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Freehold Info and News (Read 1st)

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    Sacramento Freehold

    Some Freeholds hide in plain sight, while others hide so well that new arrivals need an invitation and direction to even catch a hint of just where the Lost's stronghold resides. The Freehold of Sacramento is of the former, and are operating an amusement park (Funderland). A self contained space, a fortress for the Lost, but one where mortals come spend their money, and offer up something more precious; Glamour. The park is divided along the lines of the Seasonal Courts, each having their own ride or featured building, so the Glamour is spiced in the layers of the four cardinal emotions. Much like the world - the Hedge - beside the mundane one, there is a world beneath the park -- prohibition era tunnels, passages and even rooms.
    • Find specifics about the areas/features of each Court on the Funderland wiki page.
    To provide structure and to reassure the Lost who remain, and to the Lost who come to Sacramento it was decided that something needed to change. Three new roles were created: the Activities Director, the Notary, and the Groundskeeper. The Notary records and observes all the Pledges made within the Freehold, and the Groundskeeper patrols the Borders, protecting the Freehold, and enforces the Laws.
    • Find specifics about the roles and the rules that govern them on the Freehold wiki page.

    Radio Free Fae

    Radio Free Fae broadcasts have been digitally altered to make the voice unrecognizable and seem to repeat daily until a new news broadcast happens.
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    Spring 2011 Broadcast

    This broadcast happens after all the seasonal court meetings.

    For those of you tuning into Radio Free Fae this broadcast is backwashed information from my mouth to your ears. Keeping all the lovely little lost, lost in space. Well cyberspace where almost everything is free and porn is aplenty. I am DJ Daevana serving up a cold cut combo of safety from my sub zero subway station.

    Horace Albert Liebowitz, also known as HAL the former Autumn Sovereign is hereby banished from the city of Sacramento indefinitely for the crime of treason against the freehold and his involvement in the disappearance of the Winter Sovereign. If spotted he should not be attempted to be apprehended, but reported at once to the Ascendant Sovereign of the Freehold.

    HAL, this one is for you!

    Neverips have appeared across the hedge, these nasty plants with tentacles and berry's lure the lost and humans into its trap and drink their blood. Under no circumstances should you eat those berries, they are highly addictive. The situation is currently being looked into, It is believed that someone is breeding these plants. If you have any information on these plants you should take that information to Kaito or Kathleen who are investigating the problem. You can also see the Ascendant Sovereign of the freehold.

    The threat of Mr Tickle has now been neutralised however the hedge still continues to lash out more than usual. To all the lost out there be careful when travelling through the hedge. I would not recommend going alone and take someone that can navigate the way.

    At the Spring coronation the Spring Queen gave out several positions within her own court. Juno has been named Sage Escort. Doctor Jack has been named Claviger and Verdant Advocate and last but not least is Mrs Rosemary, she has been named Spring Gardener. Congratulations to you all.

    Rick has been named Sovereign of the Autumn court. Terri has been named the Legate of Mists, Twilit Page and Harvest Envoy. John Gears, Paladin of Shadows; Wyatt Amnell, Lord Scrivener; Sweet Tooth, Fool of the First Frost; and Mr. Bates, Ashen Notary. Again congratulations to you all.

    The Queen of the Winter Court has also assigned positions. Leopold, Yui and Kaito have been named Archers of the Lonely March. Congratulations to you all. And who has been named the resident DJ you ask? Well that's a secret I will never tell.

    If you are new in the city you should go along to The Four Seasons Hotel and ask for the Manager. His Name is Mr Bates. He will be able to point you in the right Direction.

    That's the end of the freehold news. If anyone has anything they would like to add in the next broadcast you can see a member of the winter court and they will pass a message to me.

    We are nearing the end of the show, I just wanted to share a message to the freehold. It took me a long time to accept things and I think this song is great for talking about acceptance. We need to accept each other for who we are and unite against our common enemy's.

