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Character Creation (Info in 1st Post)

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    Mandalore5's Avatar

    Hey there! I had a concept for a Changeling character I wanted to try rolling out.

    He’d be based on the tales of Jack, ending when he became Jack o’ lantern the pumpkin head. A head that resembled a hollowed out gourd with eyes and tongue of flame. Just not sure what Kith/Seeming would fit. I was thinking a Darkling lol some kind maybe the dual kith merit to grab the fire elemental kith? Or would that be an ogre seeming mixed with an elemental kith? Depends on how I fleshed out his durance I guess. I see him as an Autumn court member working towards the Scarecrow ministry entitlement.

    “Jack the nimble, Jack the giant slayer, Jack o’ lantern. It’s all the same guy you know? And me well...I’m the end of that story.”

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    Angular features, pointed ears. His jet-black hair bursts into bright red flowers and fine dark leaves about his ears forming a wreath of firey foliage that trailed just below his shoulders. Thin woody vines broached and twined across his milky-white skin, with leaves and budding flowers breaking into bloom at his cuffs.

    Hedgespun coat - darkest thunderclouds, broiling and writhing, occasionally flashing as if lighting was happening on the other

    Nimbus: Scarlet flames rising out from her like giant sperading wings, and the sound of an eagle's screech.

    I dunno. Darkling, or a shadow elemental might work, while the lantern bit could be a part of the mantle if you do go Autumn.

    Also Autumn is great. There should be more Autumns.
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    "Four excellent questions!"
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    Abyssalstar's Avatar

    Perhaps an Elemental Woodblood/Bright One? A combination of stealth and creepy light.

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    Mandalore5's Avatar

    Theirs a shadow elemental kith? I must have missed them.

    The woodblood/Bright one is an interesting combo. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    KaiserBorg's Avatar

    Hey guys! Chatelaine/Manikin concept here, hoping to maybe get her into Autumn Court before the coronation finishes... Maybe a little over-ambitious but we'll see:


    In her youth, Bonnie was raised as a debutante who would find a suitable husband to keep the household alive. She was schooled in the pastimes suitable for a young woman of good birth; she excelled at needlepoint and enjoyed the theatre. She rebelled and ran away to California in search of stardom as an actress but was knocked up after a tryst with a producer in desperation for a role. She was then cast down by the society of the time when it was still a stigma to be a single unwed mother and also disowned by her family. In desperation, she took cleaning and sewing jobs to survive but eventually had to give her son up for foster care. Years on, she returned home for her mother’s funeral and received nothing in the family will but at the ceremony she received a note from an admirer who had watched her from afar and asked for a meeting in the woods for a reunion. In her grief, she thought a childhood sweetheart had finally come to his senses and ran to meet him only to be snatched up. Her Keeper hadn’t lied – he had been watching as a girl and now she could never leave him again.


    The years hadn't been kind to Bonnie and when he looked upon his captured prize, the Lord of Masques was repulsed by who she had become. His plans for her would have to change - where once he had planned to take Bonnie as his bride, she would now cultivate a new young beauty for him just like the one she had once been herself, instilling in this surrogate belle all the grace, manners and propriety she herself still owned as, to the Lord of Masques, these virtues were timeless. He handed her a mask from beneath his cloak - a perfect image her own face as a girl, sleeping peacefully.

    Bonnie was confined to the household – a gothic mansion resplendent with ornate peculiarities, and was forced to work wonders with needle and thread to fashion life-like poppets of little girls from spare parts around the house. She would learn how to whisper to them, how to encourage them to act with a life of their own and serve as their governess guiding them on how they should behave as a little lady. When the doll was ready, it would ‘mature’ into a more womanly doll with some of Bonnie’s additional modifications that would give it an elegant flowing bodice which would transform it into an artificial debutante ready to be presented to the master of the house, but every time the construct dipped into a curtsy the Keeper would find some flaw, simply smash it apart and do something terrible to its maker as punishment. Time and time again, she would tirelessly forge a new future mistress for the Lord of Masques’ house while in her heart, envy coiled and hissed at never getting a chance to reach that station herself and spread its own kind of venom within her that turned her insides black.


