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Leaf on the Waldorf

May 6, 2016 : Leaf on the Wind
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    Coco Scenes

    Leaf on the Wind is probably one of my favorite threads of all time. It's funny, has great characterization, and engages with the thematics of the setting wonderfully. I love it! Even if I am jelly I didn't help write it, lol.

    Amazing job West and alias-of-a-girl !!!!!

    I look forward to feeding on more of your brilliance

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    Magical Chinchilla
    Star Scenes

    Damn, I'm legit kind of speechless. 'Of all time', even if that was just being nice, is pretty amazing!

    And, ty, and ty to alias, i've had a lot of fun being part of it!
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    Speechless is a good word for this, yeah

    I'm so pleased you're enjoying it so much! And thank you for your lovely words

    Also, thanks West for writing with me! It's been such fun to write!
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    I don't even know a ton about Mage, and that was an amazing scene to read. *slow clap* Well done.

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