    This is DJ Daevana singing out with a message to any loyalists should they be listening. Why don't you just kill your selves and burn in hell for all eternity you toady bastards. This songs for you! If you are not one for swearing I advise you tune out now. Stay Safe Sacramento"

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    Summer Recap & Autumn 2011 Broadcast

    This is DJ ÷tzal whispering sweet nothings and bitter truths from my cozy little Platonic cave. This Summer, the name of the game was Musical Chairs and if you were rusty, you found you were the only one without a place to sit. Once again, I'm gonna start this broadcast out with a dedication to yet another great leader who cracked under pressure. Just how heavy is that crown, anyway? Let's all hope all the king's horses and all the king's men can put this crazy cat back together again.

    And as the saying goes... Two men enter. One man leaves... but this Summer, one man left... and the other took the throne. Let's hope he can lead as well as... or better than... he can fight. All I know is that any Persians out there better watch out, 'cause now, THIS IS SPARTA!!!

    A few other names and titles and deeds were given a little shake 'n' bake before they were put on the table. So now, it look's like there's a new sheriff in town. His turn ons include chess, sunglasses, and keeping the peace. Turn offs... well, why don't you go ahead and ask him yourself. While you're at it, you can congratulate his predecessor, who has moved on to bigger and better things. I just hope the pay's better, since I hear his days are getting longer. Last but certainly not least, X did indeed mark the spot, when the head honcho needed to appoint a right hand... woman. This one's going out to all three of you. Dig it.

    Another thing you've got to respect is that the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties of a certain cross-species couple due to be hitched soon both seem to have gone off without a hitch. No serious casualties have been reported at the time of this broadcast, so I would like to add my congratulations and well wishes to those two scary faeries.

    Speaking of scary, I was afraid that the current season was going to get off to a bumpy start at this Fall's Big Event, but things were quickly smoothed out and by the end of the night the party was a roaring success. I look forward to the leadership of our new commander-in-chief and hope he doesn't fall into the bad habits of Mr. Sparks.

    In other news, not only does he dislike Green Eggs and Ham, but this little teapot appears to have followed up on the scary berries reported in the previous broadcast. He's looking to catch some big game, so watch your step around the War Memorial and be sure to mind the gap.

    And on a final note, a certain tongue-tied individual neglected to take our previous advice for those loyal listeners among us. Enzo di Veyron, this song's for you.

    That's all the bits and bobs I can stuff into your brainbox for now gentle listeners. Until next time, this is DJ ÷tzal wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

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    Autumn 2011 Recap & Beginning of Winter 2012

    This is the one and only DJ ÷tzal, back on the air for all my faithful listeners out there. I hope all you trick-or-treaters had as much fun as I did this past Autumn. I'm sure there was at least one guy who didn't enjoy it much though. But congrats to all the freaks on a successful party. I'm sure that is going to be one unforgettable marathon for you all. Peter Milford even though you can't listen to this broadcast, this one goes out to you buddy!

    So in other news, I hear the word on the street is that some college kids got a hold of some of the sweetest ganja you've ever dreamed of. What's the deal with that? I guess we'll have to wait and find out, but a little birdie has told me that the stuff is totally out of this world. But you know what else is out of this world? The way a certain dragon made his exit from our scene. Maybe next time he'll put down the bong and think twice before upsetting everyone's favorite Russian. Sorry kid, can't buy you a new pair of pants but I can dedicate this next track to you.

    No more monkey business! Sacramento's greatest thief is moving on to bigger and better things; or is he? Well ladies and gentlemen, from what I hear he's about to step into a whole new world with the help of a couple of lovely ladies. I just wanna wish you all good luck on your journey and leave you with this song...

    So you may all have heard that winter is coming; if you haven't...you should check out HBO because those guys won't shut up about it. But guess what gals and guys? Winter is already here! And while a certain pretty lady is nowhere to be seen, the Queen of the party actually made an appearance this time around. That's all for now you freaks and goons, but stay tuned for more in the next couple of weeks. As always, this is DJ ÷tzal wishing you all the best during this Winter season. But for now, I'll leave you to jam out to this next track...just as a reminder that you should watch yourselves.

