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Finding the Chapter

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    Lina Moretti

    Lina's kata spun to a finish as the big guy looked away and admonished his... childe? Companion? Whatever these things were, if there was a supernatural Fire lurking around here that she couldn't see, that was enough reason to be away. A place of power this was, though it was also dangerous. They'd need to work to secure it, and that wasn't something they could do here and now.

    She took out a notepad and scribbled down her number on a sheet of lined paper, pulling it out and offering it to Little John.

    "Some things, we're best forgetting about. A chance meeting in the night. But Little John, here's my number. If you'd do me a solid and text me when you're done and headed out, I'd appreciate it. I'll make sure this place doesn't hit the media until then."

    Wrap it up. Time to call it a night. This issue would solve itself in a short while and then they'd have the run of the place. She glanced to Aaron. Were they done here?

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    Aaron van Valen's Avatar

    Aaron van Valen

    Aaron's voice is usually quite flat and emotionless, almost rusty, but he tries to make up for this with his facial expressions.


    Tess wants to become like the Fire? Become just as powerful? Just when she asks her question, Aaron cannot wrap his head around the same issue. What are these creatures? The urge to taste their blood decreases. What if it would burn straight through him?

    When Lina decides to wrap things up, Aaron stays silent a bit. It is probably for the best. If they would stay here longer, he would only want to start doing more risky experiments. This encounter had mostly been a social exercise, but the mental and physical aspects of the two interest him most.

    Besides, Little John was getting more agitated. The Lord wonders if the man has a phone at all. He responds to Lina's glance with a light shrug.

    'Right.' He concedes, following the decision of his more clear-headed Grand Wyrm. 'We should probably leave each other be.'

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    Yumyumcrow Scenes


    Little John took the scribbled note with a certain confusion. He was hustled by Tess who had all the curiosity of an impish child.

    "Right. We have made camp here. So... Yeah."

    There was little more to say and the Kindred left the strange pair in the empty ruins of the old Chapter House.

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