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Paying in blood (cont.)

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    The last hit did it for Aimée: although she almost used every drop of Vitae she had, she again pumped it through her veins as her will to survive took over and ignored the risk of Hunger Frenzy.
    She threw herself forward and took Cecilia by surprise; Aimée's teeth sank into her victim's throat.

    She did it!

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    Cecilia struggles against Aimée's grip, but finally Aimée manages to sink her fangs into the other woman. Cecilia stiffens as Aimée's teeth penetrate her skin, and she gasps, pulling the vampire to her rather than trying to push her away. She gasps, clutching Aimée like a lover, as her blood starts to flow.

    Aimée takes 1 Vitae, and inflicts 1 Lethal damage, per turn. She needs to roll against hunger frenzy (Resolve + Composure -2 for being starving) to resist draining Cecilia dry.

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    The moment the blood flowed it was like an orgasm - for a short moment Aimée felt alive again: the enjoyment was real, not a phony shade of feeling. Her beast urged her to drink until there was nothing left and for a similar short moment she wanted to do it - but then she remembered Samael's pact. She drank, feeling the closeness of Cecilia's body and the hate and disgust she had for the woman mix with something like love, but she restrained herself for now.


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    Aimée drinks until she's not immediately hungry, taking enough of Cecilia's blood that, atop the beating she's received, Cecilia slips into unconsciousness. Aimée feels her sense of self bolstered by her victory over this smug woman who had dared resist her.

    Aimée has taken 4 Vitae and regains 1 WP for fulfilling her Vice of Envy.

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    A wicked grin spread over Aimée as she let go of the now unconscious Cecilia. With a somewhat wet sound her sacrifice's body hit the ground and Aimée stood above her. Where she belonged.
    When she spoke her voice was wilder, darker, as if the Beast did the speaking. "I hereby take this woman's life in Samael's name!" Hoping this was enough to fulfill the pact Aimée got on her knees and sunk her fangs again into Cecilia, sucking her dry; her heartbeat slowed and finally stopped.
    As she licked the wounds the feeling of superiority slowly faded. She just killed, no sacrificed a human being. It didn't matter that Cecilia deserved it or that Aimée needed to step over some people to get what she deserved.

    Aimée kneeled next to Cecilia that way for a long time, thinking about what was lost and what was gained.

    Humanity check

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