Minor Rule Addition. This applies to all venues.

But first, some history! In the beginning, there was the wiki, and the wiki was good. Then a handful of us filled the wiki with all the things, and the wiki was better. Since that time, books came out, etc, etc, and the wiki started missing things.

The whole point of that history was that, literally, maybe five or six of us put everything on there. And it was work. But that's how wikis work. You contribute, and it gets better.


If you want to know about a Merit that isn't on the wiki, you'll need to put it on the wiki before you ask about it.

But, but, I know, I know. You don't know how to wiki. It's not hard. Just copy a Merit off of another page with the Edit button, then make a new page. You'll learn something, and the wiki will get better. It seems fair, since this is a collaboration. We'll do the legwork of looking at the Merit and considering it, you'll do the legwork of documenting it.


p.s. There's even a wiki group to learn about how to wiki.