, we can pick you up some fried chicken on the way.” Cause one thing she knew was that you don’t argue with drunk.

    Laughing, “They’re gonna love you there.”

    Shaking her head, she looked to Mable, “We can defiantly do this again! One of you pick the club and give me a call! Have fun!” she waves with a grin then chases after the drunk monkey. Gently steering her in the right direction.

    Great and fun scene guys! The girls have to get together again!
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