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    Coming to you live from the nearest speaker box, calling out to all the Lost of Sacramento with your gossip and news. This is DJ ÷tzal, the one and only, here to say: sit back, relax, and get ready for another broadcast, brought to you by Radio Free Fae.

    Is it just me or is Summer on the horizon? It seems like only yesterday that the Kitchen Queen got her crown, and wasnít that a surprise to everyone? I was sure Prince Happy-happy-joy-joy was going to get it, but I guess itís for the best. Especially if you manage to keep up with the cooking. But, Queenie, let me just say that you Qualify, this song is for you.

    Speaking of Cooking, did anyone else see that cake? Did anyone else see King Cake-monster all over that shit? He must have had six pieces. But when it comes to formal events, when doesnít Summer have itís mouth full? Iíve seen your court inhabiting the buffet tables, but as long as you donít overcook the food Iím sure no-oneíll hold it against you.

    But enough about Summer for now, theyíll have their air time after their coronation. Letís talk about something much more interesting: the arrival of lost to the city -- new and old. Welcome and Welcome Back. To all you fresh blood, this song is for you.

    And for those of you returning, I hope you enjoy AC/DC.

    But that isnít half the start of the gossip. There are plenty of interesting happenings around Sacramento, the first and foremost is the twenty-four hour grand opening of Maelstrom Strings. The doors open at midnight, and Iíve heard that the one in control is one faerie with incredibly skilled hands. Only a few months, a few crafts here and there, and this spring walked away as the new Avant Guard. So mister new-title, grab a woman after your opening, settle down with a nice victory fuck, and use those hands for something more important. Oh, and listen to this while youíre at it.

    Now listeners, dream with me a moment, to that piece of sweet gossip from last yearís Autumn broadcast concerning the weed from the other side. Unfortunately, it seems like two ballers bailed, one winter, one spring; but I guess thatís how the cookie crumbles. Maybe the city was just too hard boiled for their thug-life, or maybe the ganja was too much for their sweet tooth. I just hope that you newbies to the mystery rainbow smoke arenít as into giving drug dealers (or Sun Banishers) blow jobs or as afraid of ity-bity snakes like the two who just skipped town.

    But skipping town might be a good idea, especially with the homeless community starting their Ďjunkificationí campaign on the north side of the city. Even that could scare away a smartmouth winter, even if a member of his own court might be able to help him with the intros.

    Just as a question to the freehold, can anyone tell me where they get their cardboard? If you have an answer right it down and send it into the wind, Iíll get it eventually. In the mean time: music, specially chosen by yours truly, for all you problem solvers out to tackle the mysteries. Donít forget your green van.

    Sleeping beauty is awake again, thanks to the prince of thieves. But if you really want to know what happened on that magic carpet ride, youíll have to ask the howler monkey himself, or else try to catch the words from the pack minded, the high flyer or the tree runner. Wow, that really was a motley of beasts, wasnít it? I havenít gotten much of the low down, but if anyone wants to send me that information, you know how to contact me.

    So anyone remember what happened to olí Rusty after he passed on the Summer crown? And weíre back to Summer again, arenít we? Well it seems that the ex-king had been doing some favors for the Queen of the Ice Bitches, and managed to get himself stuck in a coma. Not to worry, the calvary has arrived. Someone has to figure out who (or what) is gathering the gangs in West Sacramento. Unfortunately I donít think this gang war will be much of the song and dance type, especially when the first casualty is a dog. Gentlemen, this song is for you.

    And now for the cherry to the cake of gossip. He once was a Loyal listener, but his ties ran too deep, perhaps the turn was glamour-infused, perhaps he just wanted the power, but now he has a King and his Court after him. Let the game and the hunt continue, when they started this entire thing, I could only think of one song, lets have a listen.

