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    Presence •• (Bookish)

    Fair-skinned and thin, Truce does not appear to get out much, choosing instead to pursue more studious endeavors. He appears as a typical college student, wearing button up shirts, slacks, and a sports coat at times. His hair is dark brown and wavy, his eyes hazel.

    Spell List

    Spiders: EGuard(3P,self)


    Formal Consilium

      Cast Upon Arrival
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-12 13:35:43 Truce rolls 7 to cast combined rote (Sense Con.+Third Eye) [WIT+Emp+Mind-1tolerence-2+HS] (10 Again) 9, 1, 7, 8, 9, 7, 1 3 successes
    2015-10-12 13:34:21 Truce rolls 7 to cast combined rote (Grim Sight+Speak w/Dead) [WIT+Occ+Death-2+HS] (10 Again) 7, 7, 2, 3, 5, 1, 8 1 success
    2015-10-12 13:32:51 Truce rolls 7 to cast improvised Mental Shield [Gno+Mind+HS] (10 Again) 8, 6, 1, 6, 6, 8, 4 2 successes
    After speaking with the Hierarch, Truce makes arrangements with Arthur and the staff at the Bismarck Hotel to reserve the meeting room, closing it off to the general public. Seating and tables are provided for the various Cabals that wish to claim them while a long table with provided refreshment beverages are available by the entryway with a smattering of finger foods to fend off an appetite.

    Truce wears his deep violet robe edged with brown and a lead clasp to hold the fabric around simple dress shirt and pants underneath. Upon his finger he wears a bejeweled class ring. He sits at a table positioned upon a raised platform where the Council is expected to meet and address the Consilium's members.

    After the fiasco of the last gathering, Truce expects there to be similar animosity brewing among certain individuals. Perhaps those prejudices would be expressed once again, or simply broil beneath the surface as they go through a cyclical routine of pretense once again. Either way, the Silver Ladder would at least uphold the illusion of unity between the Orders by following the traditions.

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      Cast at home, -2 Mana Cloaked
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-12 17:15:36 Miach rolls 9 to Wit 3 + Occ 3 + Rote Speciality 1 + Prime 2 + HS 2 - extended to 24H 2 to Supernal Vision (10 Again) 3, 3, 2, 8, 8, 9, 7, 7, 8 4 successes
    2015-10-12 17:15:09 Miach rolls 9 to Res 3 + Ath 2 + Life 4 + HS 2 - extended to 24H 2 to Organic Resilience (10 Again) 3, 5, 10, 2, 6, 3, 4, 5, 8, 3 2 successes

    Noone could deny that the meeting held at the "Lorehouse" had proved eventful. No matter how tonight would turn out, the ripples from it would be felt. As the Curator, Miach felt like he was duty bound to witness and learn as much from it as he could, and had prepared accordingly. No fashionably late or anything like that for the tall doctor tonight.

    As he entered the Bismarck again, the Curator idly wondered whether he'd be greeted by a grumpy, long-haired retainer, or not. Seemed not. Miach then helped him to the meeting room, where only Truce awaits, for now. HIs garb was noticeable, and was perhaps the very first of those ripples the mystagogue expected to see. Walking slowly to the platform, he kindly greeted the Moros Councilor.

    "Good evening, Councilor Truce. How are you tonight ?" beyond obviously busy with the preparations, of course.

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      Cast at Sanctum, 3 mana used
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-12 21:30:23 Prime sight (Cloaked, 2 mana paid, 1 for duration) 2nd attempt rolls 6 to Prime + Gno + HS - 1 failure (10 Again) 6, 4, 10, 5, 1, 6, 10, 9 3 successes
    2015-10-12 21:29:33 Prime sight (Cloaked, 1 mana paid) rolls 5 to Prime + Gno + HS - 2 Advanced duration (10 Again) 7, 2, 1, 3, 4 failure
    2015-10-12 21:29:04 Life armour (Cloaked, Mana paid by Hallow) rolls 6 to Life + Gno + HS - 2 advanced duration (10 Again) 7, 9, 1, 9, 1, 10, 8 4 successes

    Flidais was not quite sure what to expect, the two previous consilium meetings she had been two had been stark contrasts of each other, and now she might have to be one of the alpha's leading the pack! She was wearing her best dress, which wasn't much by the standards of most people, but it was green, long and should be 'acceptable' as far as these things go. Earlier in the day Flidais made a little necklace out of some flowers and grasses in some free time and she was wearing that around her neck, the scratchy itch of the drying plant seemed symbolic to her, although she would have to meditate on it later, she needed all her focus for this meeting. She checked her notes, she had an abbreviated copy of the charter as well as the lex magica on a little notepad with a mixture of leaves and sticky notes sticking out the side and top marking pages she may want to reference.

