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    Coco Scenes

    Major props to unlimited sink Saber Sloth Forn Clakes and Yumyumcrow !

    New Werewolf has started off awesome, and y'all have been crushing it with your posts! I've definitely gotta step up my game and stop draggin' y'all down, cause I love how much personality is coming off of your posts. Like, I can already tell who's gonna be Alpha, unless we go for one of those rotating position type of packs. So, anyways, love it, keep it up.

    And heads up, I'm gonna bug y'all over in the Werewolf OOC thread.

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    Moros, Adamantine Arrow

    Yeah, lots of great RP in that thread. And don't sell yourself short. I, for one, am loving Iseult. She reminds me of a younger and more lucid Eternal Sentry.

    Although I'm sure her lucidity will take care of itself in due time. >:-D

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    yeah--I second that: Iseult rules! (along with the rest of these wolves)

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    0 Scenes

    I love Iseult! She's awesome! And yep, so are the other wolves!

    I'm having a blast! can't wait to see how all our wulffy's stories continue!

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