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Getting back what was lost

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    Aimèe stood in front of the Inferno club. She hadn't fared well the last nights - most of the time she couldn't even muster the will to leave her loft, feelings of inferiority destroying the last bit of pride that was left after the Invictus meeting.

    She had to talk to Samael again, no - she had to get him to return her power, her will to live and grant her to power to avenge her broken ego. She straightened her back and walked towards the bouncer and inside the club, waiting for the inevitable objection of about anyone standing near her.

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    Aimèe needs to roll Presence + Manipulation, with 1s subtracting from successes, as outlined point 4 of post 7 in this thread:http://nwod.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2525

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    Aimèe feels the weight of many eyes on her as she approaches the entrance to Club Inferno. She is aware that many desire her, but if have any sense of respect for her, she doesn't notice them. All she senses is scorn.

    After she works her way through the line to the front, the burly, heavily-tattooed bouncer, Crowbar, holds out a hand. "Hold on a minute there, miss," he says. "I'm not sure this is the right club for you." After a moment, he adds "We try to keep to a certain standard."

    Aimèe hears several chuckles and a few quiet jeers from behind her. At the same time, the bouncer studies her - her body, yes, but also her face. It's almost if he can sense how desperately she wants - needs, really - to get inside and speak with Samael. Finally, after a moment, he again looks her body over, a blatant, suggestive look, before meetng her eyes again.

    "But, if you want to convince me you're the right kinda girl for this club, I can call someone to come take over for me here and we can go... talk." He leers as he says this.

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    She almost felt the look of the bouncer on her skin and it felt disgusting. She wanted to make him stop, make him lick her feet and excuse himself for that, but that would probably end similar to the confrontation with Argent.

    Aimèe shuddered as she remembered that night and the frustration was an almost tangible force shredding her heart. Ignoring the people behind her she tried to meet the bouncer's gaze and stand up to him, but after a moment it all broke down onto her again and she lowered her eyes. She breathed in deeply and ansered "I'd love that." A weak part of her, the little amount of pride that was left inside of her wondered how low she is going to get in the future, but she shut it up.

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    Crowbar calls for someone to cover for him while he takes a break, and when another bouncer arrives, he tells Aimèe "C'mon, follow me back this way" and leads her around to the back of the building. She hears more jeers and catcalls, including some suggestions what she might do to convince Crowbar to let her in.

    It's poorly lit back in back of Club Inferno, and the area smells of piss, vomit and - especially - sex.

    Leering at Aimèe again, Crowbar says "So, do you be on your knees while you're convincing me, or leaning against the wall?"

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    Aimée struggled with herself. This was a human goddamnit, she was supposed to lead them not fuck them to get into a club. Even with her damaged ego the Beast rampaged inside her because of what was going to happen.

    "No." she said, almost begging while she tried to win the bouncer over once more.


    No indeed. Even her blood-granted powers seemed to have wilted, along with her self-respect and ambition. She got on her knees, but not with the intention to service Crowbar, but to beg him to not let her do this. "Please.."

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    Crowbar either completely misunderstands her intent, or chooses to ignore it, instead umbuckling his belt, unzipping and revealing himself. "C'mon. Do a good job and maybe you'll convince me," he says.

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    And at the moment she realized that not even her Discipline was strong enough to influence a mortal, Aimée broke. The feeling of shame felt like knives stuck in her heart or a thousand little cuts. Like those Argent made her feel, only worse.
    Aimée wanted to die right at the spot.

    Instead she leaned closer and did what Crowbar wanted her to do. Someone- no, everyone would have to pay if she ever gets to her former self. Some could consider this as some kind of lesson of humility or a way to strenghten one's character, but Aimée just felt her own inability. She despised herself, her weakness and most of it the fact that she herself couldn't do anything about it. The last bit of hope that kept her from watching the sun rise was a small chance of Samael changing her again.
    But for that she would have to 'work'.

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    Crowbar is not patient or gentle, but at least he doesn't take long. When he finishes with Aimée he pounds on the back door and lets her go on into the club. As Aimée walks down the hallway past the restrooms, she hears Crowbar and the bouncer at this exit talking and chuckling.

    Club Inferno is as it has always been when she's been here: Loud, hot, crowded and so humid there is a haze in the air. There are many striking people here, and she sees and feels some of them look her way.

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