    Entering the room she strode with purpose and moved over to the only group currently in the room, as she walked she started swapping the mental tracks in her head. "Miach... Curator. Truce... Not packmate, Councillor, fake it till you make it, that's what the acting coach said? Wolf should be fine... Deep breath, in and out... Hold..." A grin appeared on her face as she approached the two men.

    "Good evening Councillor Truce, Curator Miach." Flidais said sounding generally pleasant but with a tad more authority then she had previously.
    Thyrsus Mystagogue
    Presence: 3 (Animalistic)

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    Varyx's Avatar

    aka Vanessa Thomas

    Tempting (Pres 4)
    Sultry (SL 4)
    Varyx, Apostate Mastigos


    Varyx's nimbus is subtle - she still looks more or less like herself, but there's something about her, something difficult to put your finger on... She's always been beautiful, but it's magnified and somehow terrible. Something so lovely can't be human, and it gives the people around her the impression that maybe she doesn't have any humanity, either.


      2 successes for Mind Shield
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-12 22:22:24 Varyx rolls 5 to Mind Shield (10 Again) 1, 5, 7, 10, 9, 2 2 successes

    Varyx had never been to a Consilium meeting before, but it wasn't difficult to imagine the protocol for such a meeting. She arrived a few minutes early, wearing red, and stepped into the private room, a small smile lighting up her features. Perfect. There were only a few others here so far, which meant she got to watch the interactions of each additional person as they came into the room.

    Offering a smile to each of the assembled mages, she greeted them. "Gentlemen. Lady." She offered Flidais a flash of a grin. "I haven't yet at the pleasure of meeting any of you. My name is Varyx. I arrived in Sacramento recently. I do wish I'd had the pleasure of meeting each of you in a more private setting before now, but sadly it seems life moves on regardless of what we may want." She shot each of them a gracious smile, then crossed the room to offer her hand to Truce to shake, sensing from his position that he bore the greatest amount of power of those present. Then, one by one, she approached each Miach and Flidais in turn, shaking each of their hands as well (assuming they returned the gesture as she approached, of course).

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    It was weird, the feeling that everything was different but knowing that it was entirely a matter of perception.

    Normally Emrys had to drape himself in multiple layers of willworking, one to manipulate Time for defensive purposes and another to allow him to perceive the supernatural. The normal perception of reality through the river of time and the feeling he had as he felt every second ticking away was eschewed as the newly initiated Noddist opted to use the new power of his legacy. Suddenly a switch of lenses tinted reality through the perception of living forces in the inner city, a phenomenon that was both strangely and disturbingly abundant the more he thought about sanitation and where the smallest of lifeforms had likely come from and been.

    Eventually the Libertine made his way to the Bismarch, as under-dressed as usual for a formal gathering. This time though it wasn't intentional, but the result of to much time stopping to scrutinize the roses and the lack of a sixth sense he had apparently grown dependent on. It wasn't like he took the time to dress up before anyway.

    Emrys found the private room, only stopping at the site of what he could only assume was Einstein's influence on Truce. At least Gandalf didn't wear such ridiculous colors. He opted to shy away from the group gathering and the newcomer in favor of grabbing a drink and food. A smile and wave was offered before Emrys grabbed a bottle of water and began perusing the finger food, hoping beyond hope he could forget what his new Sight showed him on the way.

      Pot 2 Temporal Dodge
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-12 22:29:53 Emrys rolls 6 to Imp Temporal Dodge (Gno+Time+HS-2 Advance Prolong) (10 Again) 10, 3, 2, 7, 8, 3, 4 2 successes

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    Presence •• (Bookish)

    Fair-skinned and thin, Truce does not appear to get out much, choosing instead to pursue more studious endeavors. He appears as a typical college student, wearing button up shirts, slacks, and a sports coat at times. His hair is dark brown and wavy, his eyes hazel.

    Spell List

    Spiders: EGuard(3P,self)


    Truce stands as the Magi begin to trickle in. He regards Miach as the man approaches the raised platform, descending the side stair to engage him in greetings and conversation.

    "Good evening, Miach. I'm doing alright, thank you. I hope you've been well."

    His Cabalmate's arrival earns Flidais a soft smile from the Councilor. He turns to her as she joins their company.

    "Good evening, Flidais. That's a nice dress you're wearing tonight, and a pretty wreath necklace," he says to compliment her. He turns back to Miach questioningly. "Oh, is it Curator now? Congratulations, Curator Miach. Forgive me if I overlooked that appointment. I trust Ms. Primoria must have been pleased?"

    Pleasantries. Some scoffed at the need for them, but Truce found them to be a quaint and enjoyable prelude to real conversation. Not everyone had the patience for small talk.

    Only a moment later did Truce turn to regard the newcomer, a woman of a sultry and alluring disposition in red. Her pleasant greeting also had the effect of putting him off guard. "Varyx, is it?" he says, taking her hand in his for a brief shake. "Welcome to Sacramento. My name is Truce, Councilor serving for the Leaden Path. It is often that newcomers present themselves at the Consilium gatherings before they really have a chance to meet its members on an individual basis. It does allow one to meet more Magi and hasten the recognition process. Speaking of which, have you met with either of the Heralds, Crowley or Arthur?"

