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Posting Interruptions

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    Magical Chinchilla

    This is where you can post about absences and check for others' absences.

    A couple of things to note:
    • For those giving advance notice, changing your user title is a great way​ to let people know!
    • I regularly prune this thread. It's to keep the relevant information easy to find. Having a absence notice buried in two dozen "ok come back soon" replies doesn't do anyone any favors. So, consider sticking comments in a venue OOC thread or just PM'ing the person.
    • Just as a courtesy, it would be great if --when time permits-- large group scenes are posted in first, and private scenes posted in last. That way, the least amount of people are hung up.

    Also, if you feel like it's been a while since someone posted, you can check the last time a character posted:
    • Character List
    • Great for unannounced posting interruptions, general character stalking, and the 48 hour rule.
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    I apologize for my delinquency. Life has been decidedly overwhelming.

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    Nikolai Wojcik
    Abacus Scenes

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the vanishing. Mounting responsibilities with family and other projects had pulled me away. I believe I was tagged in a Wolf post but I was unable to post a reply. Strange. And there are one or two Mage things (did I miss Consilium?) I believe I also need to attend to. I'll fly past the STs and find out.

    Just wanted to keep y'all posted. I am back!

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    I'm back to work! Yay! Posting has definitely been harder to find time for though. Sorry! I will do my best to keep up and understand if anyone needs to post around me while I figure this out!

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    I have read all the threads I am 'up' in. Jason is being particularly needy today, though, so posting may wait until my husband is off of work.

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    DeepSeas's Avatar

    Hey guys, going on vacation with the fam starting tomorrow. Won't be back until Thursday the 2nd, and I'll have minimal internet access. Please post around me as necessary.

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    Chris Laurent
    Chris Laurent

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    Hey all, apologies for disappearing partway through last week. We were out of town and there was a lot going on where we were at. Then I stopped on a nail that was nailed into the floor.

    I should be caught up tonight/tomorrow.

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    Wasp Kween

    Welp, I was going to post today, but then I started feeling really shitty and kinda passed out. Sorry all!

    Will update asap.

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Hey folks, I am having some complications with degenerative changes and my pain institute moving my date for my procedure. I am taking pain meds again so I may be awesome posting one minute and gone for 48 hours the next. I love writing here, so I have not forgotten where I am 'up'. I may be unreliable. My apologies.

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    Yumyumcrow Scenes

    Apologies for vanishing this week. In my country (more particularly, my state) the COVID restrictions have been dialled back and I have had to return to the office after working for some three months at home. Suffice to say the transition has been somewhat jarring and is going to take a while to get used to. My whole schedule / work-life balance / time to spend online has been very much shaken up.

    Also, I'm visiting relatives this weekend so I doubt I'll be online.

    I will endeavour to get the XPs done next week, sometime.

    Thank you

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