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Plots and Thoughts

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    0 Scenes

    Love the enthusiasm, but quick Social Scenes aren't the Plotty plot interests I'm currently looking for. If you want to have some fun light Socials, you can open them yourselves, and see who shows up, or even call someone in the comms to set up a scene - or for Winters set up some dead drops or coded messages to get a private (Held at the Winter's Mirror Maze in Funderland perhaps) Winter scene going!

    But yes! The Autumn Equinox is on the 22 so it's almost here if you wanted to wait to meet everyone then

    But a Hedge Patrol is definitely something we can do.

    And, tis the season, what about exploring a Haunted House that seems a little too authentic?

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    Yamiho Lillich
    Striking looks
    (Unknowing temptress)
    Narcissus’s Blessing
    (Romancer Kith)
    (Perfect grace and klutziness)

    Her mien is the one single thing you either always dreamed to see or never wanted to see. Flawless or porcelain skin, a small tail, wings whom sometimes seems to be there and sometimes not, sometimes complete other times with perfect holes in them. Clothing that seems to be made from a metallic form of wood gazes over her body just precisely hiding the areas that needs hiding and enhancing her beauty and allure.
    Her head crowned with small horns that seemingly grows out of a tiara made by the same type of fashion. Long enchanting hair that seems to be woven and spun like gold that only could exist in a fairy tale and moving to always be in the exact right spot.
    Ornamental feathers clinging to her hair and clothing just behind her back, long ears adorned with earrings and markings.
    Eyes that seems to sexually devour anyone whom she gazes upon even if she doesn't even try.
    Her combination of being a succubus romancer makes to many details of her appearances hard to pin down but
    Yamiyo Lillich Scenes
     Activating her chokers mien
      +3 dice on her roll.

    A haunted house exploration sounds like it could be fun.

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    Orianna's Avatar

    I'd personally like to see some plots that my character can get development from. I know...vague...lol! But I love plots where the character walks away with some sort of growth in a different direction, or some eye opening event.

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    (Street, Clubs)
    Primal Urge

    Rhodes Scenes
      Dreams 3 Armour/Dreams 3 weapon, Forging the Dream
     Herden Mask, 

    Angular features, pointed ears. His jet-black hair bursts into bright red flowers and fine dark leaves about his ears forming a wreath of firey foliage that trailed just below his shoulders. Thin woody vines broached and twined across his milky-white skin, with leaves and budding flowers breaking into bloom at his cuffs.

    Hedgespun coat - darkest thunderclouds, broiling and writhing, occasionally flashing as if lighting was happening on the other

    Nimbus: Scarlet flames rising out from her like giant sperading wings, and the sound of an eagle's screech.

    I'd quite like to finish up Loyalty Is by getting to the Orchard, if we can. That could be simple and quick or another big thing, depending on what we find.

    Ann is a whole other affair I care little for, but Rhodes might want to poke that later (not now though).
    "Why? Why? Why? WHY?"
    "Four excellent questions!"
    Martin Kreefe and Douglas Richardson, Cabin Pressure

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    Twist Scenes

    I definitely want to get a scene going for some Winter shenanigans. Cassandra is very politically motivated even though she doesn't necessarily want to be.

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    Aeolus's Avatar

    I definitely want to get a scene going for some Winter shenanigans. Cassandra is very politically motivated even though she doesn't necessarily want to be.
    Well then, Gerrit planned to look for Winter's Courtiers at the Equinox anyway. Let's have a chat then.
    I'd be up for the haunted house too. Also, at the risk of sounding vague: apart from the earlier mentioned personal goals (Hollow, Winter) Gerrit wants to gain stability in the way he knows: helping out. So he's flexible in that concern. Since he's just very freshly acknowledged by the Wyrdstone maybe it's almost worth a thought to wait until after the Equinox anyway?

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    Aeolus's Avatar

    double posted :(

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    Saber Sloth's Avatar

    0 Scenes

    I wouldn't be getting any new plots out until after the Equinox, so that isn't a problem. I need time to think and plan

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