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Chronicles of Darkness (formerly nWoD)

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    With the talk of 2.0, I figure it would be good to provide links to areas where people can get their hands on information. Some things are provided as PDF's through DriveThruRPG, while others are Googledocs.

    General Rules update from 1.0 to 2.0
    World of Darkness: God-Machine Update

    A teaser for Vampire 2.0
    Reap the Whirlwind

    Mage (Still in development)
    Onyx Path area for Mages

    Werewolf (2.0 ready)
    Onyx Path Area for Werewolves

    Changeling (Still in development)
    Onyx Path area for Changelings

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon

    Paradox (of City Skylines, Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings II) has bought White Wolf and all of its intellectual property from CCP.


    The new White Wolf site looks good: http://www.whitewolf-publishing.com/

    I hope we get a sweet game out of this.

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    Oh wow. Did Onyx just get completely stabbed in the back?
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon

    Onyx hasn't made a post about the acquisition yet. I'm going to be keeping on eye on their website. Though Paradox's announcement did have this in it

    Quote Originally posted by Paradox:
    Now a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive, White Wolf Publishing is a licensing business that owns and manages intellectual properties including World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Led by CEO Tobias Sjögren, former EVP of Business Development at Paradox, White Wolf Publishing will operate as an independent entity with a dedicated team.
    Emphasis mine, I'm thinking Onyx may not be completely screwed? Maybe?

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

    Irraka Blood Talon

    Onyx Path has announced that nWoD is now Chronicles of Darkness (CofD): http://theonyxpath.com/announcing-ch...s-of-darkness/

    Quote Originally posted by Press Release:
    Announcing Chronicles of Darkness!

    News, Press Releases, Chronicles of Darkness

    richt - December 12th, 2015, 5:10 am

    Onyx Path Publishing and White Wolf Publishing are proud to announce that Chronicles of Darkness is now the overall brand name for the series of game lines previously called the New World of Darkness. These game lines include Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition, Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition, Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition, Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Edition, Geist: the Sin-Eaters, Mummy: the Curse, Demon: the Descent, and Beast: the Primordial, as well as any upcoming projects and game lines.

    The purpose behind Chronicles of Darkness is to enable the game lines of the first World of Darkness that started in 1991 and the New World of Darkness that started in 2004, to coexist as distinct and different settings. Onyx Path‘s ongoing publication of the 2nd Edition core books has already evolved the Chronicles of Darkness game lines into their own unique settings, and this change in the overall title will allow our creative teams to further explore these game lines’ own themes and tone.

    Beyond the main title change, we are moving forward with the 2nd Editions and other projects previously announced as nWoD projects with only a slight hiccup as we change to the Chronicles of Darkness title. And, as an example, here is the book that has been the most affected by this change, the Chronicles of Darkness Core Rulebook that was previously titled nWoD Core Rulebook 2nd Edition. And by “most affected” I mean that we had to change the cover and a ton of interior references. We didn’t have to remove anything, though, and the text, including all of the core rules for mortal characters in the setting (including new gadget-building and investigation systems), as well as all of the adventures and storytelling advice originally featured in The God-Machine Chronicle.

    The Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook Advance PDF is now on sale at DriveThruRPG.com.

    End of the day, this is a Change, and a lot of folks fear change.

    But let’s look at that, for a second. We at Onyx Path were already changing things with the 2nd Editions. We were pulling the nWoD lines away from their antecedents and giving them distinct identities that played to the strengths of these lines. We provided, and continue to provide, each line with a bit more connected story in the form of built-in chronicles, to further emphasize the qualities of the settings, but not a massive overarching meta-plot which is one of the weaknesses and/or strengths (depending on your point of view) of the classic World of Darkness.

    Ultimately, this change is actually a logical progression to getting these amazing Chronicles of Darkness lines out from the burden of their connection to their cWoD counterparts.

    Because, let’s face it, the cWoD/nWoD thing has always been awkward once you tried to explain why there were two of them but the second WoD wasn’t another edition but a whole ‘nother reimagining. Another WoD that enables equally awesome stories to be told but which has different rules and themes and overall tone. Nothing confusing there!

    Yeah, we who have been part of the end of cWoD and the birth of nWoD and then the rebirth of cWoD and a similar but different rebirth of nWoD with the 2nd Editions might be able to keep straight the lines. Sure, we’ve seen the thing happen. But on a creative level, they deserve to be distinct and different in order to grow as they need to. On a communication level we have found folks confused by which lines go with which WoD to the point of walking away as we try and explain.

    And on a licensing level, garnering interest outside our hobby has been a nightmare. One kind of Hollywood type has a 3.5 second attention span, by and large, and you have to hook them right away, while another type Googles everything as you’re talking. The first will be gone before you can explain the N in new WoD, and the second will find page after page of info that sounds similar but is different and is all coming up under World of Darkness.

    We at the original White Wolf ran into this problem in trying to grow nWoD, CCP ran smack into it when they tried to deal with it, and now the new White Wolf Publishing intends to give both sets of game lines room to grow taller and stronger than ever before.

    Change can be scary, but good change is exciting.

    This is the good kind.

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    Magical Chinchilla
    Star Scenes


    A bit about New!Mage Sight was revealed.

    I think they've lost their damn minds.

    Bear with me. I know there's lots of Brookshaw fans out there, and there's a lot of 'wow that's cool' factor, but I struggle to see how this would work in actual play. It's like reading glorious fiction of what a single awesome protagonist could do. Trying to conceptualize how a party of multiple mages, each with 3 (possibly 4) Sight effects up... it's a little mind blowing.

    It's incredibly difficult to 'flavor' perception for just one Sight. You could spend 1000 words just describing one setting to one Mage, let alone two or three -- and that's before they start asking questions.

    Don't get me wrong, I love some of this stuff -- like Fate Sight showing Exceptionals/Dramatics. That's really cool. I just have to wonder if they're caught up in a vacuum of trying to write a perfect concept of what a fictional mage could be doing instead of a game that works​.
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    Puck Scenes

    I'm not a fan of Brookshaw or the God Machine Chronicles, but I admit I like the mechanical bells and whistles he attached to each Mage Sight and how they're balanced against each other.

    It always kinda bugged me how the Sights for NWoD give such disparate bonuses, like how Supernal Vision and Dark matter give you direct bonuses on certain Scrutiny rolls while Pulse of the Living World only gives you basic Mage Sight with Life flavor. Hooray for Shamans...

    The narrative burden of the new sight is pretty heavy for Storytellers, which is part of the reason I'm glad we never switched, but I do have to chime in with Matrix in praise of the Active Sight effects.
    Just your friendly neighborhood gulmoth!

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    Knot appears, for a moment, as a marionette, roughly carved from wood and painted in a facsimile of life, bound up in a spiderweb tangle of it's own strings, that are pulled every-which way by unseen hands.

    Mask of Tranquility
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    I mean it's not like white wolf/onyx path has a history of setting and rules development that came about because of the echo chamber effect. /s
    no offense but do i look like i understand anything?

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