    You didnít expect the stripper to have back-up dancers, now did you? And we all know no one expected the bird.

    I think the most surprising thing was when Evil Barney got sidelined and then the Movie Puppet followed her to the bench. Maybe next time youíll think harder about saying Ďput me in coachí to the one holding the spear...or toughen up.

    However, it takes a hell of a lot to stop Summer from fighting back, but that doesnít mean that one wild punch canít make a few ears ring. Hopefully those Sons of Bitches, no offense to all the puppies listening, canít hit as hard as a one eyed ogre.

    And thatís all I have on my script, folks. I hope this update has quenched your thirst for juicy freehold gossip. And Iíll see all of you lovely people tomorrow at the Summer Coronation. If you want to talk to me, go ahead, Iíll be the one wearing clothes. Just remember, weíre all mad here.

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    Hello again my long lost of sweet September Sacramento, Itís me, DJ ÷tzal, giving you all the hit music and all the insider info that all of you need to know.

    We all know that Summer is a time for wrath, but what happens when other emotions get in the way? Well this past summer coronation love was in the air, or at least pronounced quite openly just after the Commonís new skin took hold. The Tin Can and Evil Barney, declaring or the whole world to see. Word on the street is that it was ďKinkyĒ.

    But two summers werenít the only couple to go home together, folks. Sunspikes and The Chocolatier had their own moment of passion in the mead hall.

    And to think, it was suggested by the Lord of War himself. But Iím sure he would consider himself a fighter not a lover, but then maybe he hasnít found the right lady or gentleman yet. Oh, Mister Wrath, you might not like it, but itís true. Iím sure we could set up a dating service to try out some of the hotties around the freehold, maybe you could give out more shiny titles?

    And like last season the Eternal gathering proved to be yet another supreme showing of the seasonís prowess. Props who whoever had to come up with those games. Iím still a little disappointed with some of the winners, thatís just what I get for not trying. But like last broadcast, this isnít only about Summer and their wacky shenanigans, there are three other seasons to get to.

    So, to start off the big stories of the night, thereís been some rumors about a particular autumn, that is an autumn with bigger balls than some of Summerís own. First he takes out a dog, then some poor drunk bastard. Well, Mr. Stabby McGee, at least you were gentlemen and let him finish pissing before you knocked him clean out. But honestly that sort of hitting is something I expect from summer, not a stuttering Autumn. At least you got something out of the deal, right?

    Seriously, who shot the Copper Pussy?

    The stripper is dead, the Hoplite is moving on to bigger things, and, dammit, Barney and the scene extra lived. It might have been more interesting if the love birds had split. But then who knows what would have happened to the Crimson Banner? ...and the rest of the freehold. I guess a nod is in order to the gentleman and lady that patched them up. Next time anyone needs to take out another lewd, though, we all know who to call.

    Enough about the damn headless stripper, lets move onto better things. Better things like rainbow drugs. I see the mystery machine gathering worked, but did you guys even get anywhere? And even more importantly, did you get me any of that rainbow weed?

    Get together two Pretty Darkies, an Alkie, an Emotionally Stunted pretty boy, and a self-effacing sneak and you have the perfect team to find the stuff? Too bad almost everything starts with the discussions, at least you finally got in the Mystery Mobile in the end.

    Apparently coating your tongue with silver actually does work, but when youíre talking to a man who probably smoked more than the Caterpillar, but even he knows where youíre trying to slide one past him.

    It might be easier to slide one past the Caterpillar than figure out why all these hobos are littering our street. I just donít have the change do handle it, Hobo Bob was enough for me. The whole of everything might have been easier if you had just gotten the Jiggly Muse to food trail them out of the city when she decided to bail. Apparently parting with her source of bounce was just too difficult.

    On the other hand that Smokiní Demoness knows exactly which way to twist her tongue doesnít she? But sometimes you still have to do a little legwork. But even chasing down another hobo and some kid could be easier than figuring out the street Graffiti.

