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The Gulag Scene 6

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Lets move forward with this scene. Are we opening the door or bypassing the Gulag and going somewhere else?
    Jodie needs to make a perception roll.
    Cross Cayce Justin Djinn

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    "Sounds like a good idea. You want to do the shooting? You're a better shot with a sidearm," Tal agreed, shifting the flashlight she'd almost forgotten about into her off-hand and then flicking it on. "Let's check the unlocked room first. Make sure there's nothing else to worry about."

    She moved down the hallway and turned on the second light, knowing light was their ally, and then moved to open the padlock free door and see what might lurk inside.
    Tal, Soldier, Union, Presence 3 (Steady), Status 2 (Concealed Carry)

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    "Sure. Sounds good," Alistair said, guns up and lights on as he went, moving with her as they checked the unlocked room out. What new horror awaited them there?

      2 sux PER for obvious stuff like something to jam the door with, WitsInvest fail
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-08-31 15:11:34 Alistair Smith rolls 5 to PER (10 Again) 6, 2, 8, 4, 8 2 successes
    2014-08-31 15:11:27 Alistair Smith rolls 3 to Wits+Investigation (10 Again) 7, 5, 3 failure

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      2 sux perception -1 willpower
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-08-31 16:08:16 Jodie Hollins rolls 8 to Perception Check! (10 Again, WillPower) 2, 2, 1, 9, 4, 5, 6, 10, 7 2 successes
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    Zodiac Sinead Lovekin Jodie Hollins

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    Sam looked around, wetting his lips with his tongue nervously. I swear, the waiting is worse than being down there with them.

    In the absence of immediate action, Sam did what any young adult would do and pulled out his cell phone.

    Jodie, how are you holding up out there? he texted. The newer member of the group wasn't in as good of shape, which definitely had him worried--especially since she was their exit strategy.

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    Feeling the vibration of her phone, she hesitated before carefully pulling it out of its spot and clicking it open to the message. After a moment, she sighed a little and reached her hand to her side before typing out a response in turn.

    I think the bleeding has almost stopped. Have you heard from the others? I'm rather concerned about this whole thing. I feel like my adrenaline is up so high right now that every little noise in the bushes is making me jump.
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    Zodiac Sinead Lovekin Jodie Hollins

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Alistair sees nothing unusual about the door hinge. It looks very old - but well maintained. This door is well trafficked. Lowering one's eyes to the floor, you can see that the dust gathers in the corner of the corridor. In the end of the corridor, this dust layers over the floor. Here, it's almost wiped clean. This is likely where you want to go. The door shudders as the dog hurls itself into the door, causing it to jostle in it's door frame. The door is sealed well under the padlock.

    Samael is treated to a good look at the dark, foreboding looking tunnel. The dogs growl and snap. There are metal pinging sounds as they hurl their muscular bodies against the door, causing it to jostle in it's frame.

    Jodie watches the area around the Gulag as the others negotiate their way into the concrete bunker. She had taken a great deal of damage from those dogs. Was she glad to be farther from the action now? She was certainly lacking in the strength to handle any of the larger dogs. Her eyes traverse the terrain which was ideal for concealment. The mind blowing on the trees caused suspicion, but no one was there. No one was ever there. The sense of isolation presses in as she looks over how alone they are. She wonders if any one would hear a gun shot. There are no telephone lines even. Then she realizes that Macgrueder is nowhere around.

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    A second text went to Sam after a moment, as a thought struck the brunette. That... was...

    Hey, have you seen MacGreuder? Or even, weird though it might be, anything other than dogs? This place feels really empty despite how freaking paranoid I am... Like, eerily empty. I'm almost glad to get a text, cuz at least it means cellphones are working.

    And then to Alistair as a moment of worry struck her.

    Did MacGreuder go with you guys? I haven't seen him and I'm not sure I wholly trust the guy disappearing off...

    Cross Cayce
    Former Player of:
    Zodiac Sinead Lovekin Jodie Hollins

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    A creak sounded behind Tal and Alistair. A glance behind them reveals nothing in the dark and dingy corridor. As the two discuss what to do about the door, the cell phone beeps with Jodie's text message. Should they reply before a perhaps pitched and dangerous battle ensues? These dogs had been rather rough on Jodie earlier...

    A cold gust touches the back of Tal's neck. The woman barely has time to react before the splotch of blood on her pant leg seems to move on her leg, spelling out the words GET OUT on Tal's injured leg.

    The dogs on the other side of the door intensify their attempts to break through the door. The door shifts with each rebound of the muscular, agitated dogs on the other side of the door.

    ooc to Samael and Jodie

    Jodie remains unmolested on the top of the car. The heat continues to pound down on her, an average sunny day in Southern California. The unexplained cold snap has not returned. Samael is perhaps bored, staring at the black shadow strewn gulag...
    Cayce Jodie Hollins Cross Samael Milton

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    Alistair called, "Sam. Bring something heavy down, like a tree branch, or grab my gun trunk from the van or something. Quick. I need to wedge a door to deal with a couple of dogs safely." He indicated the door to Tal. "Hold that shut once we're set up, would you, please? Like, put yourself so it can't open more than a couple of inches easy and I'll pop them through the crack, no trouble."

    No big deal. Science.

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