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  • Let's convert so that all Mage Armor is 2nd Edition.

    7 70.00%
  • Let's not complicate things and only use 1st edition, RAW mage armor.

    3 30.00%

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    Cayce's Avatar

    Dear all,

    I think the time has come to start making side threads for our giant socials so that no one is sidelined and we dont have 8 billion people to respond to every post.

    For instance, in bowling, we could split off into separate private lanes of 3-4. For Consilium, we need to fall back into copying the Vamp format. Maybe for our current Consilium the Old Guard can take lil groups of newbs aside and get them caught up to speed/facilitate or what not.

    What do y'all say?

    Orianna Yumyumcrow ErlangShen Saber Sloth Kelreth

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    Sounds good to me.

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    Kelreth's Avatar

    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon

    I'm always in favor of branches off of giant social threads. The old school vampire Elysiums were nightmares for me.

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    Deltaomega's Avatar


    Considering the massive boost to Mages numbers, this is a sensible suggestion.

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    Saber Sloth's Avatar

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    Sounds like the bestest of plans

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    Cayce's Avatar


    For our new players, I think there's been some miscommunication that should be cleared up.

    Here on Edge of Darkness, we have a special type of Plot Thread that we call the Player Run Plot. In essence, it's a way for us to tell awesome stories and give other PCs the chance to engage in Plot. We use to have House Storytellers for each venue, and we still have that in Vampire with the awesome Yumyumcrow (!), but for Changeling and Mage it is just up to the players.

    So! With Player Run Plots a player posts in an OOC thread that advertises their ideas. For mage, that is: http://nwod.org/forum/showthread.php...s-and-Thoughts . After they make this post, other players express interest and sign up for it. Then, the PrP runner will start their plot, which can have NPCs and crazy stuff galore! As has been mentioned, this is a PLOT thread, wherein people recognize that there is someone taking the reigns of the Storyteller.


    There's another type of thread that a lot of players will start which are OPEN Social Threads. These are threads that give PCs a chance to socialize and Roleplay. These threads are for the interaction between players. If one of the players (through their character) wants to interact with the setting, they are welcome to do so, but again, the person is for PCs to interact and the setting should just be fuel for that.

    So, since I am currently a little confused, which type of thread is this: http://nwod.org/forum/showthread.php...brary-of-Babel Vincent ? Because I am seeing Storyteller type descriptions, but I didn't sign up for a PrP. I signed up for an Open Social Thread.

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    Vincent's Avatar

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    Wait, I might have totally missed the point - and I did, or at least I think so - but the idea was to run something fun for Epitah and Campanella to interact with each other a bit (that's why I didn't join with Winter, also because it's hard for me, not being a native speaker, to play and write descriptions and stuff at the same time) without any larger implication for the plot.
    Again, sorry for any mishandling/misunderstanding on my part. Though you could have just dropped me a pm "yo, you're being an asshole". Not necessary because it's been totally my fault, but certainly courteous.
    My bad though.

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    Cayce's Avatar

    So! Several people OOC have been asking about the circle, in addition to IC peoples, so I have started this thread to clear up a few things, as well as lead in to some possible PrPs.

    A brief History of the Circle:
    The true origins of the Circle were a casualty of the Time War engineered by the Seers of the Throne. However, as the Seers marshalled their powers, the Awakened Nation was not helpless. A great Willworking, perhaps the greatest to happen in North America in centuries, took place, a true masterpiece that is so complex it is almost beyond the comprehension of most Magi. Two of the brightest, and Wisest, souls sacrificed their Awakening in order to fuel this working, creating the Artifact Clock in the Circle's tower as well as the protections for this bastion of the Awakened Nation. Aurora and Avis were the last magi to see them alive...

    Wards and the Circle:

    The Circle of Creation is deeply steeped in the Power of the Supernal Realms. Were it not so masterfully cloaked, it would glow like the the light of the Luxor, practically visible from Space with the magnitude of mana flowing through it. What is known is this: Mages of the Awakened Nation are able to see the circle, as well as cast Magic within it. Perhaps this is a confluence of Mind, Fate, and Space, or perhaps more Arcana, though it seems that the Circle is effectively hidden from both Mortal eyes as well as those of the Seers and Banishers.

    What's more, no spell cast upon the physical structure of the Circle of Creation will take hold. Clearly, a Ban of all 10 arcana is in place, though what parameters trigger it is unknown.

    Now, as for the structure of the Circle, in addition to being an almost perfect replica of Westminster, the circle is also built on a veritable labyrinth of passages and chambers beneath it, some that look as old as the Parisian Catacombs, some that are built of the same moldering brick that is found throughout Sacramento's underground, and some that are as clean cut and precise as the most modern, concrete military installations. All of the Order wings have access to the Labyrinth. As far as anyone knows, the Labyrinth is also sealed, with no outside access. The Wards and Bans also extend throughout the Labyrinth, though if anything is different about these it is unknown.

    If y'all would love to dig into the Mystery of the Circle, I would be happy to run a PrP for you. Please make a post below declaring your interest, as well as describing what fascinates you the most about the Circle.

    Lokio Saber Sloth Benji Yumyumcrow Orianna AwakeOrangutang Travisc06489 deltadream Deltaomega Whisper Vincent

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    Vincent's Avatar

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    Well, the Labyrinth/catacombs of course. Investigating the bans/and trying to discern the composition of the spell cloaks/the artifact clock comes as a close second.

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    Kelreth's Avatar

    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon

    Langdon is very much interested in finding out what is in the Labyrinth, maybe why it exists, hopefully not disappearing forever.

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