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Hunting the Hunter

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    Aesop wore a faded yellow don't worry be happy shirt, and stood in the parking lot where a man was murdered. He had to figure out what Club Inferno was, who Delia was, and who this mysterious killer was. Peter stood at his side. Aesop pantomimed the flipping action of a phone motion to Peter as if he wants to use his. He wanted to stay current, but just paying a constant bill was a daunting task for him, so he was slow to adapt to modern technology... but he was learning.

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    "You know... they have these things on a "pay-as-you-go" plan. You gotta keep track of your minutes, but if you don't use them, you don't need to buy more. We should get you one of those," Peter explains as he hands Aesop his phone.

    "So, this Delia chick... rings a bell from our last court," Peter adds with a shrug.

    Peter stands by Aesop in his usual style of attire. Good durable combat boots, blue jeans, black riggers belt, black hoodie, and a T-shirt... tonight, it's the classic DX shirt, sleeves cut off. He's also wearing gloves, black and grey. Anyone can tell he has a few things tucked in pockets. Peter, for all his joker mentality, isn't one to be caught completely unprepared. Even a stroll for a Wyrm's Nest can turn dangerous... after all, you never know what found it first.

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    Aesop grunts when Peter says he recognizes the name as someone who is kindred, the story seemed as if it were becoming more and more complicated, though in Aesop's mind he instantly pieced attempted to piece together the scene and paint a picture. Delia more then likely meant to feed and filled Bradley with unnatural love that enthralled him through death. She was more then likely attacked by either a mortal hunter or someone that had something against her personally, at least that was his first guess.

    Aesop had committed a few numbers to memory after he had awoken, Circe and Jayant's. Though he had used a phone before he had never used a cell phone, he tapped the button's cautiously as if it were an alien device

    ((Ooc - should I do a communication post to Circe?))

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    <<OOC - yep, Communication is the way to go.>>

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    Aesop grunts a bit almost as if confounded on what to say, without visual cues to add to his perception he sometimes lost the context of what things meant. "Hello?" Aesop repeats in Circe's voice. He shakes his head as if he realizes that he couldn't copy her voice even it was much easier for him to get his point across, if she didn't see him, she wouldn't know it was him. Aesop took the phone away from his ear and collected himself, frustrated. "It's me... Aesop", he says as if he had to remember what his name was. "What are the names that the inferno place is", Aesop said. Circe may notice Aesop was referring to street address, though could not summon the proper terminology to accurately describe it.

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    Aesop smiles, always mildly amused when he surprised people with bizarre behavior. Aesop shakes his head knowing this was going to take a while. He hands the phone over to Peter, Circe may hear Aesop speaking to him, "Ask the question?", he says to Peter so they can know where this club was.

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    Sorry for my absence. Is it possible to have Eleanor catch up if she goes to the Econo-Lodge first?
    Wanted to check for Delia's last name and directions to Club Inferno, ties things up there.

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    Eleanor can catch up during the phone call, if you like.

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    Sure. I've also PM'd Majunior re: responding for Peter. So, whichever of them can respond first should do so.

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