Listen up, clones. This just in from Sac-town. If you were an NFL player who left the league because of boo-boos, would you pick a fight in an Irish bar by insulting the Irish? Because Donnie Briggs did. That's right. You go in an Irish bar, and insult the Irish. Brilliant. Let me say that again. You go in an Irish bar, and insult the Irish. Then some guy goes Iron Mike on your face. Not Mike Tyson today. Iron Mike from "Would you let Mike Tyson punch you in the face for a million dollars?". That guy.

Maybe Donnie is making a comeback. Maybe this is a publicity stunt. Maybe he wants his 'man card' back. By getting in a fight. Freaking awesome. War starting a bar brawl and losing. Donnie, my man, you need to step your game up if you want your 'man card' back. Maybe 'Dancing With The Stars' is where you need to be. Not Irish bars. Maybe Iron Mike can un-retire and show you a move or two. War the return of Mike Tyson. Again.

Irish bar brawls. Freaking brilliant.