Long faded graffiti begins to reappear all over the city. Do you see it? No? Turn your head to the side? See it now?

“Radio Free Fae for the club’s latest news and updates.”

Radio Free Fae Podcasts will be posted at least once per season. The news broadcasts have been digitally altered to make the voice unrecognizable

The graffiti displayed access instructions to some obscure web address
To access the site you must enter a valid phone number or email. This gets you a guest account that’s good for three months before the password expires. There’s also a space to submit stories to the DJ without having to log in.

If you would like to submit a thread summary, simply PM the DJ at least a few weeks before the next posting period (Feb 15, May 15, Aug 15, or Nov 15). Please make the summary in keeping with Radio Free Fae’s flavor; nicknames/mentions, short description, maybe some song suggestions.

Username – Summer Lovin
Password – 1^mg0NNaWre(kit

Welcome back ghouls and goblins. DJ Ötzal here again. Keeping the club up to date and pissing people off; all with one stone. Let’s start with the big news. The Feministas have united and have taken over the Freehold. Congratulations to the new leaders of the A-Force superhero team: Black Canary, She-Hulk, Aquagirl, and Ice. Long live the Queens!

Only one story submitted this season. (Come on people, that’s pathetic.) Of course I’m always glad to get the news out there. Which, oddly enough, is what the message is about.

Ms. Tesla is taking suggestions for potential puzzle-box locations! Send her a note (or a text, or a call, or a visit...) if you want a box in a particular place.

It’s a late night at the jazz club. Smoke hung heavy in the cold air, creating a dirty atmosphere that reminds the one good detective of all the secrets the city holds behind a veil of smoke. He’s not working a case, just keeping on ear to the ground. At least until the frightened not-so-femme-fatal walks in. He knew at that moment this would be no relaxing evening on the town. He knew her type. Always hiding behind masks. Things got even more complicated when a man with a fancy car walked in and headed straight his way. (Little did the detective know the guy would be missing in a few months.) No rest for the weary. There was a peace to keep and explain the lay of the land to the new guy.

So… Ronda Rousey has named appointed Deathly Pale as someone to fight with her in the ring. Yeah, color me surprised to. Who knows, maybe mixing some misery in with a traditional fighting role will be good. Works for the army. We’ll have to see once training starts whether Captain Pollution, or Stringbean will beat him up too badly. Starshine could probably do it with a fan.

Good morning again Specter and Sneak Thief; your mission should you chose to accept it: retrieve a valuable bond agreement from the Band of Brothers at any cost. To accomplish this, steal and trade the crown jewels of the princess for the bond? Once you have the agreement in hand then gentleman, your mission is to have a drink for a job well done. As always, should you or any of your team be caught or killed the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of you actions. This recording will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.

I hear the Wasp and the Fawn are going steady. What started as a simple shared meal in a garden has blossomed into a beautiful bar hopping duo. Gotta love Spring, am I right? Sorry to all you birds. You never stood a chance. You just weren’t the Bee’s type to begin with.
The following message only shows up on Daisy’s account

When last we left off from the story of ballroom heroism, our heroes were in hot pursuit of the man handing out cursed equipment to innocent mortals. Imperator Furiosa has joined Tally and Beatrix Kiddo in the search. They’ve tracked a Mr. Moon to his temple of the two faced god Janus. Whether or not so many intimidating women (two out of three at least) will make him spill his guts remains to be seen.

Mata Hari, Kaylee, Hodor, and Mr. Boddy are still hard at work, trying to set up a new common area. This time on the safer and more mundane side of the fence at an out-of-the-way bed-and-breakfast. That’s not to say they aren’t still getting into trouble. Sure, it looks like they might be committed to buying the building but what are they getting themselves into? The place is riddled with secret passageways and mysteries. Might as well be an Agatha Christy novel.

Fezzik, Holly Holm (yes I know that’s two UFC references in one podcast; sue me), and the dauntless hunter are helping an old woman with her oven, though it’s more complicated than that. The stove apparently talks. Probably because there’s a brownie living in the house. That’s despite all the wards that have been put up. Stranger still, there’s a Lost woman living in the basement using wyrd spells to try to get her sister back. Oh, plus there’s the fact that granny may be a strawman. All of this is rumor of course. Heard through the ears the walls supposedly have. All I can say for certain is be careful dudes. As we all know, if there’s something in the walls, they’re probably waiting to drag you into the wallpaper.

You may not have heard but there’s been a rash of petnappings recently. Now I know you might think it’s nothing but I’m talking anywhere from dogs to zoo animals. No confirmation yet, but it might be the work of… Them. That’s right. Team Rocket! Luckily our friends at the EPA are here to help. Klinklang, Frozen Sandshrew, and Staryu are handling the exotic animal side of things. Chespin and Trubbish are seeing what they can find out about from the SPCA. More information to follow.

The boarding house is under new management. With the Witch gone, the the Red Woman has assumed the mantle of caretaker. She’s off to a good start so far. Lots of pizza and good singing. Plenty of bad singing too, but all are welcome at California’s premier hotel.

Wordier Guinan, Angrier B'elanna Torres, Scarier Captain Janeway, and Bigger and Better Worf are taking a jaunt on the wild side. Exploration and patrol. To go where no man has gone before. Theoretically anyway. With ahiling frequencies open, a whistling can be heard coming in from the planet below and it is enough to put everyone on edge. Tune in next time to find out what our intrepid crew has discovered.

So it looks like we’ve managed not piss off the Flea Market too badly. They sent a quest giver to help us improve our faction rep. Though the guy that did it was a bit of a joke and the text was couched in riddles. Now all they have to do is find all the MacGuffins. Not to worry though. Taylor Davis, Princess Fiona, the Halfling Thief Lidda, and Ramsay BoltonXXX are all grouped up and ready to enter the instance.

And so we bring to a close the Spring season. Best of luck to the Queen Bee in her efforts to bring about people’s desires. We’ll have to see if Mr. Cold Desert Biome sets up a booth of anger come Summer.

Congrats again to our new leaders. I’m totally not crossing my fingers that something won’t go horribly, horribly wrong and that we’ll all be able to get along. Even with the season of conflict on its way, just remember… at least school’s out for all those people acting like children.