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(1505) Heaven & Hell Court

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    This is considered an "official" Court, and the Laws pertaining to Elysium apply.
    Entries will be allowed for the first week, then the thread will be closed to new arrivals.
    Please also note which entrance is used in your opening narrative.

    On rare occasion, Nox closes for a night or two in preparation for a themed party. Tonight was one such night -- but it wasn't closed to everyone.

    Carefully screened, the Domain's Kindred enter the club and are presented with the foyer, simply decorated. The main entry to the club is closed, and alternating crimson and white drapes cover the doors -- indicating that they're not merely waiting to be opened, but choices. The two stairwells are similarly decorated: the one on the right, in pristine white fabrics over the railing and down the steps with golden accents; on the left, the crimson fabrics and black accents.

    As per the unannounced theme of the night, Kindred are now posed with a choice of stairs to enter Court.

    Both lead to the upper gallery, and around to steps down into the main area of the club. The downward stairs are similarly decorated. The upper gallery continues the "heaven" theme, in bright, shining whites, while the lower portion of the club is lit with red lights splashing on crimson fabrics.

    Description: 6'4, with an invitingly easy charm. Speaks with a slow cadence that borders on a drawl, but without an accent. Subtle hints of wealth in clothing and accouterments.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

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    Rina was largely taken aback by the theme of the night. It took her a little bit to understand the analogy - the first few seconds of her staring at the stairs was mostly just understanding that the red and white would mean different things, but not what exactly. She was going to just flip a coin and pick one, then realized she didn't have a coin, so just spent a little more considering each one. Eventually, a few old references from Midnight Masses trickled through her mind and she had a slow moment of realization. Right, right. Damned.

    She picked the red side. Partly because she wasn't going into an area decorated white, partly because she certainly wasn't virtuous enough to hang out in heaven, and partly because of complete vanity. It matched her dress, the same one she'd worn when Baldwin had murdered Travis in front of the entire Domain, minus a few protesters.

    She descended the stairs into Hell, then just stood around the empty gallery, waiting for people to show up. She felt really awkward, all alone.
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    By fate or chance, Gerald's chosen to wear white again; it's one of his favorite colors to make a statement with.

    Gimmicks aside, tonight's Court seems to be all about statements, with the option of walking into 'heaven' or 'hell'. His first Court after being 'elected' Prefect and already faced with a decision to make. Considering he's dressed the part for one side of the room, he opts for the obvious choice. Aesthetically, anyway. As far as what kind of statement that will make? That all depends on the audience.

    As they say... opinions are like assholes.

    He spots the quiet, stern Shadow on the other side of the room. She's more dolled up than he recalls having seen her. Dressed to kill, no? He nods to her, politely. As much fun as it would be for him to make some witty quip aloud, he's quite certain it wouldn't be well received. Eyeing an empty chair, the Carthian makes himself comfortable. He will busy himself once others arrive. For now, Gerald "Twice-Dead" Baker is content to wait.

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    Vivian York

    The Daeva arrived in the Nova, no shame, no guilt and why should she, the color of the car was marvelous. It made her feel like the movie star she never was.

    Her hair was distinctly blonde this evening. Her black dress with accents, and an over the shoulder neck piece that zipped up the back. A pair of opera gloves to give it a flair of nostalgia. The dress was ankle length, slit up the back to the knee which revealed some very chic shoes with crystal accents. Adoring one wrist was a particular bracelet, the irony always appealed to her.

    Reaching the foyer of the Nox, she looked to one set of curtains then to the other. Vivian chuckled aloud as words followed. “Oh please…” She said to anyone or no one.

    As funny as she would personally find climbing to heaven, it's not the impression she wanted to give. To attain some righteousness that she couldn't give a damn about.

    The Daeva descended the stairway to hell

    If it weren’t for the Beast nagging at her, the Daeva would hardly notice the last Monmacy winner was there. A slow nod was given to the petite woman. But her eyes fell on the man in offset attire whose own beast caused the same contemplation.

    Vivian’s smile curled up one side, “Shouldn’t you be up there, Gerald?” Her gloved finger pointing to ‘heaven’ as she chuckled. Considering the chap was wearing white, she may as well have been the first to say it.

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    Having heard the announcement for the formal court Sergei arrives as early as possible. He's dressed in his three piece charcoal grey suit, wearing a white shirt with a burgundy tie.

    Upon entering the club and seeing how the venue decor has changed since the other day when he was here, the sight takes him aback for a moment. Sergei stands there mind churning before turning down the crimson path No doubt it will be crowded on this side before long.

