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Connor to the Office of the Prince

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    Connor Flannery

    My lord,

    Please be advised that I, Connor Flannery, desire to make my home in Sacramento. I do not have a permanent address, so by the time this communication reaches you I am likely to have arrived, as it is my intention to attend the Festival of the Lights. Please advise me of a time and place that would be convenient for you, so that I might present myself without delay. Should you wish to monitor me upon my arrival, I may be found playing the violin at the Festival of Lights or at any other suitable venue. Below is the phone number I may best be reached at.

    I thank you for your trouble,
    Connor Flannery

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    Just an FYI, it appears you missed the stickied thread in the City Shard forum that has the following quote:
    Characters must be recognized by their venue's hierarchy, or in the process of being recognized, to participate. Shards aren't an outlet for Lone Wolves.
    The reason that acknowledgement should occur separately from a shard is that many players on the site have characters in different venues and they may choose to bring other characters to a shard. The player of the Prince already has another character in that shard so it is quite impossible to fulfill your request. You should attend court to seek acknowledgement.

    Aside from the above, for the benefit of your debut experience here I did want to remind you of the warning the players tried to give you regarding the Invictus.
    I bring this up because you've already made a significant in-character faux pas. If you're looking to enjoy your character concept I very enthusiastically encourage you to TAKE THAT ADVICE.

    Clues for what the faux pas was

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