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    I'm adding a new rule to Shards Scenes.

    If you enter a Shard, you need to engage (or be engaged with) someone else by your 2nd post.

    This whole deal where people write:

    I walk in and look weird. Please dream up a reason to talk to me because I'm too lazy.

    That's got to go. Granted, you may not want to talk to the first few people in the Shard, and that's why it'll be the second post, but I'm tired of seeing players who swan in and expect other players to do all the heavy lifting.

    Don't even go there with the "I want to be in a Shard but my character isn't the type to start convos~" :P

    Anywho, just fair warning if you notice your first two posts being deleted.
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    Do we need permission to create Shades?

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    No, as long as you follow the Shade rules for City Shards, it should be good

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