    Bonnie paced up and down in front of her latest doll racking her brains trying to understand what these living mannequins were missing as the Lord of Masques would never tell her. With time, she understood that a sacrifice was needed – a mother’s sacrifice – the same kind of sorcery that brought her son into the world: one of blood and pain. She opened a hand with a letter opener and offered the new poppet the fresh wound – the doll drank eagerly and assumed a life and vigor which only increased its similarity to Bonnie, who in turn seemed to wither and assume traits that resembled the stitched doll. Feeling somehow reduced, Bonnie looked at the mirror image of herself in her prime with hair and lips as vividly red as she remembered them in her fondest memories and she knew that this new doll would not only be the one to please her Keeper, but would also be her mistress for the rest of her days. She looked at her own hands and inspected the fresh knife wound on her palm which had now become just a mess of cut threads, easily mended with time and the right equipment; to Bonnie’s slipping sanity, she had become something else in the process of performing her task. She couldn’t keep her mouth from gently smiling – it was sewn on, fixed uncontrollably. The doll turned on its heel and went to meet the Lord of Masques and gave the same deep curtsy the rest had. The lord of the house opened his arms to receive his new bride and she fell into his embrace willingly to share a kiss.

    Something else had passed from maker to construct in the acceptance of lifeblood. The doll had also absorbed the sheer venomous envy that had boiled inside Bonnie for every doll she had to work with. Bonnie had not realised this, but she had passed on a Trojan horse to her Keeper. In kissing the Lord of Masques, the doll had poisoned him with black spite that took not only his own handsome painted face but every face he kept beneath his cloak. He cavorted madly, sightlessly, and Bonnie saw her chance for a way out – she had kept her promise and made a suitable bride for him. The Keeper could not go back on their agreement and thankfully had no mouth to add further stipulations to their contract. For now, she was free, so she took the tools he had given her for her dressing table and ran before he found a new mouth with which to call her back.


    Bonnie's time beyond the Hedge had been long enough that the plantation was already gone. Demolished, the land sold on. She returned to her life of service in California and was taken in by the Freehold of Los Angeles where her talents were immediately picked up by the Spring Court there where many beauties competed with each other to be Spring Queen. In exchange for her talents, she would ask for information on her son rather than financial aid. Eventually he was located, in the grasp of her Fetch who had claimed the child back from foster parents and was now doing a diligent job both mothering the child and giving him a decent life. Bonnie was too unstable to risk rescuing him - she knew what she looked like compared to her double. Selfishly, in her heart of hearts which was now a black and twisted thing she saw this as an opportunity to avoid being weighed down by a child that had caused so much misfortune in her formerly privileged life. She didn't feel things the same way she once had. Instead, she devoted herself to her work and gained a reputation as something of a "Queenmaker". However, after one unfortunate mishap, she couldn't handle the stress of her failure and decided to move on. She moved to Sacramento and tried to start again but this time she would not join the Spring Court this time - too much pressure. Instead she looked to the Autumn Court, who value subtle hidden strengths and odd pieces of knowledge, and wondered about the possibilities...

    __________________________________________________ __________

    So, how's that? Admittedly, it's a little campy - I'm drawing on elements of Tennessee Williams plays with maybe some American Horror Story thrown in there for her background. She'll be one of those bitter, faded former-beauties obsessed with beautifying others and wishing for days gone by. I'm thinking I'll give her:

    Starting dots: Dual Kith (4), Rigid Mask (2), Bone Comb token (1)
    Bonus 30XP: Brownie's Boon (2XP), Perfect Stillness (2XP), then I'm thinking some contacts in Los Angeles/Hollywood (not very good contacts) and the Los Angeles Freehold, maybe some Spring Court goodwill to reflect her history there?
    Contracts: Animation 2, Reflections 3

