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Glissade Tournament

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    Star Scenes

    The place isn't that big, and probably too small for what's going down. Porta-awnings are set up outside, with one or two porta-potties. A concession stand and attendant have been rented, and there's already a good number of people milling about and checking out the schedule.

    For the most part, it's a chaotic clusterfuck. If anyone had any question on whether or not Glissade's owner was an accomplished event organizer, that question is answered.

    Inside, the rear dancing area has been converted into a staging area for weapons and armor, competitors to relax, and a rent-a-doc has set up his equipment.

    The 'arena' area is fairly simple: a boxing ring has been set up with chairs around it. Two of the chairs are marked 'reserved': one for N.F., and one for M.T.

    The schedule is posted in several places:


    Connor vs. Tug    
      Tug (Fractured) vs. Fu  
    Fu vs. Sully   
      Tug vs. Peter 
    Gristlefist vs. Ralph (Redinski)   
       Justin vs. Tug
    Horse-Teeth Cathie vs. Peter   
      Justin vs. Ralph 
    John vs. Marcus   
      Marcus vs. Justin  
    Justin (Gelosiana) - BYE   
    Melee Weapons

    Arnoud vs. Walter   
     Arnoud vs. Jayant  
    Jayant vs. Tam   
       Mateo vs. Nightfall
      Mateo vs. Jayant 
    Kaeda vs. Orphan   
     Kaeda vs. Mateo  
    Mateo vs. Matthew   

    Lethal weapons will be padded to convert damage to bashing; dice pool stays the same.
    Matches will end when one person surrenders or reaches full damage boxes (TKO, regardless of Iron Stamina)
    Padding will be available (Armor 1 vs. Bashing)
    Willpower will not refresh.

    48 hours without posting once combat begins will be an auto-forfeit.

    Feel free to hook up and do your bout in Chat at any time.
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
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    Vincent makes his way to Glissade fairly early, his camera and memory stick ready to capture the event. To be honest, he was fairly excited, the bubbling anticipation of iniment violence surging through his nostrils and nerves, making him feel more alive. True, he wasn't taking part yet to be able to document the action, that was what he was good at.

    "Hey there," he says at the admissions counter, paying his entrance fee. "I was wondering if a, Mr. Fields is availble for a quick chat?" Vincent asks, thinking back to the name in the ad. "I'm not a participant but a reporter for the Sac Bee and would like his persmission to take some photos of the re-opening and tournament."

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    Sully shows up, admiring the look of the place. He was surprised at how empty it was, and then he looked at the clock and realized how early he was. He ambled over to the other guy there.
    "Hey, Sully DuPaul, nice to meet you." He extends his hand to the man with the camera. He did spot that he was up against someone named Fu. He was either facing a clown or was going to be very very sore tomorrow.
    There is a quiet susurration that is just on the edges of your hearing.
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    So that was the Glissade. Cathie looked at the building's façade: it was a pretty normal building, neither a troll shack, nor a roman circus. She shrugged. It was quite early, the parking lot was empty. She sat down in the stairs to catch her breath; she had walked half the city to make her way there, and she was a bit out of breath.

    She was anxious. She haven't been in a crowd since... well, since before she left. Too dangerous, too much people, someone might see her, someone might see what she really is... "STOP! Don't think about that, Cathie, you've been hidding for enough time now." She missed the sport competitions, and this brawl competition will remind her the only good part of the Marsh...

    She stays in the stairs for a few minutes, lost in her thoughts...

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    Star Scenes

    Several people seem to be crowded a handsome young man with an unruly mop of hair.

    http://nwod.org/avatars/kaeda.jpgOutside, a oddly painted, spectacularly exotic car pulls up: a Koenigsegg CCX. A young, tiny Asian girl gets out with a duffel bag. If she were soaking wet and dipped in molasses, she might weigh 80 lbs. She's dressed like a Sailor Moon cosplayer, but dark, dark circles under her eyes seem very out of place. Tail end of Vitae withdrawal is a bitch.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    The Zeroth Law & the Burden of InteractionThe Devil is in the DotsGreat ExpectationsPlaying MagePlayer Run Plots
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    Mateo Benavides
    Mateo Benavides


    Mateo arrives, signs his name off, and walks over to a spot where he can warm up. He checks the roster, seeing his opponent is a guy named Matthew, he cant help but wonder if its the former Alpha of the Shadow Seekers. Now that would be fun, but i doubt he's the type to come down here for a brawl. He thinks, brushing the thought away. Matthew just didn't seem the type from the few times he had met him.

    He grabs a large padded warhammer, and checks the balance of it, taking a few practise swings, prepping himself, getting himself ready. He's focused, but at the same time he keeps an eye out for the Sworn, or atleast Vincent, and also looks to see if he catches sight of Sofia, and her friend Jessi.

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    Matthew arrives and signs in, slightly taken aback when he looks at the roster. Mateo? What are the odds? The owner scheduled a better matchup than he could have imagined. Yet a bit of worry creeps into the back of his mind. What if one of them lost it during the match?

    He picks up a halberd and looks for a place to warm up. It just didn't feel right, not using his own, but the weapon would seem far too out of place with its runes.

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    Tug shows up. He...is...PSYCHED! Finally, time to compete. He parks his truck and walks in to Glissade in full on red, white, and blue tracksuit fit for an American Olympian. He goes to check out the schedule, the competition. Some guy named Connor, huh? He's toast. He notes Orphan's signed up for melee. Good to have another Arrow around. He nods sternly at the other competitors he comes across. The Thyrsus looks really intense.

    He finds a place to stretch and puts in his earbuds. You've been...Thunderstruck...Yeah

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    John made his way inside and quickly paid his entrance fee. Its been awhile since he'd participated in something like this. He hoped his skills were up to par with everyone else that was entering. Other than that Ogre that seemed to be lost in her thoughts, he didn't spot any other changelings right away.

    He took off his trench coat and scarf in the staging area and started rolling his shoulders. The schedule said he would be fighting a man by the name of Marcus. Time would tell if he would succeed or not.

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    Fu walks into the Glissade and looks around. An interesting place, definitely one for people of his type. The Summers that is. Who runs this place again? Fu can't remember but that wasn't important. He gets to hit someone and have fun. The hitting would probably be more fun than the fun. ~Sully...ok~ He crunches his hands at his sides, the knuckles popping. Fu looks around for anyone else like him. He thinks this place is owned by a kin but isn't sure and wants to see whether or not he can use his stone claws. Hey rules were for chums, there are no rules in fighting other than to be the one who walks away.

    I'll be able to post this weekend, but won't be on chat until monday.

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