    There are already others below when he arrives. Two that he's yet to meet and one that he has. Sergei's beast rears at the sight of the three, pausing at the base off the stairs he wrestles the beast back into submission.

    Going further in to crimson lit area, Sergei places himself a distance he judges to be enough to convey to the observant that he is not seeking to enter conversation. Once in spot he turns towards the Asian.

    Giving the asian woman a polite nod. "Madam Yui."

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

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    The arrival of others, particularly the Carthian, rears Rina's Beast. Her face twists into a near-snarl for a few seconds, before she regains control. She otherwise refuses to acknowledge the presence of the man, and instead looks at Vivian, giving her a slight nod.

    Sergei's arrival gets a different nod. Slightly deeper, slightly more respectful. Slightly. Her face doesn't show even the shadow of a smile, not even the violent, sharp smile she gives to those she truly dislikes. "Mister Lukyanenko." No further greeting was offered. If he wanted conversation, it was his job to initiate it.
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    Didn't I just do one of these things? Katya wonders to herself as she steps out of her vehicle. She wears black heels and black pinstripe pants. A red dress shirt with her sleeves rolled up is concealed under a black vest. To contrast with the red shirt, she wears a black tie and the dark colors make her pale skin shine under the moon. Her braided locks bounce with every step and when she goes to the main entrance, she stops when she sees that it is blocked off.

    Katya looks to her right and then left, smiling to herself at the "theme" of the evening. How fitting for her, considering she made her own descent into Hell not too long ago. Taking the steps with the crimson fabrics matching her own color scheme, Katya makes her way to the lower end of the gallery and sees red, not literally, figuratively as the amalgamation of different kindred set off her territorial nature and for a moment, Katya wants to show them what Hell really is. She clenches her fist and tucks away her rage for a moment.. She spots Rina, seeing her stoic mask up even in front of the new arrival, Sergei. She also recognizes Gerald, the man in white, from seeing him at the tour that was given to them by Martha Villiers. She gives a curious stare at the gorgeous blond approaching him, but rather than interrupt, she turns her attention to the upper part of the gallery where heaven is and thinks about what that might be like.

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    First thing you will notice about Ale is the abundance of her tattoos. They go from her face all the way to her feet, and not much is left bare. The second thing? Her strong Italian accent.

    Known as Sofia De Luca

    Gabriel, Ghoul
    Cain, Hell Hound


    The theme for her first Official Court was intriguing. It caused her to pause and think about her outfit for the evening. Each side had its draws, and each would have a fun and different outfit. In the end, while out walking around, an outfit caught her eye and her place within Court was decided.

    The dress itself was dark gray see through lace. See through to the point where she had to pair the dress with a pair of boycut fitted shorts and a black bra. The fun part? It hugged her curves and was cut low in the front, with two very high slits up the sides. The back was bare and had a train of lace. A pair of black heels and blood red lips completed her look for the night.

    After entering Nox and turning over her guns, she turns to the two entrances, a smirk on her face. She was curious to see if any Kindred would choose the path to Heaven. Which would be quite ironic. For her, she knew where she was headed, and took the stairs down to Hell. When she reached the bottom, she was pleased to see Kindred already there. There was a pause as her Beast cries and begs her to flee. As she soothed it, she walked into the room. A warm smile was offered to Katya sumthingpositiv , who looked great in that suit, and makes a note to tell her. For now, she was content to observe.
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    Katya hears footsteps and when she turns, she feels the familiar tug of her beast, gnawing at her to bare her fangs and lash out at the woman with tattoos, but then she recognizes Ale and turns her head away to regain her composure. When she is calm again, Katya takes in Alessandra's style now that her cognitions are restored. She can't help but take a while to drink in her curves, admiring how the lace and sheer fabric compliment the "bad" image Katya associated to her.

    Turning to Alessandra Katya says "Good evening cousin, it's good to see you. I absolutely love your dress, I think it shows the most of your tattoos. What's new with you?"

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    He smiles Vivian's way. "I walked in on that side... there was just no one here to witness it. So much for entrances." he says with a shrug.

    Two familiar faces descend into hell along with one he doesn't quite recall. Two have weak Beasts - little more than prey animals. Vivian's own is similarly weak, but she makes up for it in stride. Gerald finds her too witty and compelling to entertain the base urges his Beast clamors for.The unfamiliar man, thankfully, has his own Beast hidden. I just wish he could hide that smell.

    Turning his attention back to Vivian, he indicates the 'Heaven' side. "You're right, though. I want to be front and center for those who choose to 'ascend'. I just hope it won't be lonely." The Ventrue stands from his seat and wanders over to a more center-stage position on the other side of the club.

    Gerald is standing around in Heaven.

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