    Because obviously graffiti on anything means that you should break in. The Policemen are going to love you, especially when you tell them you did it just for a turtle.

    The fleshmarket may be an interesting place to visit, but beware what you offer for whatever small bit of information you get. It may be only a string now, but whatís next, a child? On the other hand, that fruit stall sounded absolutely delicious. Thatís right, this time the Faerie who has harnessed the awesome musical prowess of the maelstrom traded away one of his strings at the urging of a chocolate scented author. And for what? A small bit of information, and perhaps a job. Still a bit far away on figuring out where those briarwolves came from, arenít ya?

    Amazingly, this season seemed like a good time to venture into the hedge, or at least near to it. Earlier on, there was a market, an Emporium even that spent itís time among the Sacramento Flea Market. From what I hear there was even a Grimalkin who taunted some of our own.

    The the disappearances that managed to entice another five into the Hedge after Dark to find a taken couple.

    And what started out as a hiking trip that lead to a small round of horror stories and then to an odd growth in the Hedge. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Wyrd Weed? For all those who ventured forth this season, this song is for you.

    Now Iím sure everyone has noticed the influx of Lost to the cities, including powerful mantles, and a few that are just a little off. But get out your pokťballs, kids, because there was a Zapados flying off the other day. Didnít you see him? No? Too bad, well, letís just say that I hope his replacement knows how to keep her feet on the ground.

    And sheíll last long enough so long as her motto doesnít change to Ďwhen the going gets tough, the tough get going.Ē This freehold has had enough bailout sovereign. so Ms Autumn welcome to the Jungle.

    May the nights keep you warm, as the last embers of Summers hearth burn bright and the crisp autumnal winds herald the harvest yet again. And as usual, I shall leave you with a song.

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    Hello again, my favorite freaks and goons! Y'all missed me, didn't ya? Yeah, I know I've been offline for a while...you know how it is. The man's been trying to keep us down and what not...but I just flip him the bird as I play this next track and let him know how I feel about the whole thing...

    So let us get down to business, as I tell y'all the juiciest gossip making its rounds around Sac-Town. I hear that Summer's got a few peeps trying to prospect for them. The Dragon, the Bitch...and the Bigger Bitch? Well, it seems that after much discussion, the three of them will be joining a pair of untested members of the Court on a Hedge excursion! I hear their first stop will be Sal's Fleshmarket, because they still can't figure out what to do with that guy they are supposed to be after. So, this one goes out to you kids...

    Word on the street is that the Hedge weed is still a problem! After some shady deals and getting jumped by a monkey up to no good, the most flamboyant lawyer you'll ever meet is teaming up with Autumn's newest diplomat once again! Well, let's hope for the Dread Queen's sake that this guy can actually manage to say more than a few words this time, because I hear social interaction is actually needed in matters of diplomacy! Well, best of luck! This next track is for you two...

    In other news, seems like Frosty's team finally got back to the park for a little more investigating. Well, almost the whole team, since that one weird Japanese girl...guy...whatever, decided to skip out halfway through the thing! Fortunately for our Constable, the funny guy in his team seems to be good at more than just telling lame ass jokes...because it seems he may have found something...

    An Ogre and two Elementals walk into a haunted house...yeah, I forget how the rest of that joke goes. But really, joking aside, I've heard whispers that the Wicked Warlock of the West, Smokey and Rock Biter decided to check out some strange house here in Sacramento. So if you happen to find something strange, in your neighborhood...

    Over in West Sacramento, we find that Tigger, Stabby McGee and One-Eyed Susan are back at it again! Having found who shot the long lost brother of the Pussycat Dolls, our trio is now headed to find out more about the other side of things. And I hear they found a kitten, so good for them! Good luck making it to that window though...

