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Christmas in June

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    "That's a very grim outlook on life. What of the soul? Of wonder? Of the emotions that propel us all forward?" Of course, Abraham accepted that not everyone is cut out to be a Spring, and that was okay. Call it, then, a knee-jerk reactioon to Simone's doom-and-gloom demeanor. Nevertheless, when she raised her glass, he did the same.

    "I'd feel attacked, if it wasn't so true" He says and laughs, this time more loudly "I suppose I put my hand to that as well. But why be so demure? You're not dumb, if you were you'd never admit it and you wouldn't be at the class in the first place" Or maybe she's not being demure? Maybe it's a matter of genuine low self-esteem?

    "Do you fancy playing a game until the competitions start?" He teases the Darkling "Like, say, never have I ever...?"

    Wouldn't that be a sight.
    "Fucked a guy."

    A moment's silence. A heartbeat. Locked eyes.

    Simone looked down as she poured herself another wine.
    Simone is ice cold. Made me ugly laugh.

    Forn Clakes

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    Cheers, appreciated

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