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Your Neighborhood

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    This is your specific neighborhood lay out. I will be adding locales - and this is when you should 'claim' your house location. You can add in locales such as your character's favorite coffee shop or used book store


    The Neighborhood:
    This will mean we can know exactly where the building your cell is currently at in relation to every one else. Feel free to choose one of these buildings as your home. Buildings 7 & 3 are apartment complexes that would be great for singles.

    #30 is the Union Hall

    #45 is the park
    #48 is Hollandale Practice ran by Dr. Chrissy Hollandale

    Your Neighbors

    Check in here for a list of neighbors and their proximity to your house (once you claim one)

    Ethan Crawford
    To the Public: Head of the Pipefitters Union
    To Union Hunters:

    Ethan's a local man; three generations of Crawfords have lived in Santee. He now lives in a three bedroom home besides the Hall with his wife of thirty years, Ellen.
    To Union Hunters:

    Dr. Chrissy Hollandale, Mr. Steve Hollandale & Matthew (age 4)

    To the public, Chrissy is a wife, a mother and a M.D. running her own practice in Santee. She has it all.
    To Union Hunters:

    Aaron, Mao Kokoro, Natsuki (14) and Sydney (8) Channing
    Location: Three bed room home on Maple

    Aaron and Mao were wed nearly seventeen years ago. The two are raising two daughters, Natsuki Hana (14) and Sydney (8). Aaron is in the Navy and has been deployed several times; leaving his wife and children behind while he serves the country. Mao Kokoro's parents immigrated from Japan when she is a small child and she has assimilated while teaching their children about their heritage. Mao works as a consultant for an art gallery and to museums. The children are well behaved and haven't caused any problems in the neighborhood.

    Justin & Kevin Singer

    Justin and Kevin are adult brothers and room mates.
    Justin works at AdventureLand, a park catering to people who need to learn how to zipline, rock climb and ski. He has a wanderlust and frequently travels, sometimes working as a guide in different locales. Currently he is Prague for seven days. Justin is about 30 years old, 6'3'' tall and fit.

    Kevin is about 26, blonde and muscular. He stands about 6'0'' and has packed on some more muscle than his elder brother as he is enlisted in the U.S. Marines. He is stationed at Miramar Base; but is currently on 2 weeks leave. He seems to be spending it playing his xbox and taking his girl friend Tara out on the town.

    Ella Mae Simmons, 80?

    Mrs. Simmons' house has fallen into disrepair over the years. She lives in an area farthest from the main street. Mrs. Simmons is sort of a recluse; but the property is an eye sore. The fence is falling apart. The grass is knee high. The windows are brown with caked-on dirt, dust, pollen, and general crud. And the smell — that horrible, ammonia stink of cat urine that smacks you right in the face and makes your eyes water when the wind blows just so across the property. Mrs. Simmons two children are grown and you're not sure where they've gotten to; but they don't visit. There is a health care worker - Maia - who drops by every now and then with a cell phone glued to her ear. Maia doesn't seem concerned with the state of the property or the thirty or so cats that come and go as they please around the house and yard.

    James, Lidyana and Jessica (17) Hill

    The Hills are the 'well to do' of the neighborhood. The yard is perfectly manicured (by employees) and has a little privacy hedge. James is polite if aloof; for his job seems to keep him busy and out of town. Lidyana works as an executive at Blue Consolidators and is very business oriented. The two have one daughter, Miss Jessica Hill, age 17. She has crimped blonde hair, green eyes and the sweetest smile. Jessica is a darling; one who always brings Mrs. Simmons treats and casseroles. Jessica is a cheerleader at her school and frequently has a few girl friends over unsupervised; but Jessica's so mature that the girls are probably fine, right?

    Nicole Port
    Nicole lives in a two bedroom apartment in the Arbor, #3. Two years ago she was seen with Bandit and Alex Lasiter around the Basement, but she seems more solitary now. She is thirty years old, Blonde and has a small office in Santee neighborhood where she is an independent private investigator.

    Network Zero:

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    Angelo's in an singles apartment at #7

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    Hi Seryna,

    With your approval, I'd like to do 67-68 as one big house and yard area owned by Alistair Smith, and 62 as Accurate Arms if you're down with that!

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    That sounds good! If any one made a house claim, please post it in here. I want to make an updated map ASAP.

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    Caleb Fischer
    Caleb Fischer

    Predator's Bearing

    I'd like to have 66 be a small apartment building, where Helene rents one, if that's alright.

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    I like the town homes I found on graves street i claimed them in chat but recording it here too.

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    Just a reminder that Sam also lives in the Arbor at #3, and is in-fact Nicole's next-door neighbor who shares a wall with him.

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    Greystone Ridge Townhomes @Seryna Heres what i like for Ester.

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    I'm having difficulty seeing the neighborhood. Pressing show gives me nothing and when I tried to open the window in another tab, it said there was an error and to notify the administrator.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Hello - someone else created a more detailed map and I used thier image- I think there must be an image with the hosting now. Lets go back to the original & I will try and get the outlines back

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