    So what's up with all these people charging into the Hedge? Haven't you fuckers heard that place's dangerous?!?! I guess not...because on one hand we've got the Dread Queen leading the Statue of Misery and that dog who really needs a friend, on a fun camping trip. While on the other, we've got a group composed of Not-So-Big-Lou, Morgan le Dumb and the Mouthiest Bitch of the West Coast, being led blindly by a happy Hob to the Land of WTF? Seriously guys...I don't even...

    Yet, there are others that travel into the Hedge with a purpose: some good ol' huntin! But hunting what exactly? I don't have a damn clue, but you may want to ask Spyro or Puff the Magic Dragon. If all else fails, you could always ask Mr. Monotone, but he'll probably just shrug in response. Anyway, I wish y'all good hunting and dedicate this next song to you...

    If you think all that was weird...or maybe even Wyrd, you haven't heard the weirdest thing yet! So a little bird told me that some strange things have been happening down at the mall during this Holiday season. I'm not kidding man! Poor Ghost Rider took a hell of a beating, while Rock Biter and what may end up being his next meal stood by and watched. It was quite the spectacle from what I hear, watching the mobs trample over the poor old bastard. Maybe even lawsuit worthy, which is probably why some asshat lawyer I mentioned earlier ended showing up a little later. Eyewitnesses say it all started with some random dude tossing dollar bills all over the place! So this next track goes out to that guy, because really...

    Winter is coming...and ooh baby, they call me Winter! But really, wouldn't you...after an entrance like that one? Boys and girls, you better brace yourselves, because I hear it gets pretty darn cold around this time of the year. So get your coats and scarves, drink up the eggnog and light a fire in your house! But seriously, even though She may look like one scary ass bitch, I've heard rumors that she's actually twice as nice as homemade ice!

    Well ladies and gents, that is all for now. Keep listening for more tunes and whispers from around the 'hold. Until next time, this is the one and only...DJ ÷tzal! Broadcasting live, from here...Radio Free Fae. Now, to get your holiday spirits up, I leave you with a lovely holiday classic...

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    This is the Spring 2013 broadcast.
    Tunes may be found >HERE<

    My Pretty Faeries, I have returned. Bigger and Badder than ever. Or perhaps just a little excited to have survived the Apocalypse. I’m not sure if anyone has called what happened that, yet, but I’m sure someone has been thinking it.

    For those who were wondering the huge fireball that took out our loverly freehold commons was actually a freaking dragon, and I’m not talking about Spyro or Mr No-Wings Glitterscales now, I’m talking a legitimate, with actual fire, Dragon. I really hope none of you pixies an’ cats out there got any crazier from seeing one of the others in all their glory.

    Yeah, that’s what I said.

    That Dragon was one of Them.

    And the King of Cake took it on by himself. Personally, I didn’t think he had the balls; apparently I was wrong. A moment of silence for the passing of a King, and something to remember him by. May his death not be in vain.

    * * *

    Of course while His Majesty was getting his War on, his two biggest supporters probably eloped seeing as they were nowhere in sight. No wrought iron punches, no copper bites -- nothing only silence. I’ve never been a huge fan of Summer, but that’s cold, way cold, even for me.

    And then the fact that the most beloved Squirrel-girl of the Freehold took her nuts and left. I hope she finds out what actually happened to her lost Pokemon, or at least finds some peace somewhere.

    * * *

    At least I think the Wyrd, or perhaps the Hedge itself is on our side and the whispers through the thorns say that our very own Potion Maker and Snowflare have been picked as the successors for their courts. But with Winter mostly missing, and Spring in shambles themselves there have been talk of an attempt at rebuilding.

    But the question stands: Who brought all this down on our heads in the first place? Was it the Oneriomancy of the Autumn courtiers? Winter’s Silence? Summer’s drive into battle prematurely? Or Spring’s... well Spring’s headlong rush into whatever the fuck they want to do?

    Speaking of Spring, Congratulations to the Nightflower who inherited the crown, may your reign not suck.

    Oh wait, never mind, too late for that.

