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    The three vampires, following Circe's directions, eventually locate Club Inferno. It isn't hard, really... bright red and blue neon sign spelling out the club's name, a line of people waiting to get in, many of them sporting unusual haircuts and modes of dress. At the front of the line, by the door, stands a bouncer, a big, burly guy with long, thinning hair and the look of an aging biker.

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    I become painfully aware that, in my current attire, I have little chance of entering this club speedily without bribery, for which I do not have the cash on hand, or trickery, for which security seemed too genuine a concern. Looking to Aesop and Peter I realize they themselves are ill prepared for this particular task as well.

    "What now?" I ask of them. It was likely they knew no one here and were utterly unfamiliar with the establishment, they had asked for directions over the phone after all, but I am interested in seeing how they would approach the situation.

    I makes use of my greatest asset, the ability to see past the boundaries attributed to mortal senses, and takes in Club Inferno, now no longer obscured by shadow. In doing so I take great care to resist the temptation to enhance my hearing as that might deafen me even at this distance.

    Eleanor activates Auspex 1 for sight only

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    Peter looks over the establishment, shrugging before deciding to let his senses see if they pick up anyone the easy way... he moves forward, waiting for his Beast to thrash in it's cage.

    If that doesn't work, well... Pete has some cash. He might get them in yet.

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    Neither Peter nor either of his companions notices any other vampires among the throng near Club Inferno, either by Predator's Taint or simply by recognition.

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    Aesop grunts to the others, in his yellow faded don't worry be happy shirt, oddly he couldn't tell the difference in various human styles unless he really took time out to inspect them. Though he knew suits liked suits, a thought he didn't bother to convey to the others. He just got in the back of the line like the kine and awaited his turn. He didn't particularly worry about if he could get in or not, in his mind he honestly didn't see what would stop him. The other 2 would see Aesop wasn't worried in the least.

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    I look to Peter with something approaching doubt. I hoped he had an alternative but I suppose that if he didn't have one I could practice my patience by waiting in line like all the others seemed content to do.

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    Peter is going to take a walk around the building itself, looking it over, seeing if there are back doors, service entrances, windows, what people are either standing at doors or around in general, and the like.

    After all, Aesop is holding their place in line.

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    Going around back, Peter finds there is indeed a back door, which is guarded by a tall, huge-muscled, square-jawed guy with wavy, blonde, shoulder-length hair wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots and a gold hooded sweatshirt with a Gold's Gym logo over the left pectoral. He's chatting with two young women dressed in leather pants, boots, bustiers and jackets. He towers over them; one of them is laughing about something.

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    Still no PT from any of them?

    Peter walks slowly, eying the three as well as the building.

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    Peter's Beast does not react to these three, and he notices that one of the women waves around a lit cigarette much more casually than could most Kindred.

    The big metal door behind the muscle-guy is painted black, with CLUB INFERNO written on it in big red letters.

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