Continued from (Deadly Acquisitions)...

The booths were erected in the Romanesque Hall and Kresge Court as unobtrusively as large, black cubicles could be. A heavy metal door lead into each booth, where a small sitting room was situated within. If one could ignore the thick fabric walls of the booth, or the lone, blinking device upon the ceiling, it would appear to be quite comfortable. There was a desk with a slot into the side, for bids to be submitted, and a plethora of comfortable chairs situated around a small coffee table for the entourages to lounge and relax as the bids were made.

For those with an eye for things beyond comfort, it was clear that each booth was as close to being soundproofed as they could get, which was to say that anything short of a bomb going off outside would likely be muffled into irrelevance, and the device on the ceiling was a signal jammer, making outside communication impossible without tampering. In short, the booths were as secure as one could be without being locked into a bunker, which meant that were anything to happen to you inside the booths, well, then no one would be able to hear you scream...

For Katherine Port , Monty Pennington , and Lucas Boucher , that might very well be a concern, as they were accompanied to their booth by The Stranger, herself.

The Stranger smiled, artificially whitened teeth flashing in the light of the booth, and turned to Monty.

"Well, Monty, dear, you're handsome enough to be a statue, aren't you? the Stranger intoned, her inflection jarring as she issued her command.

I need a Resolve + Composure roll from Monty Pennington!

Results of Failure

The Stranger didn't even bother to see the effect of her words, but rather turned back to Katherine and Lucas.

"Now then, for you two ducklings, just who are you to dear Monty, here?"