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West Lawn Investigations Inc.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

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    Helene relaxes in her booth in the little coffee shop, sipping her coffee while looking out the window. She'd sent an email to the other members of the cell, with the recording she'd found attached, but she was pretty sure most of them were out of town. The email had given them instructions on where to meet for the planning. Her bike sat right outside, parked within sight of her and easy reach of the door. Right in front of Helene, on the table, was her laptop and her phone, and right next to her was her new satchel. On the table as well was her camera, which she had modified with an expanded battery, and the plastic case she used to hold the earpiece comms she'd made for the group.

    She quietly typed away on her computer, waiting to see who would show up.

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    Which recording, Cabochard? If the cell mates can open the attachment you can write what they would hear on it. You are investigating West Lawn, correct? The missing high school girl?

    There are always rumors going around about West Lawn – the abandoned male psychiatric ward of Harmony Recovery Center – because why wouldn't there be? It’s abandoned. It’s a mental hospital. Over the summer it seems that many high school and college aged students have taken to playing a game at the hospital. This game involves a group of three people with cameras strapped to them staying the night in three different rooms in the hospital.

    Trouble is, some of them haven’t come back.

    'West Lawn' is down Mission Gorge Road that originates in Santee and runs into San Diego. West Lawn is a fifteen minute drive from your home in Santee. It is closer to Grossmont Community College which has a thriving communications and film - making department. You've started to hear people in the grocery store inquire after Jennifer Bruin. There is a photograph of the sixteen year old girl up in the Grocery Store bulletin board, mounted to the bulletin board at Union Hall, in the reception of Dr. Chrissy Hollandale's practice and at the bulletin board at Mission Trails. The bulletin boards offer this:

    Jennifer Bruin 16 years of age, student at West Hills High School. She was the first person who was noted to have gone missing after playing the 'Dare game' at West Lawn, a wing of Harmony Recovery Center that has been shut down for years.

    Your character could have stumbled across this video online

    Information has been strangely vacant from local media, aside from a small blip about Jennifer Bruin having gone missing. An internet search reveals a short article that includes the above information and ' her parents were concerned when she didn’t return. This is very unlike Jennifer'.
    The full video, when found after seeing the many short-versions of it, is as follows:
    The room itself is rather disconcerting, but more-so in the dark, with only a little flashlight available as a source of light. Shadows seem to move everywhere, dancing and running and hiding from the camera as a quiet female’s voice is heard – the voice of the woman equipped with the camera, presumably. “Nigel?” As she walks, her footsteps echo eerily in the room, and she seems to hesitate once or twice. “Chase?”
    There’s silence, aside from the sound of the woman’s breathing which seems clearly uneasy. “Seriously, you guys, this isn’t funny! Don’t be jerks!”
    “Ali?” The video jumps as the camera swivels around, settling on the outline of a man as only his Nikes have been lit by the flashlight. As the flashlight moves up, his hand raises to protect his eyes, but a rather handsome blond man adjusts himself in place. “Whoa, hey, watch the eyes, Ali. What’s up?”
    “Oh thank God,” ‘Ali’ sighs in relief and her fist enters the camera’s view as she punches the man’s shoulder. “Where’s Nigel?”
    “Huh? I thought he was with you,” the other responds, and the camera slowly moves around again as the girl goes back to inspecting the area. “Maybe he just went to take a piss or something.”
    “I’d buy that if he hadn’t been gone for like an hour,” she responds, the flashlight flickering about as she turns a corner to look at another room, the flashlight and camera panning around it as she does. “Never mind. I’m gonna go wait in my room. He’ll be back, right? I mean, better to wait there than go looking and get us all lost, right?”
    The video cuts out, with a little bit of static, but when it comes back, it opens on morning.
    “Nigel! Seriously this isn’t funny, where are you?” It’s hard to see anything, despite things being lit up by the light of day, because of how quickly the camera is moving around. “Nigel! Where are you? This is creepy, okay? Seriously, hasn’t this gone on long enough?”
    “Maybe he’s just gotten lost?” comes a male voice from off-screen, but it seems doubtful and pretty worried, too. “Nige, seriously dude, she’s crying now.”
    “Oh shut up,” the girl hisses at the man, but a soft sob indicates that he’s not wrong. “I knew this was a bad idea. I knew it was. Just… call the police, okay? Please. I’m scared, and I want Nigel back but,” an uneasy breath as the camera settles on a hallway in the building, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

    Nosferatu Curse: Jennifer's voice withers like a snake sneaking through the grass, plummeted like an old man's nearing his demise.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

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    Ah, I meant the video at the end of that post, along with the article.