    Not Sorry.

    * * *

    And then when you have the hedge opening up on the city and spitting out gods knows what into reality. We got Hedgebugs, Hedgehunts, Goyles, and Spiders, too.

    With all this happening around, on top of the place so central to our entire freehold going down in flames it’s amazing that more people than just the wolf and the man of many eyes haven’t started exploding at each other. There have been other Incidents but they haven’t been anything quite as exciting.

    * * *

    But if that’s too exciting for you the Silver-Haired Walker Between is finally fixing up the old Copper Pussy’s Gym. The old Wrought Iron place to pump just that has turned into the sparkly new Quicksilver Gate. It’s some fancy almost-just-barely a flea market-slash-minimall, but with more of a mind towards local businesses. It seems pretty swanky.

    And considering this up coming Summer gathering is being hosted there, everyone should at least drive, walk, fly or swim by the place if they get the chance. Who knows, it could be the new Four Seasons Hotel

    But then, so could the Rose Garden hosted and cooked for by that old and forgotten Queen of the Gardens. It may not end up being the new Four Seasons, but it damn well will be the new Fresh Tastes.

    * * *

    And with that ladies and gentlemen, I shall leave you. May your days be Wyrd and full of all things sideways, this is DJ ÷tzal signing off, until next time.

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    Long faded graffiti begins to reappear all over the city. Do you see it? No? Turn your head to the side? See it now?

    ďRadio Free Fae for the clubís latest news and updates.Ē

    Radio Free Fae Podcasts will be posted at least once per season. The news broadcasts have been digitally altered to make the voice unrecognizable

    The graffiti displayed access instructions to some obscure web address
    To access the site you must enter a valid phone number or email. This gets you a guest account thatís good for three months before the password expires. Thereís also a space to submit stories to the DJ without having to log in.

    If you would like to submit a thread summary, simply PM the DJ at least a few weeks before the next posting period (Feb 15, May 15, Aug 15, or Nov 15). Please make the summary in keeping with Radio Free Faeís flavor; nicknames/mentions, short description, and links to the summarized thread or important moments in the thread. Song suggestions are optional.

    Password Ė tW!tTerp4t3D(0)
    Logging you in
    . . .

    Hello heavily spiced girls and puppy dog tailed boys. Itís been a while but Iíve heard rumors that some people are being busy bees and looking for ways to get the word out. Well, DJ ÷tzal is here to help with a whole new Radio Free Fae podcast, now taking submissions. Send me a story and Iíll get it published. Names changed to protect the innocent of course. Or if Mrs. Tesla ever gets her puzzlebox working, you can use that too. Donít worry, Iíll wait.
    Really though, who uses snail mail anymore these days?
    Now letís kick things off!

    A bit of late news in case you missed it. Let all the little munchkins rejoice, the wicked old Sandman is dead. Not to be confused with the new Sandman. All it took was dropping a Wasp, a Violin, a Fish and a Mountain on them. It might surprise you but it was the Insectís sting that finally did the Candyman in. May he turn in his grave and let the rest of us rest in peace.

    And donít worry about all the munchkins still having bad dreams from the whole experience. The Golden Voice, the Fiddler, and the Ghost Whisperer have set up a Lullaby League.

    The rivalry between our resident Word Duelist and the Racoon seems to have been resolved. By which I mean no barbed insults were thrown and Cartman didnít flee in terror crying. So either things have improved or the swordsman is looking to lop the head off of a taller Flower.

    Brienne of Tarth proved how much of a badass she is and showed that winter is not coming. Came out on top when a Wight challenged her to duel, made the Stone speak a whole story, and then set off a bunch of red comets in the sky of our backyard. Now all she needs to do is whip all those new recruits into dragon hunters so we can take down Baron Targaryen.

    Good morning Specter and Sneak Thief; your mission should you chose to accept it: retrieve a valuable bond agreement from the Band of Brothers at any cost. Beware of rogue elements with the same objective. Further information unavailable at this time. As always, should you or any of your team be caught or killed the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of you actions. This recording will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.

