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Adam Chen & Macgrueder Scene 5

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    "No, sir." The man shakes his head. "I never had any medical schooling. Just the mechanic."
    Mr. Walker walks closer to the group, heading to where Jodie was at her car with the medical kit. He nods to Tal and Samael politely but he eyes the growing red stain on Jodie's shirt.

    "Miss, can you help the lady out of her top?" He asks Tal. "Or if she's not shy, maybe you can help, young man." He states to Samael.
    "Disinfecting the cut under there and getting a bandage on would do her a world of good. Best you take a look at whats under that shirt thats making her bleed, so. I'll cut you up a bandage."

    Mr. Walker politely averts his eyes and turns his back from the ladies so that they feel comfortable doing so, moving to Jodie's first aid kit. He sets out a pair of gloves and a convenient alcohol pad that he sets in front of Tal and Sam. He tears open a second alcohol pad and swabs his own hands clean with it. He unwraps a gauze pad and sets it out next to the medical preparations. He unrolls some sticky tape and cuts off four precise lengths, attaching them to the side of Jodie's car for the moment.

    Take a +1 to a medical roll for teamwork

    Mr. Walker studies the leg that Jodie has cut her pant leg. He presses Chens shirt to the wound and studies the size of it. Seeing the signs of disinfectant, he opens a new gauze pad and sets up some more sticky tape. He swiftly removes the shirt and presses gauze to the wound. He wraps the leg with a strip of gauze and sets it in place with four strips of sticky tape. The leg now no longer oozes blood. Mr. Walker lifts Chen's shirt, which has taken on a substansial amount of blood.

    He frowns and leans in, looking Jodie in the eye.
    "You've lost some blood, Miss. "

    While this is going on, Jodie herself feels faint and light headed. She has lost some blood as moments tick by, blood that had run to fill her sock and stain her shirt. Some cosmetic wiping has cleaned her leg, but vital drops continue to stain her shirt. Her leg no longer bleeds freely.

    Anyone with a watch now reflects that it has been 40 minutes since Diane has gone missing. The car is now just a warm hazy pink speck in Alistair's binnoculars, winding away from the visible road. Those without binnoculars have lost sight of the car completely. With a plan in place, all thats to be done now that macgrueder has hidden the bodies is to set off to the Gulag and tend to the weakened Jodie.

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    Tal helped Jodie out of her top and then bent to the task of helping Walker patch Jodie up. It had been a few years since she'd done any real work with medical supplied, but with someone more hands to hold bandages in place and another mind to help figure out just how to secure everything, Tal found that she made some progress toward patching Jodie up.

       1 success to first aid
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-08-11 10:39:46 Tal rolls 3 to medicine roll! (dex4+1tm+1kit-3untrained) (10 Again) 8, 4, 5 1 success

    "The dog's aren't important. It's a waste of time," she said while she worked. "Once we get Jodie as comfortable as possible, we need to get in the van and go down the road he talked about." The he being Macgrueder.

    Does Jodie require more medicine rolls or is the bleeding stopped for now?
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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Nice work, Cayce. Jodie is now no longer losing blood. She still feels light headed from blood loss, but she's no longer in any danger.

    Mr. Walker nods as Tal begins her work, giving an proving nod to the young woman. He steps aside from the car as Jodie's top is removed. He walks over to Alistair.

    "The young lady is patched up. She looks a little faint, but she's no longer bleeding. That's something."
    "You seem to have lost the hooligans." He mentions. Chen is no longer in the Motel office and MacGruederis out of sight and ear shot, over in the woods. thoroughly hiding the dog's bodies.

    "You officers might be best off without them." He says quietly. "You need anything from me, let me know. I'm going to head over to the Restaurant and the Rest stop, have a look around. Give me your number and I can call if I see anything suspicious?"

    Cross Tal Justin Djinn

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    "She's a... what?" Jodie asked owlishly, blinking a few times to try and settle her foggy vision as she tried to take in what the others were saying. She did the best she could to help the others get her out of her shirt, at least, though she expected she would have to eventually dig around and see if she had a spare shirt hidden away somewhere in the vehicle...

    Not that any of that was relevant. She fished around for a moment before simply offering the keys. "... you wanna take the van... then I won't be able to park elsewhere and, y'know... snipe. Or whatever it is you want me to do." Whatever they wanted. Seriously. She was feeling a might whoozy. She needed electrolytes or something, probably... that might help her steady her hands and her vision so she could actually be of use... since, thus far, she hadn't really been able to.
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    "You should drink and eat something. I've got stuff in my pack. If you still feel woozy after that, you should maybe not start shooting things," Tal suggested, taking the keys and slipping them into a pocket. She helped Jodie back into her shirt and then levered her onto her feet and began walking her over to the van. Might as well get her inside the vehicle where the supplies were. Besides, time was wasting and there was nothing more to be found here.

    "Thank you, for all the help. It won't be forgotten,"
    Tal called over her shoulder to Walker. The man had been a life saver, almost literally. Hopefully he would stay safe until they got everything cleaned up. If anyone deserved a reward after all of this, it was him.

    "Alistair, why don't you drive. I'll try and get Jodie comfortable."
    Tal, Soldier, Union, Presence 3 (Steady), Status 2 (Concealed Carry)

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    "I can do it," Sam replied to Tal. "Hand me the keys and I can get us anywhere in one piece."

    Seeing the others in action had left Sam feeling less than useful, but driving--that was something he could do.

    "You two can stay ready just in case anything happens on the way there or if we need some firepower as soon as we arrive." The man looked at Jodie with concern. "I can also help keep an eye on her once we get there so that you guys have your hands free."

    He looked around at the others and sighed. "How's that for a slice of fried gold?"

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Please continue to scene 6

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