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Shade on the Bird

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    Secured loyalties were off the table with her blatant rejection of his Prestation, and it certainly was a slap to his inflated self-image, if she wants a Daeva that is a slave to her ego and so open to manipulation, or Mable's naive outlook on their Beast to squabble, so be it. It opens up your time.
    Damn! Shots fired, Krakenbox

    You're not wrong though... Still if BB becomes your rival down the line I'm glad you can give her some of that good shade!

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    Blackbird is fantastic and she'd make an awesome Keeper. I hope the character's competitive Beast isn't coming off as cruel outside of context of the Setting.

    I think the Prince missed that he was offering a Boon AND a buy-in, and thought it was just "gimme." Makes for good plot!

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    Oh no worries at all!

    It fits with VtR just fine. And don't worry! BB doesn't mind competitors. It's not enough that she has a chance to get the position, others should fail

    (insert disclaimer of joke here)

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    Matt Joule
    Dirt Nap
    Alfonso Franco

    Striking Looks (Athletic) 2
    Matt Joule
    Dirt Nap
    Alfonso Franco
    Kaze Scenes
      Bookkeeping for Honing the Form cast

    Hey, that's a very entertaining thread! He gets around to throwing shade at more or less everyone!

    Dirt Nap is what the kids these days call a 'cinnamonroll' and will follow Mable as long as she smiles and plays the Den Mother: he craves a world without social challenge, and I do not blame him. It gets tiring after a while."
    At least, I think that's shade? i mean, I had to look it up:

    Noun. cinnamon roll (plural cinnamon rolls) A rolled pastry flavored with cinnamon and sugar. Synonym:cinnamon bun. (slang, neologism) A person perceived as good, gentle and kind, often a fictional character who undergoes emotional suffering.
    SOunds...delicious? LOL!

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    Circe Scenes
      Fairest Blessing +2 Manipulation, We need an out, Riddlekith

    Illustration for definition? Yes plz:

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    ....Garrett Prosper is kind of a bitch, isn't he?

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