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Getting Started and Entering Play

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    This is a consolidated Startup Guide.

    Character Approval

    After the form is submitted, your character can be found here.
    The Storyteller (ST) will post and requests/discussion points on your Character as it is being reviewed.
    You cannot edit your Character Sheet Any requests/changes should be posted as replies in the thread and the Storyteller will merge the changes into the Character Sheet.
    The ST will notify you when the Character is approved and ready for play.

    Character Account

    Character Accounts are separate accounts to post in-character (IC) with. They are created by logging out and creating a new forum account. Please use the same name as your character was submitted under (the thread title of your character sheet). Please do not use any special characters, such as quotes or accent marks. Complete necessary information, including the Biography and Avatar.

    Please be aware that you should still log in with your main (player) account regularly as often times PMs are sent to players. You'll also need to be logged into your Player Account to interact on your character sheet/thread.


    Each venue requires different things in the posting account signature, and these requirements can be found on the respective venues House Rules page on the wiki. The general rule of thumb is that persistent effects and powers/abilities that affect others should be noted. Placing them in the signature lets anyone who reads the post know what's in effect.

    Avatars / FaceClaims

    Avatars are used to represent characters, and should be actual photographs. Artwork is only allowed for Changeling Miens.
    Check the avatar list to make sure you're not duplicating someone in play or reserved.
    If you did not purchase Striking Looks, please don't pick a supermodel, or you will be asked to change.

    Power Icons and TRACKER

    Scene Expendables (Glamour, Mana, Vitae, Willpower) are tracked using Power Icons and Tracker.
    Power Icons are used in posts whenever you activate an ability that has a cost.
    TRACKER is configured once and displays your active Scenes and the expendables (Power Icons) used in each.

    Average Fuel (Glamour, Mana, Vitae) Pools

    We use a system for calculating an average amount available for each Scene. Details can be found in each of the venues House Rules pages on the wiki or the forum sidebar to the right of most forum pages.

    Configure Miniature Character Sheet (Minisheet)

    Minisheets are configured here.
    Select your approved character from the drop-down and enter the rest of the information.
    The Verification tab should show the bare-bones of your character if this is done properly.

    Beginning Play: Site Info

    please read some of the items in this forum, Important Stuff, such as The Devil is in the Dots which describes how best to help weave your skills, traits, etc. into our usual style of play here.
    Additionally, you should keep an eye on the Out of Character forums.

    Beginning Play: Venue Info

    Social Groups sometime contain important discussions to factions and venues, as well as Status and shared Sanctuaries. Categories for each venue are at the top, and you should join relevant groups.

    The venue character lists will show you who's available to contact for induction into the venue (Changeling, Mage, Vampire).

    You can either contact them personally with a Comms thread or enter a current mass social Scene (Changeling, Mage, Vampire). For ease of play, you are permitted to have gained the contact information of your faction leaders (Court, Path/Order, Clan/Covenant).

    You may also review the venue pacts/laws:
    Freehold Oath
    Laws of the Domain
    Consilium Charter and Lex Magica

    Beginning Play: Final Checklist

    Did you read about Power Icons?
    If you're using a character account, did you complete the Biography section?
    Did you set up your Minisheet?
    Did you set up your signature?

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    If you have a question about your character, please post it on your character sheet

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