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    Oliver knew the devil was an insidious character, weaving subtle, sinister plots in the most innocuous manners; a metaphorical cloak and dagger in the shadows. Apparently this was not one of those instances. A missing girl in a mental hospital? Apparently Satan also used the sledgehammer.

    Still, it was his duty to stop evil wherever he may find it, and if it was this obvious... Well, that was just less investigation that needed to be had.

    Oliver rubs his eyes wearily.

    That's three nights of broken sleep in a row, now. How are you even going to maintain functionality today?

    Stepping into the café, the chemist scans the coffee tables, his eyes resting on Helene.

    Yep. That's gotta be her. Who else would carry around that kind of gear?

    Oliver shuffles his way through the coffee tables, before taking a seat opposite. He eyes her for a moment, as if silently critiquing his apparent new ally, before speaking up.

    "Cute coffee store." He states, somewhat lamely. "Although I would have preferred a dinner by candle light..."

    Oliver blinks, giving a slight shake of his head and a slight frown.

    Urgh. That was the lamest attempt at veiled speech yet.

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    A cab parked in front of the meeting place, Michael stepped out. His clerical collar shining and his black duster on. He wore dark denim jeans with cowboy boots. His dark blonde hair was shaggy and in dire need of a haircut. He flicked his cigarette as he approached the door and stepped into the coffee shop and instantly saw Helene. He approached with a warm smile and chuckled.

    "Hello Helene... you said you wanted abit of help?" He says to her. He looks to the stranger sitting across from her, he extends his hand with a warm smile.

    "Father Michael O'Reilly." He said as he gave the man a good once over.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

    Predator's Bearing

    Helene gives the two a smile as they approach, closing her laptop to put it into sleep mode. She gestures to the seats across from her. "Heya guys. I see you got my email."

    She stretches, resting her arms on the top of the table. "While we wait for anyone else...what do you guys think?"

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    Oliver's hand shoots up, grasping Michael's firmly.

    A priest. Right.

    There was a sort of burning sense of discomfort as he looked up into the priest's eyes. Could the man see through him?

    I've been a good person for the most part, right?

    He turns to listen to Helene, giving a small shrug in response.

    "I wasn't really sure what to make of it... I guess we'll find out more as we look into it."

    Truth be told, Oliver's memory was desperately trying to jog itself up to speed. Somewhere in between chewing down Xanax, washing them down with a large glass of red, and going to bed, Oliver had watched the video. His brain hadn't been operating at 100% capacity.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

    Predator's Bearing

    Helene nods. "Well, I guess that makes sense. I was hoping for a little more, I dunno...enthusiasm, but whatever." She indicates the box. "I got some new tech for you guys in there. Custom-made communicators. Just remember that anything you say on them is recorded on my computer. Also, they're trackers, so...there's that."

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    Michael took the mans hand in his, he looked into his eyes as he did. Feeling the mans discomfort, most people of faith are reassured by the presence of a man of the cloth but there are always some that are not. Some see the collar and go to dark places in their minds, others see it and see the dark history of his religion. Michael had wished that his faith had not gone to such dark places but in the night he understood why. He was apart of an order that hunted down Vampires across the world so the paranoia that founded the darkest things they did was not entirely unjustified.

    Michael put on a warm smile to shake any of the man's doubts free of his soul.

    "To each his own." He thought as he shook firmly. "Father Michael O'Reilly, just call me Michael."

    Michael looks to the box Helene indicated and raises an eyebrow. "What like those tricorder things from Star Wars?" He asked her innocently. He was not exactly familiar with modern things, he wanted to get out and see more of the modern world but he spent most his young life in juvenile correction centers, the military or in a drunken haze that lasted for a few years.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    If you are interested in pursuing the plot, please tag into Michael ASAP. Cabochard Oliver Perry

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