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Changeling 2019

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    Vivian York

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    Hello Changeling Lovelies!

    I am currently trying to get a few things organized for plotskis. Meanwhile, just a small change for the Eternal Seasonal threads will be as follows:

    Coronations: 6 weeks, sticky scene
    Status: 1 week (of course): To begin after the Coronation is over.
    Eternal Seasonal thread: 1 month - this usually follows as filler (not always necessary for all courts, it's optional). This is also not a 'required' thread to attend.

    Please watch this thread for any future updates or other information!

    As always, if it's an OOC question regarding a scene, or anything scene regarding, make sure to keep it to this thread.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Emily Makerith

    Emily Makerith Scenes
      Shift to Urshal... or perhaps Garou..., Shapeshift!

    Rhodes Scenes
      1 for Hollow, 3 for Fairest Blessing

    Angular features, pointed ears. His jet-black hair bursts into bright red flowers and fine dark leaves about his ears forming a wreath of firey foliage that trailed just below his shoulders. Thin woody vines broached and twined across his milky-white skin, with leaves and budding flowers breaking into bloom at his cuffs.

    Hedgespun coat - darkest thunderclouds, broiling and writhing, occasionally flashing as if lighting was happening on the other

    Nimbus: Scarlet flames rising out from her like giant sperading wings, and the sound of an eagle's screech.
    Emily Makerith Scenes
      Shift to Urshal... or perhaps Garou..., Shapeshift!

    Hi everyone!

    Quick thing about the Freehold Oath - I copied all the options of a Freehold Oath by mistake.

    The Sacramento Oath gives +1 to Clarity rolls, not an option of the three. My mistake, sorry about that!

    - Xadun
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