    This seems like a suitable collection to reflect her household/beautification-based Durance as well as some things connected to her artificial appearance. The aim after this is to continue with this idea of building a career as a kind of jealous queen-maker who secretly wishes she could be queen, or at least just someone who's talented at making gowns, doing hair, cosmetics, teaching class and etiquette. She'd be popular around events like the Winter and Spring balls and wherever there is social competition. She might also get into Hedgeweaving through Autumn Court to up her game in terms of what she can offer. Once she has established herself, she might then try to maneuver herself socially/politically.

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    Woland's Avatar

    Very Creepy. Very Autumn.

    You'll probably not be able to submit all that rich background in a character generation form - it allows shorter submissions, as a rule - but you'll be perfectly free to recount it during Scenes or Glimpses (self-contained episodes narrated by you without interaction from other players). It also seems to me that there'll be no problems with isolating this PC (Envy perpetuum mobile, the more you stay around people, the more you want what they have, so you need to stick around to get it) or character goals. You might want to consider lowering her Clarity (up to a minimum of 5, 5 extra XP for each point lost) to reflect that gut-eating Envy, but of course it is your decision.

    However, Merits may need some rework - per the wiki, Court Goodwill can only be gained once your character is in play (you cannot start with dots in it) and social Merits like Status, Allies or Contacts can only pertain to specific Spheres of Influence and must be local (i.e. confined to the Sacramento area).

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    TheLorelei's Avatar

    I'll refrain from posting the 9 page backstory (not hyperbole) that I have typed up in google docs so I'll give the short(er) version. (still aa fair bit longer than the actual submission will be, but ya know). After the backstory (in spoilers) I have two main questions I want feedback on, though am also totally down for feedback on other things if you have any.


    My main questions:
    1) I can't decide on her court. The options are between either spring or autumn. I think autumn is fitting with her unrelenting curiosity. She loves magic and is constantly trying to learn more about everything. It appeals to her intellectual side. Plus, aesthetically it fits her darker side better. Also ooc autumn is my favorite court.

    Spring however also really works. Kinessa is such a creature of passion and desire. She does what she wants and is constantly trying to recapture the magic of the better parts of Arcadia. Plus, spring is often one of the more positive and social courts. This is deeply not her character, but I think that juxtaposition could be really could. She could explore that other side of desire, and also struggle to find her place among the fairest and other more positive spring courtiers.

    Overall I'm leaning toward spring, but wanted some second (or third, etc.) opinions.

    2) I had an idea for a token I wanted to give her. If homemade tokens aren't allowed by this site feel free to ignore the rest of this post; I couldn't find any rules clarifying that one way or the other.
    Token description

    To anyone/everyone who bothered to read this too long post and help me out I really appreciate it, so thanks in advance!

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    IMHO both are fitting. Her passion is for magic and the mystical side but there's also this kind of "gambling addiction", whereas Spring courtiers tend to cast a wider and often random net of wackiness. To me, Autumn seems more fitting but the dark side of spring is equally viable.

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    I'd go with Spring, mostly because the more destructive side of 'desire' is rarely explored. It could serve as a warped reflection for other Springers and also entertain the question of whether she wallows in her desires (gambling, magical things) or learns the lighter side -- but I'm also a big fan of playing against archetype.

    I think another really interesting question is the Durance? Like, what all did she lose? Maybe that's something reflected in chargen or unfolded over time in Glimpses.

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    Autumn is by definition the Court for occult experts, but such experts can and do exist in any Court. Autumn tends to have certain contracts and advantages that appeal more to the concept, so they get the lion's share of such characters.

    Curiosity is just a form of Desire (the desire to learn what's behind that door!), so Spring works well, too. A darker spring would definitely be interesting.

    I see no restrictions on tokens. As long as it meets the ST's approval, you're good.

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