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    Hey folks, us over in ST land are wondering if we should bring back the fabled Player of the Month!

    Winning once gets you a snazzy trophy and winning 3 times gets you the lifetime version of that trophy! Found over here!

    In the days of yore, when we had the award before, we'd look up which posts were the most popular, and who was writing for those characters, and then we'd all get together to vote on who we thought had the best month of that sweet, sweet RP.

    So what say you EoD?

    Orianna Xadun Origins Abyssalstar Vincent Shane Stray @LaySin Yumyumcrow West Ruach Hiver Mark Xander @Woland deltadream White Killian Psychangel Seryna Kelreth Hades_Roses

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    Matt Joule
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    Alfonso Franco

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    Matt Joule
    Dirt Nap
    Alfonso Franco
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      Bookkeeping for Honing the Form cast

    Sure! I think it would be kind of empowering for the Story Tellers, and that's a good thing!

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    I see no harm in it.

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    Mable Wood
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    Mable Wood

    BP3/Pre2/SL2:Wholesome/Pro3: Aspect of the Predator

    I'm not crazy about it. But of course since most everyone else likes the idea I'll live with it.
    "Given only the health of the soil, nothing that dies is dead for very long" -Wendell Berry

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