    Though Truce is in the midst of a growing conversation, he does notice Emrys's arrival into the venue and takes a brief moment to nod politely towards his fellow Councilor.

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    July usually liked to arrive early but today he was running a little later than usual. Casting his usual sight and shield before he left the sanctum he was his usual reserved, collected self. He headed to the private gathering and noticed that it had already been set up and several had already gathered. Standing around were Truce, the dog girl (What was her name again?), Miach, and a new girl. He nodded politely to all who saw him enter.

    Before he could approach and ask if the new girl had already met with the Heralds Truce took the lead. Probably for the best. Better to meet a councilor first than a sentinel. Police tend to make newcomers jumpy, though they had reason to since as a sentinel he was already watching. He eyed her up and down in his way of assessing her as a threat but he couldn't help but notice that she exuded an appeal that would make a normal man seek out her approval. The real question on July's mind though was if she had an angry streak. He had already realized his interests were less on looks and more on how feisty they were.

    Instead of interjecting himself though he headed to the refreshment table for some coffee, making sure to keep an eye towards the door in order to watch for threats. Hopefully his guns wouldn't have to be used today.

      Sight - 4 pot, Shield - 1 pot
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-13 11:00:51 July rolls 6 to Fate Shield (Fate+Gnos+HS) (10 Again) 5, 4, 2, 9, 3, 3 1 success
    2015-10-13 11:00:37 July rolls 6 to Fate Sight (Fate+Gnos+HS) (10 Again) 9, 9, 3, 9, 8, 5 4 successes

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    The Bismark Hotel. This time the meeting is here. I walk with a confident stride inside, a folder folded down my arm. I wear a black suit, with a black tie. Funeral for a friend, or a commemorative mass, perhaps? Or perhaps is it a way to Moros to manifest themselves?

    I approach the political arena, where the meeting between the Will workers will take place with stable steps. The gaze is lost in the middle of nowhere. Kind of absent minded.

    A quick halt, when I see the door. Time to redress, to breath in. My face relaxes, but no smile surfaces.

    So I enter the room. I give a quick look at the room. The usual suspects, plus the nice addition of a new lady's face. I nod to the Moros Councillor and the assembled willworkers.

    "Ah Councillor Truce. Miach, my congratulations for being Curator. Flidalis, good to see you... I hope everything will be fine today. A quick word with Truce if possible, later? And we have a pleasant lady here. Nice to meet you. Name's Pelican."

    I wait until the other Necromancer answer. While waiting for his answer, I offer the new mage an hand to shake. A gentle smile shines on my face.

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    Being early had the pleasant side effect that you could greet people one by one, making it more personal. "Good evening Flidais. Nice seeing you." Though she had introduced herself as an outdoorswoman, she nonetheless held a package that seemed to imply a more academic pursuit. Interesting, and not totally unexpected.

    He didn't have time to reply to Truce though, as a tempting woman made her way to them. "Good evening Varyx, nice meeting you. I'm Miach." he managed to say while shaking her hand, though even that was somewhat hard to say when all you wanted was gawk.

    The Curator was saved from a potential faux-pas by the Moros Councilor's ability to make small talk, even when surprised, and shortly after that by Pelican who joined them. Phew. It seemed that looking away from Varyx for a second would be a good idea, and it also helped him notice that both Emrys - his own Councilor - and July, had arrived.

    The stage was being set.

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    Richelieu arrived soon after. He didn't know what to expect of this consilium, the last one having been ... let just say ... awkward. He stepped into the room and made way toward the other mages to greet them, the places was already crowded with them. Much of the people present he hadn't the opportunity to speak with yet, so he started with those he already knew.

    "Greetings there, Miach, Flidais, good to see you today. Has anything of note happened already?"

    He turned towards the other mages waiting for an opportunity to present himself.

    "For those who don't know me yet, my name is Richelieu."

      6 successes
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-13 17:08:36 Richelieu rolls 11 to Augment the mind(comp) (Res4+Aca4+Mind3) (10 Again) 1, 3, 10, 9, 10, 9, 2, 3, 8, 8, 2, 3, 7 6 successes
      7 successes
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-13 17:06:45 Richelieu rolls 8 to Supernal vision (mind3+gno3+HS) (10 Again) 2, 9, 10, 9, 2, 10, 10, 9, 2, 6, 8 7 successes
      5 successes
    Date Action Roll Result
    2015-10-13 17:06:08 Richelieu rolls 8 to Mind shield (Gnosis3 + mind3 + HS) (10 Again) 7, 9, 8, 10, 3, 4, 6, 10, 5, 8 5 successes

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