    Iíve heard some whispers coming through the Doors that an expedition was mounted to the Four Seasonsí backyard. Brawny Man, Galadriel, Mother of Invention, and Dead-man-walking did some poking around and nearly got burned for their trouble. Hot tears and almost getting killed by the god of burn victims. Hey idiots, next time you see an evil looking plant or tree, DONíT TOUCH IT OR GO NEAR IT! RUN! Common sense here my fair folks.
    It wasnít a complete loss. The elf got a bit of ivory and has plans to set up a club house somewhere safer.

    A little yellow birdie told me a story. Or it might have been white. I donít remember. Anyway, word at the Okay Saloon is a Black and White Film Star, Marvelís Rocket, General Earp, and Blonde Nell Fenwick, have set a meet to move some feathery product for a dangerous desperado whose name escapes my memory. I want to sayÖ Dane? I donít know. Itís long past midnight when I make these recordings. Cut me some slack. They canít all be witty masterpieces.

    A night of dancing almost ended in tragedy when a group of method actors became a little too invested in their roles and props. There was a chop happy Red Queen, a couple Van Helsings, and an attempt to answer the age old question of whether pirates or ninjas are better. Not even making this stuff up. I blame the irresponsible vendors that sold weapons to Norman. Iíll let Sophie Bextor explain would could have happened if Scraps and Gender-Bent díArtagnan hadnít been there to save the day.

    Got a plot straight out a horror movie. Scarred ex-military, Quasimodo, and Princess Mononoke may have discovered a factory thatís the source of pod people. Details are scarce right now but you know it's bad when hitting the big red button hasn't worked. Iíll let you know if they end up fighting a conveyor belt or something worse.

    More old news but trust me this took some digging into the briar patch to find out. Do you remember when Julia Child disappeared after a food fight. No? Well then you're either new or havenít been paying attention to the food the club has been serving lately. Turns out sheís working at a colorful bristo. Apparently debts needed to be paid. Got a very uncomfortable Ďstay in the kitchení vibe from some of the vendors, though. If you get the chance, stop by and check to make sure she stays okay. May not be part of the club anymore but she is one of us. Be careful though. Valkyrie, Bumblebee, the Masked Bandit, Gargoyle, Strings, and Shadow may have worn out our welcome. Maybe helping Mr. Tartan get his toys back will help sooth hurt feelings.

    And finally, as Spring comes and the seasons change letís watch one final video that perfectly encapsulates the transition.

  10. #10
    Changeling ST's Avatar

    In the middle of the DJ's regular broadcast, an orchestral song cuts through, signalling breaking news.

    SoÖ they really are gone. In case you didnít hear, the Pevensie children have left Narnia. The seats at Cair Paravel stand empty. The Witch flew off on a tornadoe of bitter winds. Elsa has fled Arendelle. The Priest has left the parish. The Violet has shrunk away to the walls of distant lands. Weíre in for a regime change here my fair folks. Say Goodbye to Lenin! Obscure reference. Look it up if you don't get it; I can't explain everything!

    Now, I know what youíre thinking. How could they leave us without saying goodbye in person? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you but this happens all the time. People come and people go. Itís just part of being in the Club. So be grateful that we got a note, wish them luck in whatever journeys they had to go on, hope theyíll be back one day, and get over it. ĎCause we donít have time to be moping around.

    Iím looking at you, all you guys and gals with antlers. I donít envy you having to do it on such short notice but yaíll are going to have to figure out who has the biggest rack and make them leaderÖ Not like thatÖ Like a rack of antlers. That sounded a lot better in my head.

    Anywho, weíre all looking to you to keep this thing growing strong Tyrell style. And all the rest of yous shouldnít be slacking either. Get that Iron, Lead, or Onyx Throne filled and letís show why this club is still great, as we bid one last goodbye to those who got us this far.


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